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A Party To a Conspiracy

A Party To a Conspiracy

By: SydneyOZ

Summary: Girl pursuades flatmate to go to fancy dress party with S and M theme but has hidden agenda and lesbian desires to sate.

Part 1

'For goodness sake June, don't be such a wimp. We agreed that we would go to this party and now we have gone through all the trouble to hire costumes and dress up you suddenly decide you want to stay home. It is too late for that now we have passed the point where backing out is an option.'

'It's the dressing up part that worries me' June responded sulkily 'it's alright for you Sandra your Madam Lash outfit is at least decent, mine on the other hand is obscenely revealing'.

Sandra looked her flatmate up and down and found it hard not to smile. June was perched on top of the highest heeled shoes she had ever seen and to make matters worse they were actually locked on with a small padlock. Sandra had told June she had hired the shoes as part of the costume but it was a tiny fib as she had bought them along with the rest of June's costume at a kinky leather shop in town.

June's legs were encased in sheer black nylon stockings which were attached to tags hanging down from her black leather corset. Sandra had helped June put on the corset and made sure it was uncomfortably tight for her friend.

Junes black panties were of the thong variety and were almost as sheer as the stockings and the matching bra merely supported the underside of June's rather voluptuous breasts leaving the delightfully large erect nipples exposed to the cool of the room.

Aware that Sandra was staring at them June blushed. 'The knickers and bra and in fact the whole outfit is straight out of some seedy men's magazine' June lamented. 'The skirt and blouse are also ridiculous. The skirt is so short it hardly covers my crotch or my bottom and everyone would almost see straight through the blouse at what little bra there actually is underneath. No I'm sorry I just cannot go anywhere in this costume and that is final'.

'Look June it is an S and M theme night and the nightclub is going to be packed with people in revealing costumes. You are the slave and I am your Mistress and we are going... so get used to the idea. You haven't even seen the rest of the costume yet'.

'Oh no Sandra no way I am not going along with this' June's protests were in response to her seeing the handcuffs, blindfold, collar and ballgag that Sandra had taken out of the costume bag.

Taking advantage of June's shock Sandra quickly handcuffed her friend's wrists behind her back. 'Sandra please take these things off this is not funny this whole thing has gone beyond a joke'.

'Sorry June the cuffs stay now lift your chin up so I can get the collar on you'.

Despite her complaining June did indeed lift her chin and allow the high collar to be locked around her neck. Sandra knew then that there was now nothing June could do to stop her and the knowledge of the power she now had over her friend was intoxicating.

Taking her time Sandra buckled the leather blindfold over June's eyes and picked up the ballgag.

For several long seconds neither women spoke and then it was June who broke the silence, unaware that soon she would be robbed of speech as well as sight.

'Sandra I know I agreed to go to this theme night thing and that I did agree to go dressed as your slave, I also appreciate that you have spent a lot of time and money getting the costumes for us both but I didn't agree to handcuffs or blindfolds and you have put these on me against my will. Take them off now or I will...'her voice hung in the quiet of the room.

'Or you will what' Sandra whispered in June's ear as she moved round behind her, the bright red ballgag only inches from June's lips. As June opened her mouth to speak Sandra forced home the gag and buckled it tightly at the back of June's neck. 'You will do nothing June' Sandra chuckled 'Tonight you will go with me as my slave and a slave is what you are right now. Soon I will lead you to the car and you will sit quietly beside me on the drive to the club. If you struggle or make any noise at all I will take off that skirt and take you there without you understand...nod if you do'.

June wanted to beg to be freed, she wanted at the minimum to tell Sandra how much the gag hurt her jaw but instead she just nodded, realizing in that moment, that she really was now under her friend's control. To her complete surprise and shame she also realized in that moment that the whole situation she was in was making her wet and turning her on.

As if sensing the change in her flatmate Sandra slipped her index finger under the hem of June's short little skirt and moved it upwards until it reached the thin nylon panties covering June's crotch.

'I really don't think you had any idea that I fancy you did you slave' and as she spoke she hooked her finger under the nylon gusset and pulled the material into a thin strand bisecting the wet pussy lips.

Beneath her blindfold June's eyes rolled in their sockets and beneath her gag a low moan emerged from her lips as Sandra gently sawed the material back and forward.

'Oh yes honey, that's it, move those hips, go with the flow don't fight it, you have no choice so surrender to me now..surrender'.

The combination of the assault on her pussy and the words of her friend whispering in her ear sent June over the edge and there was no turning back. Sandra felt June's thighs squeezing her hand trapping it and flooding it as she came in a way that had never happened to her before.

'God you are such a randy little bitch' Sandra exclaimed 'who would have thought 'little miss butter wouldn't melt in her mouth' would hump my hand like a sex starved slut. You have made my hand all wet. Tonight at the club, as punishment, I will have your skirt and panties removed and your bare bottom spanked up on stage in full view of everyone'.

June felt a lead attached to the front of her collar and she was pulled to her feet and led out into the warm night air. She heard a car door being opened and then she was eased inside and she knew that Sandra was really going to take her and she fully believed that the spanking too would happen. Sandra leaned over and fastened June's seatbelt and as the car pulled away in the darkness June came again.

In the midst of the orgasm aftershocks June listened to Sandra's favorite David Gray tape and she remembered that just yesterday she had sat in the same seat listening to the same music blissfully unaware that less than 24 hours later she would be a helpless slave at the whim of her Mistress.

The journey seemed to go quickly and then the car was stopped and she was being helped out of the car and led to whatever humiliations her mistress had in store for her.

'Two please' Sandra said.

'So this must be the lovely June you have been telling us all about' a woman's voice replied. 'I'm surprised she agreed to come here tied up and dressed like that'.

Sandra laughed 'well actually Carol she had little choice in the matter but yes here she is and I can tell you she really loves it'.

As Sandra finished speaking June felt a hand raise her skirt and gently rub the strand of nylon panties still wedged in her pussy. 'I see what you mean she is as wet as a dish rag'.

The knowledge that the hand fondling her pussy belonged to a woman she had never met and could not see, shocked June and she tried to pull away but a stinging slap to her right buttock left her stunned. 'Don't ever pull away from me darling' the woman said 'now if you don't want another twenty spanks like the last one you had better fuck my hand and cum for me. Do it now'.

Blushing bright red June edged forwards until her pussy once again came in contact with the woman's hand and as she rode it she came quickly and violently shocking herself and surprising the woman in front of her.

'Is she going to be part of tonight's entertainment' the woman Carol asked.

'Oh yes I'm having her spanked on stage' Sandra replied.

'A whipping would be better' the woman suggested.

'Not on her first night Carol, but I'll let you have first crack at her when she is whipped'.

'I'll take you up on that. Have a good night'.

'Bye Carol see you later'.

As she was led inside June could smell the smoke and drink and heat of the people all around her and soon hands were slipping under her skirt and squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples through her blouse. It was all like an erotic dream and June half hoped she would wake to find herself tucked up in her own bed but also half of her wanted to be touched and spanked and whipped and made to cum . Oh please God, she suddenly thought, let there be nobody she knew watching her being spanked on stage.

Then she remembered that that several of her workmates said they were going to be there and she came again.

Tonight was going to be a party night like no other.

Part 2

'Do you mind if I take your pretty slave away for a dance?

June thought she recognized the woman's voice but couldn't place it with so much other noise around her. All she knew was that someone who she had met before wanted to take her onto the dance floor and it was not a comforting thought at all.

'Sure' Sandra replied 'but bring her back soon as she is part of tonight's entertainment'.

June felt her arm gripped tightly and then she was led away from Sandra and the small amount of protection she offered. 'Well June, I'd never have thought you were into all this. All these years as your secretary and never once did you give yourself away'.

June's legs actually buckled as she then realized that the woman leading her along was her own secretary Debra. If it were not for the fact that Debra had been holding her so tight she would have fallen. 'Steady there girl' Debra said 'can't have you collapsing on the floor whilst in my charge, can we now'.

Then they were dancing and Debra was whispering in her ear as she lifted the hem at the back of June's skirt and began stroking June's bare buttocks.

'Those panties of yours don't seem to be covering your bottom too well do they June. When we've finished our little dance I think I'll slip them off you and take them back to my table and show all the others my new trophy. Gwen, Mandy and Tina will be delighted I'm sure. Perhaps on Monday we will pin them to the firms notice board together with a photo or two of you starring in tonight's fun and games. The word is you are getting a public spanking and there is talk of Sandra auctioning you off for a month or two...all the proceeds to a good charity I understand. Perhaps all us girls could club together and buy you if the bidding doesn't get too high'.

Almost on cue the music stopped and June could only stand meekly as Debra tugged June's panties down around her ankles and then lifted her feet clear of the 'trophy'. In seconds she was back with Sandra and her panties were with her work friends somewhere on the other side of the room.

'Ladies we have come to tonight's show and Sandra has kindly brought along June her flatmate, who has been very naughty and is to be spanked up here on stage'.

June felt her head spinning and she heard clapping and cheers of encouragement as she was led still handcuffed, gagged and blindfolded up some steps to where the announcer was standing.

'After much persuasion on our part, Sandra has agreed for June to be auctioned off to the highest bidder. Whoever bids the highest amount will get to spank June for us and then take her home and keep her for a whole month'.

The announcement was followed by loud cheers and whistles.

'She will get one spank for each twenty dollar unit in the winning bid. Let us start the bidding at 100 dollars which will ensure five spanks . Excellent do I hear 150 dollars and so it went until at 1,800 dollars was bid, once, twice, sold to the lady in the blue dress'. For the non- mathematicians among us that is 90 spanks.

It was that easy. June heard herself sold for a whole month to someone she had never even seen. She prayed it was a complete stranger, as she wasn't sure she could ever cope with Debra and the other girls at work owning her for a whole month. Debra had led her to believe there were four of them and this would work out to be 450 dollars each.

June's heart sank as after some delay she heard the voice on the microphone.

'Our little syndicate would like to thank Sandra for donating June for this auction. She is our boss at work so I am sure everyone here will appreciate how delicious it feels to know that we will all be her boss now for a whole month. Since all four of us want to spank her for you and since 90 won't divide exactly by four we will round it up to 100 so we all get to give her 25 of the best'.

Again there were loud cheers and laughter which increased in volume when, without warning, June's skirt was removed leaving her bare pussy on display. 'Stand still and do exactly as we tell you slave, or we will double the spanks'.

June thought the voice belonged to Tina although she could not be sure. What she could be sure of however was that she doubted her ability to cope with 100 spanks so 200 was something she would do anything asked of her to avoid.

'Good girl now turn round so everyone can see your pretty bottom. Well done. Now bend forward and spread your legs for Mistress Tina'.

Even as June bent forward Tina delivered a stinging slap to her bottom. The spank hurt and the knowledge that there were 99 more to come caused Tina to moan in pure defeat and despair. One after another the blows landed and June felt her bottom cheeks become burning hot.

Every part of her wanted to move away from the hand spanking her behind but the threat of an extra 100 spanks kept her where she was. At around 60 the heat from the spanking seemed to transfer itself from her bright red bottom cheeks to her bare and exposed pussy and then she realized that she was going to cum and let everyone know what a really submissive slut she truly was. She knew it would be ten times more humiliating even than the spanks themselves and she tried desperately to stop it from happening but the harder she tried the more lost her cause became.

The sound of the people laughing as her body shuddered and shook in the throes of her orgasm was far worse than everything that had happened before and she thought nothing could get worse but then a hand was cupping her pussy and a voice announced to everyone how wet she was and how the video of tonight's performance could be ordered and purchased for only 30 dollars. All proceeds to charity.

In the hubbub that followed June heard Debra promise to give Sandra back her slave in one month and then Sandra was once more whispering in her ear.

'Bye for now Slave June, Sorry about the auction I hadn't planned to do that to you but I sort of got talked into it. The month will pass more quickly than you think and then you will be mine again. Be good'.

June felt a light kiss on her cheek and then she was being dragged off by four of her own staff. As the night air caressed her skin she wondered how her absence from work would be handled and she remembered Debra threatening to pin her panties to the company notice board together with photos of her spanking ordeal. She also realized that anyone who bought the video would hold power over her and she knew her old life was gone forever.

'Well June we have you for a whole month' it was Debra's voice 'and when the month is up you will go back to Sandra but at work you will always be our Slave'.

A hand stroked June's pussy as another helped her into the back seat of a car. A car door closed quietly and then the engine burst into life and the black Audi drove off into the night.

Outside the club Sandra watched the car brake lights glow red in the dark at the end of the road and the indicator flash orange. Then the car and June were gone. 'One month she whispered to herself and then smiling she went back into the club.