Dr. Schiffman's voluntary service

Part 1

Dr. William Schiffman sighed as he pulled on his white lab coat in the cozy confines of the office of the Dean of the Medical Faculty in the University teaching hospital. Although he had no regrets or qualms about having left the University medical school to set up his own private practice 20 years ago, he did sometimes miss the cut and thrust of working in the large University medical faculty on a full time basis.

Today was the first Friday morning of the month which as always Dr. Schiffman was donating to carrying out free medical exams for those students unable to pay to have them done, but who needed them for sports or other activities. The only caveat to this was that the exams were done in one of the teaching hospital lecture theatres with students observing and assisting to give them some hands on clinical experience. There were also a few public tickets made available, something Dr. Schiffman had personally insisted on to enable the public to observe medical exams in order to demystify the world of hospitals and medicine amongst them. Dr. Schiffman had seemingly been oblivious to the fact that most members of the public and probably more than a few of his own students were only interested in attending due to the doctor's rather old fashioned kind of patient draping which left the patients completely exposed for most if not all of the exam. The doctor had a no-nonsense attitude to this, reasoning that it was a way to ensure all the patients anatomy was visible as part of the learning process, plus it sped up the exams meaning his precious time would not be wasted. Put simply, he wanted to get the patients examined as quick as possible and nude from the start was quickest.

The group being examined this particular afternoon was a group of girls from the Cheerleading squad's second team. Aged between 18 and 22, the five students comprised Michelle, a petit Hispanic girl with black hair cut into a short bob and small firm breasts, Celia a tall Hispanic with supermodel good looks and legs which went on forever, Ingrid a tall Swedish girl about the same size as Celia and Alesha and Liz, two curvy black girls with large breasts and ample hips. The girls had boarded the minibus from their halls of residence and were now five minutes away from the University teaching hospital. Their bus arrived and the girls took a seat on reception.

Just down the corridor, Dr. Schiffman was briefing the two nurses who would be assisting with today's examination. Two of the male medical students had stopped on their way to the lecture theatre after overhearing what Dr. Schiffman was saying to the nurses, mouths open wide in disbelief and unable to believe their luck as they heard the doctor explain his system for today - on arrival the girls were to be taken by the nurses into the changing room just down the corridor from the lecture theatre where they were to be instructed to remove all their clothing, including their underwear. They were to be given a paper drape for when they crossed the hallway to get to the lecture theatre and they would be allowed to slip on their trainers if they wished as the corridor floor could be cold. The aim today, the doctor was explaining, was because he and the nurses were donating their time free of charge they would aim to get the exams completed as quickly as possible whilst giving the students and audience a complete view of the patient's anatomy whilst stretching and being examined. To facilitate this as soon as they entered the lecture theatre trainers were to be taken off and drapes discarded. The patients were to remain completely naked for the duration of the exam which would start with them having their height and weight taken by the nurses before being required to do some stretches and short exercises to test their flexibility and strength before ending with a full physical examination and EKG measurements.

"Can they not keep their knickers on at least?". asked Callie, the younger of the two nurses.

"Oh we don't need to worry about that, this isn't a normal examination, we are doing this for free remember. We are the ones doing them a favour. In, examined, out with in least amount of time, with the least amount of fuss. Got that?", replied Dr. Schiffman firmly.

Callie nodded, backing down, feeling slightly guilty at the fact this group of girls would soon be completely exposed to a group of students and the public in the most humiliating of ways. Her and the other nurse Belinda, a stern looking middle aged woman who looked mean and menacing, set off to collect todays patients from the reception area. They reached the waiting area to see the five young women sat texting on their phones and chatting with each other.

"Right ladies, listen up. I am Belinda and this is Callie, we'll be preparing you for your examination today. Follow me", ordered Belinda.

The five girls stood up and drew some appreciative glances, still in their cheer uniforms of blue, gold and black skirts, crop tops, hoodies and bows in their hair. White trainers completed the uniform. A minute later they had arrived at the Female changing room just down the corridor from the lecture theatre. The five of them filed in as the nurses held the doors open for them. Rows of benches and pegs stood in a couple of rows, with an open shower room in one corner and a mirror opposite the door. The corridor was relatively quiet with only a few students and members of the public queuing up in it to get into the lecture theatre seating area. Those in the corridor couldn't help but overhear the instructions Belinda gave next as Callie gave each student a small paper drape.

"Please remember that all the medical staff are donating their time free of charge today. Follow their instructions straight away. You need to disrobe here for the examination. The floor is cold in the corridor so you may want to pop your trainers on for the walk across the hallway. Quickly please, we'll be back for you in a minute", ordered Belinda as her and Callie left the room.

The five girls gasped and giggled as they started to undress, peeling off their coats, hoodies and cheer tops and skirts as they chatted to each other. Alesha and Liz chatted a little as they shimmied out of their skirts and took off their tops, Alesha stripping to reveal a white bra and silky navy blue thong and Liz a matching black sports bra and boy shorts.

"I can't believe they're going to see us in our underwear", said Alesha.

"It's fine, they are all professional medical staff", replied Liz.

The two Hispanic girls and Ingrid had also stripped down to their underwear and had picked up their paper drapes. Ingrid had not worn a bra having only small, firm breasts so was clad only in her thong.

Ingrid sat down and struggled to hold the drape as she pulled her trainers back on, the drape falling down exposing her breasts as she did so. Celia, the tall Hispanic girl had put on her trainers and stood up, gasping as she caught sight of herself in the mirror opposite the doorway.

"You mean we have to walk out into the corridor like this?" she gasped, realizing that the paper drape would be exposing her thong clad bum and long legs to anyone who happened to walk down the corridor at that time. The girls, now clad only in their underwear and trainers, held their drapes to their fronts and lined up at the door to the corridor. Alesha slapped Liz's buttock playfully.

"You have such a gorgeous ass", said Liz.

"Cut it out", pouted Alesha, gently removing Liz's hand with one of her own whilst holding her drape to her front with the other.

Meanwhile in the corridor, the two nurses were chatting.

"You go and get the patients while I get their paperwork from reception, Dr. Phillips will come out and get you from the corridor when they are ready for them in the lecture theatre" , said Belinda.

Callie nodded and went over to the changing room doors. By now the queue to the lecture theatre had grown and a few curious students and members of the public in the queue turned their heads towards the changing room doors on the odd chance they might get a glimpse of something. Callie opened the doors and put her head round to see the girls lined up ready to go.

"Ah good, you're all ready, follow me please", said Callie.

The five students followed Callie into the corridor, Alesha shuddering as a cold breeze swept down it, whilst Liz couldn't help but feel the eyes of some people in the queue on her exposed buttocks.

"It's just like being at the beach, no more exposed than that. That's what I thought anyway when I had my work physical here", smiled Callie innocently.

"Oh no!", exclaimed Alesha as she realized a couple of boys she knew from class were coming down the corridor.

Dressed in tracksuits and baseball caps, Phillip and Gary were loud troublemakers who were always teasing Liz and Alesha and making vain attempts to chat them up and get into their pants. Phillip's eyes nearly bulged out of his head when he saw the girls lined up in the corridor, Alesha and Liz feeling the boys eyes scanning their bodies up and down, clutching their drapes tight to their fronts as Phillip and Gary joined the queue to the lecture theatre.

All of a sudden the doors to the lecture theatre stage banged open and Dr. Phillips, Dr. Schiffman's assistant came out. At six foot four, well built and with a loud authoratative voice. Dr. Phillips was a commanding figure held in awe by all the staff and students in the medical faculty.

"Are the patients ready for us, hang on, what the? Oh, no, Callie, this just won't do!", he said to the young nurse as he turned to observe the five patients.

Alesha had stopped at the side of Liz and had turned to talk to her friend, absentmindedly revealing the fact she was still wearing her bra and thong to the doctor and nurse. Dr. Phillips raised his voice as he admonished the nurse.

"You have worked with us long enough to know our systems! The Expanding Participation patients need to be completely undressed as they enter the lecture theatre. We have five minutes until we start the lecture. Get them sorted and sent over to us when they are actually ready, got it?", said Dr. Phillips impatiently as he re-entered the lecture theatre.

Callie ushered the girls back into the changing room just as Dr. Phillips re-entered the lecture theatre angrily explaining what had happened to Belinda, the older nurse, who apologised profusely.

"Sorry doctor, Callie is still learning. I'll sort it right away", said Belinda as she hurried out of the lecture theatre across the corridor and into the changing room, the five girls knowing what was coming, having overheard the doctor.

"Right, if I could have your attention", said Belinda to the five girls, who stopped chatting.

"The lecture your examinations are forming a part of starts in a few minutes, and the doctor's assistant has reminded us that as per protocol, we require you completely unclothed from the very start of the examination to speed things up. Remove your bras, underwear and any jewelry you may still be wearing here, then we can head on over to the lecture theatre", said Belinda.

The girls gasped and had mixed reactions to this announcement, Liz flashing a mischevious grin at Alesha, her inner exhibitionist having come to the surface whilst the other four girls looked slightly mortified and embarrassed as they quietly complied with the order to remove the little clothing they were still wearing.

"I've never been examined with nothing on before", said Alesha as Liz helped her out of her bra.

"Me neither, it'll be fun. Let's get naked!", said Liz, shedding her sports bra and boy shorts almost with glee.

Alesha and Liz had hung their drapes up as they undressed.. Best of friends since starting University, they copied virtually everything they did, right down to both having Brazilian waxes meaning they had matching bare pudenda's as they stripped off their underwear. Alesha clutched the drape to her front, put on her trainers and was absentmindedly checking out her bum in the mirror just as their was a knock and the doors to the corridor swung wide open, giving a full view to the people queuing into it, as Belinda entered the changing room, seeing their underwear folded neatly on the benches.

"Lovely, I see that you are ready. Come and line up at the door please", said Belinda.

Realising they were about to enter the corridor in their birthday suits in full view of the people still queuing, the five girls trudged over to the door and stood in a line.

"They're ready, doctor", shouted Belinda.

Dr. Phillips entered the changing room.

"Let's have a look, turn around for me" said the doctor to Ingrid, who was first in line.

The tall hispanic girl obeyed, flashing her bare backside to the doctor, who proceeded to repeat the process with each girl in turn, checking each was completely bare and sans underwear as required.

"Yes, yes, excellent, just how we require you, nurse, you may take over", saud Dr. Phillips as he left the room.

"Go into the corridor, wait at the second door on the right, wait outside the lecture theatre doors", said Belinda sternly.

The five girls hesitated at first, realizing that there were still people queuing in the corridor, with a few staff and students waiting to get in the lecture theatre, before filing out into the cool air of the corridor, the cool air making them shiver as it hit their bare backsides. The queue for the lecture theatre had heard the door to the changing room open and the people in it turned their heads to see the parade of naked flesh filing down the hall, garnering reactions ranging from nonchalance to some members of the public staring and gasping as they realized the girls were totally naked save for their small paper drapes, trainers and bows in their hair, the girls heads bowed in shame as they tried to cover themselves a little by standing with bums facing the wall.

"Wait here while I see if the doctor is ready for you", said Belinda entering the lecture theatre.

"Can they come in yet? I think they're a little embarrassed" Belinda asked Dr. Schiffman.

"Nonsense, it's nothing we haven't seen before, We're all the same back here and we're going to see all of them anyway", replied the doctor as he finished setting up a black leather examination couch which looked like a dentists chair save for the stirrups on the sides. "We don't want them in until the audience is settled, Belinda make sure they know what we're doing will you" he said as he uncovered a trolley containing an array of medical equipment.

Meanwhile in the corridor the girls were trying to avoid eye contact with the members of the audience who were still openly ogling their nudity. Alesha and Liz were trying to make light of their situation, joking about it being like a nudist colony.

"But why do we have to be completely naked right from the start?", Alesha whispered.

"To make things quicker I guess", said Liz, shrugging her shoulders.

"Oh my god they're naked! Is it a bit hot in here for you?", Phillip laughed loudly.

"Piss off you little squirt, come back when your testicles have dropped", Alesha shot back.

In responding to Phillip's antagonism, Alesha had unconsciously walked forward from the wall baring her uncovered bum to Gary who was stood behind them.

"Nice", quipped Phillip. "No visible panty line I see with that outfit".

Alesha moved back against the wall just as Belinda came back out from the lecture theatre.

"In", she commanded.

"But, the boys..." Alesha moaned.

"Never mind them, just come in and let's get your examination done. Come on!", said Belinda.

Mortified, the girls headed into the lecture hall.


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