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18 Year Old Gynecologist Exam at Planned Parenthood with Male Doctor and Resident



Jane's detailed account of her experience with the gynecologist was filled with anxiety, vulnerability, and discomfort, which began even before she arrived at the clinic. As a first-time 18-year-old patient who had never been sexually active, Jane, a petite brunette standing at 5'3" and weighing 110 pounds, spent days researching what to expect during the examination and confided in her friends about her worries. With a 32C bra size and a history of playing volleyball and soccer in high school, she was physically fit and maintained an active lifestyle. Jane decided to visit the gynecologist to get on birth control in preparation for becoming sexually active with her boyfriend. The thought of being intimately examined, especially by male doctors, felt traumatic to her. Jane's apprehension about the experience was understandable, as she had never been in such a vulnerable position before and worried about the level of exposure and intrusion that the examination entailed.

Her only previous experiences at the doctor's office were with a female pediatrician. She had undergone sports physicals before, but those only required undressing down to her sports bra and underwear, a far less invasive experience.

Upon arriving at Planned Parenthood for its affordability and because she had heard that it was mostly women working there, Jane noticed the warm, inviting atmosphere, which helped her feel slightly more comfortable. The staff at the reception desk were friendly and understanding, sensing her unease as they checked her in and handed her some paperwork to fill out. After the medical assistant took her weight and blood pressure, she asked Jane to remove all her clothing and wear a thin gown, leaving her socks on. Jane nervously complied, removing her shorts, t-shirt, bra, and underwear last. As she entered the examination room, Jane was relieved that the doctor was a woman. Dr. Patel introduced herself and asked Jane to sit at the examination table.

"Hi Jane, I'm Dr. Patel. I understand this is your first visit to a gynecologist, so please feel free to ask any questions," Dr. Patel said gently. Jane, too shy to speak, simply shook her head. Dr. Patel asked her why she was there, her menstrual history, and if she was sexually active.

Before Dr. Patel could begin the examination, Dr. Thompson, the male doctor, and Dr. Martin, a male resident, entered the room and interrupted them. "I'm sorry to interrupt," Dr. Thompson said, "but Dr. Patel had to step out momentarily. My name is Dr. Thompson, and I'll perform the rest of the examination. This is Dr. Martin, a resident who will be observing today."

Jane was completely shocked and wanted to decline and request a woman doctor, but she did not have the confidence to protest. She did not want to look immature or rude, so she had to comply, hoping it would be a quick experience, but she was wrong.

She was scared, sitting there completely naked underneath the thin gown with two men staring at her. She couldn't help but feel embarrassed as both Dr. Thompson and Dr. Martin, who were both handsome and Dr. Martin being younger, stood in the room. She wished she could confidently ask for a woman doctor in the lobby. As Dr. Thompson continued the exam, he noticed Jane's discomfort. "I know this can be an uncomfortable experience, especially with a new doctor," Dr. Thompson reassured her. "Please let me know if you need a break or have any questions."


Jane's heart raced as Dr. Thompson asked her to lay back on the examination table and place her feet in the stirrups. She hesitantly followed his instructions, putting each foot into the stirrups while keeping her legs closed and scooting down to the end of the table. She could feel Dr. Martin's gaze, adding to her embarrassment and anxiety. "Alright, Jane, I need you to let your knees drop open so we can begin the examination," Dr. Thompson instructed gently. She reluctantly opened her legs, but it wasn't far enough. Dr. Thompson had to push her knees apart to access her genital area. Jane squeezed her eyes shut, wishing she could block out everything happening around her.

However, she wasn't far enough down the table. Dr. Thompson asked her to scoot further down, but when she didn't move enough, he gently grabbed her bare hips and guided her towards him until her buttocks were at the edge of the examination table. Embarrassed, Jane instinctively closed her legs again, but Dr. Thompson reassured her and pushed her knees apart again. "I know this is uncomfortable, Jane, but it's important that you try to relax and keep your legs open for the examination," Dr. Thompson said softly. Jane took a deep breath and tried to steady her racing heart, feeling exposed and vulnerable with her most intimate areas on display for Dr. Thompson and Dr. Martin to see.

As Dr. Thompson snapped on a pair of gloves and positioned a light near Jane's vulva, she tried to focus on her breathing and remind herself that the doctors were professionals and this was a routine procedure. But she couldn't shake the overwhelming embarrassment as she lay there, legs wide open, with two male doctors examining her most private regions.

Jane's embarrassment was compounded by the fact that she was incredibly shy regarding her body. She had never even let her boyfriend perform oral sex on her because she feared exposing her intimate areas to him. And now, here she was, legs wide open in front of two male doctors, allowing them to examine her most private parts. As she lay there, feeling exposed and vulnerable, Jane couldn't help but compare the situation to her personal life. She felt a pang of guilt for not allowing her boyfriend to get close to her in that way, yet she had no choice but to let these strangers examine her.

The irony of the situation only intensified her feelings of embarrassment and vulnerability. She wished she could disappear or fast-forward through the exam but knew she had to endure it.


As Dr. Thompson proceeded with the external genitalia examination, he explained the process to Jane and Dr. Martin. "During the external examination, we're looking for any signs of infection, irritation, or abnormalities," Dr. Thompson explained. "We'll start by visually inspecting the vulva, labia, and clitoris." Feeling extremely embarrassed and vulnerable, Jane tried to focus on her breathing while Dr. Thompson placed one hand on Jane's inner thigh to prevent startling her with direct contact with her intimate areas. Jane's face reddened as she realized she hadn't shaved her pubic hair the day of the examination. Nervously, she apologized to Dr. Thompson for not shaving, explaining that she thought every woman did it for hygienic reasons. Dr. Martin reassured her that there were still women who left their pubic hair natural and that it was nothing to be embarrassed about. Dr. Thompson didn't seem to notice or care about the hair and continued the examination. Dr. Thompson gently. Dr. Thompson gently moved his left hand from her thigh towards her vulva and then used it with his right hand to separate her labia to inspect the overall area.

Jane felt especially self-conscious about the appearance of her labia, believing that they stuck out too much. She knew it was normal, but she couldn't help feeling insecure during the examination.

"We also need to inspect the area between the labia majora and labia minora for any lesions or abnormalities," Dr. Thompson told Dr. Martin. As he inspected this area, he mentioned that it was normal for the edges of the labia to be slightly darker than the surrounding skin. Jane's face reddened as Dr. Thompson discussed the details of her clitoral examination with Dr. Martin. She was highly aware of the intimate nature of the examination and felt a great deal of embarrassment as Dr. Thompson continued to explain the various aspects of the exam. During the examination, Dr. Thompson noticed some dried secretions between Jane's labia. He pointed this out to Dr. Martin, explaining, "It's not uncommon to find some dried secretions in this area. This is a normal part of the body's self-cleaning process."

"We'll carefully retract the clitoral hood to ensure the clitoris is healthy," Dr. Thompson said, demonstrating the procedure to Dr. Martin. "As you do this, always be gentle and respectful of the patient's comfort." Jane couldn't help but feel embarrassed as Dr. Thompson exposed her most private area to Dr. Martin's watchful gaze. She felt a sudden shiver run down her spine as Dr. Thompson gently swept her clitoral hood with his thumbs, inadvertently sending waves of sensation throughout her body. She tried her best to suppress the unexpected reaction, but it was difficult to ignore the acute sensitivity of her clitoris. Seeing Jane's reaction, Dr. Thompson addressed Dr. Martin, saying, "The clitoris is an extremely sensitive organ, so it's important to be very gentle and careful during the examination." He continued, "When inspecting the clitoris, you should look for any signs of enlargement, discoloration, or abnormal discharge. These may indicate inflammation, infection, or other health concerns."

During the external genitalia examination, Jane couldn't help but feel ashamed as her Bartholin glands produced excess fluid in response to the examination. Dr. Thompson, noticing her embarrassment, said, "It's completely normal for your body to have a natural response to touch. There's nothing to be embarrassed about."

Dr. Thompson continued, "Next, we'll check the introitus or vaginal opening for any issues." He gently separated the labia minora with two hands to reveal the vaginal opening, and Jane felt an additional wave of embarrassment wash over her. As he inspected the introitus, Dr. Thompson explained to Dr. Martin what they were looking for. "During this part of the examination, it's important to assess the vaginal opening for any signs of inflammation, discharge, or abnormal coloration which may indicate infection or other health concerns," he said.

Lastly, Dr. Thompson explained to Dr. Martin the importance of inspecting the anal area for signs of hemorrhoids or diseases. "Now, we'll separate the patient's buttocks for inspecting the anus for any issues," he said. Jane's face flushed with embarrassment as Dr. Thompson gently parted her buttocks, allowing Dr. Martin to observe the examination. Throughout the external genitalia examination, Jane felt a mix of vulnerability, humiliation, and discomfort. She was keenly aware of Dr. Martin's presence as Dr. Thompson examined her most intimate areas. She couldn't help but feel ashamed of her body's natural reactions to the examination. Despite her embarrassment, she knew this thorough examination was crucial for her health and well-being.

While examining Jane's anus, Dr. Thompson commented on the healthy appearance of the area. "The creases we see here are normal, and it's not uncommon for the skin around the anus to be darker than other parts of the body," he said to Dr. Martin. "Also, the presence of hair in this area is natural and nothing to be concerned about." Jane appreciated Dr. Thompson's professional and reassuring tone, although she felt vulnerable and exposed during the examination.

Throughout the external genitalia examination, Jane experienced various emotions, from embarrassment and vulnerability to shyness and humiliation. She had never exposed her anus to anyone before, and now she found herself in a situation where she had to reveal this most private area in front of two handsome men. This only intensified her feelings of vulnerability and embarrassment. She tried to cope with these feelings by focusing on her breathing, closing her eyes, and looking away when Dr. Thompson and Dr. Martin maintained eye contact to ensure she was comfortable.


Before starting the pap smear, Dr. Thompson explained the procedure to Jane. "We'll be using a speculum to open your vagina, allowing us to collect a sample of cells from your cervix. This is an essential part of the examination to screen for any abnormalities or signs of cervical cancer. It's important to have these tests annually."

After Dr. Thompson announced that the pap smear test was next, Jane took the opportunity to regain whatever modesty she could and closed her legs while Dr. Thompson rolled his stool a short distance away to grab the speculum. Jane glanced at the metal speculum and felt scared. Dr. Thompson noticed her apprehension, showed her the speculum, and explained how it worked to both Jane and Dr. Martin.

Dr. Thompson explained its purpose to Jane. "The speculum is designed to gently open your vagina, allowing us to examine your cervix and collect a sample. It might look a bit like clamps with duck bills, but I assure you that it's made to be as comfortable as possible during the exam."

Jane took a deep breath as Dr. Thompson positioned the speculum. "I'm nervous about this part," she admitted. Dr. Thompson reassured her, saying, "It's normal to feel nervous, Jane. Just take deep breaths and try to relax. I'll go slow, and if you need me to stop at any point, just let me know." Dr. Martin, sensing Jane's discomfort, tried to offer some support. "You're doing really well, Jane. Just a little bit longer, and we'll finish this part of the exam."

Once again, Dr. Thompson had to gently encourage her to adjust her position further and tell her to relax, reassuring her that she was doing a good job. He parted her labia with his left hand and slowly inserted the speculum. The cold metal made her flinch, and she curled her toes. Jane winced as it hurt when he opened the speculum before clicking it in place to lock it open. As the speculum opened inside her, Jane couldn't help but gasp at the strange sensation. "It feels so weird," she said, her voice trembling. Dr. Thompson acknowledged her feelings, saying, "It's an unusual sensation. Just remember that this is an important exam part and will be over soon."

Dr. Thompson explained what they were looking for with the swabs, including sexually transmitted infections. Dr. Thompson proceeded with the pap smear, inserting the brush between the opening of the speculum into Jane's vagina, and it hurt for a moment as the brush scraped her cervix. Dr. Thompson noticed her discomfort and reassured her, saying, "It's normal to feel a bit uncomfortable during this part of the examination, but it should be over quickly."

Dr. Thompson commented that Jane's cervix looked healthy and asked Dr. Martin to come over and take a closer look at what a healthy cervix should look like. Jane tried to focus on her breathing as the speculum expanded, feeling as if she was being exposed in a way she had never experienced before. She felt emotionally vulnerable as if someone was looking deep into her soul. She hated Dr. Martin's presence, observing her most intimate areas, much less partaking in the exam, but she felt powerless to protest.

Dr. Thompson handed the extra brush to Dr. Martin, saying, "Dr. Martin, it's your turn to try taking a sample. Remember to be gentle and move the brush in a circular motion around the cervix."

Dr. Martin nodded, replying, "Understood, Dr. Thompson. I'll be careful." As he took the brush from Dr. Thompson, he looked at Jane and said, "Don't worry, Jane. I'll do my best to be gentle and quick." Jane braced herself, feeling even more vulnerable as the inexperienced doctor was about to participate in the examination.

As Dr. Martin took the swab, his inexperience led to Jane feeling pain. She winced, and Dr. Martin quickly reassured and apologized for causing her discomfort. "I'm sorry, Jane. I didn't mean to hurt you." Jane felt less exposed with the speculum covering her labia, which she was self-conscious about. This small comfort was the only thing that helped her manage the anxiety and vulnerability she was experiencing during the examination.

At the end of the speculum exam, Dr. Thompson guided Dr. Martin through the process of removing the speculum. He said, "It's important to remove the speculum gently to avoid causing any unnecessary pain or discomfort. Make sure to tilt it at an angle as you pull it out, so it doesn't pinch the patient."

Following Dr. Thompson's instructions, Dr. Martin carefully removed the speculum, ensuring Jane's comfort during this final step of the pap smear. Jane immediately closed her legs, feeling a sense of relief but also dreading the upcoming, even more embarrassing ordeal. Dr. Thompson praised her for her bravery during the exam, saying, "You did an excellent job, Jane. I understand how difficult that exam part can be, and you handled it very well."

As Jane lay on the table, she clenched her fists and curled her toes, trying to manage the pain and discomfort she had just experienced. As the examination continued, Jane struggled to overcome the embarrassment, humiliation, and shyness that she felt. Her emotions weighed heavily on her, making it difficult to find solace in the importance of the exam for her health and well-being. Despite the support from Dr. Thompson and Dr. Martin, the ordeal felt overwhelming for her.

Jane's feelings of vulnerability and discomfort did not dissipate as the examination progressed. Instead, she felt a deep sense of powerlessness and anxiety, which only seemed to grow stronger. She questioned her ability to endure the examination and wondered if she could ever truly overcome the embarrassment and humiliation she experienced during this process.


As they wrapped up the pap smear portion of the exam, Dr. Thompson announced, "Next, we will perform the bimanual examination, and then we'll be almost done." Jane braced herself for the next part of the exam, which she had dreaded almost as much as the pap smear.

Dr. Thompson explained the process to Jane, saying, "I'm going to insert two fingers into your vagina while pressing on your lower abdomen with my other hand. This allows me to feel your uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes and check for abnormalities or masses." He then turned to Dr. Martin and instructed, "Make sure you apply lubrication to your gloved fingers to minimize discomfort for the patient."

Jane tried to relax as Dr. Thompson carefully inserted his lubricated fingers into her vagina. As his fingers slid in, his knuckles inadvertently brushed her clitoris, causing a weird sensation that made her squirm. The feeling was unexpected and embarrassing, amplifying Jane's discomfort during the procedure. She focused on breathing while Dr. Thompson pressed on her lower abdomen, searching for abnormalities. He moved his fingers gently, feeling her uterus and ovaries for any signs of masses or abnormalities.

Feeling Dr. Thompson's fingers inside her was a sensation that Jane felt should be reserved only for her significant other. The intimacy of the examination made her feel violated and exposed. She couldn't explain the feeling of having a stranger's fingers inside her, and it made her cringe.

Throughout the exam, Jane kept trying to close her legs out of instinct, feeling exposed and vulnerable. Both Dr. Thompson and Dr. Martin had to gently remind her to relax and pushed her knees apart to maintain access for the examination. Her arms were folded tightly across her chest, and she covered her face multiple times during this portion of the exam, forcing the doctors to pause.

Dr. Thompson told Dr. Martin, "Now, it's your turn to try the bimanual examination. Remember to be gentle and respectful of the patient's comfort." Jane felt her face flush with embarrassment as she realized Dr. Martin would also examine her. She never imagined that her first gynecological exam would involve two doctors touching her most intimate areas. It was, by far, the most embarrassing experience she had ever gone through. She tried to keep her composure and remind herself that it was for her health.

As Dr. Martin prepared to perform those exams on Jane, she couldn't help but feel more embarrassed with him than she had been with Dr. Thompson. Dr. Martin was younger, closer to her age, which made the situation feel even more awkward and vulnerable. Dr. Martin tried to ease the tension by smiling at her, but it only made things worse for Jane. The sensation of having a stranger's fingers inside her felt like a violation, something she believed should be reserved only for her significant other.

Dr. Martin carefully inserted his lubricated fingers into Jane's vagina, but she involuntarily tightened her vaginal muscles as he did so. He noticed the tension and gently said, "Jane, I can feel your muscles tightening up. It's normal to feel nervous during an exam like this, but I need you to try to relax as much as possible. Take a few deep breaths, and we'll continue when you're ready."

Feeling embarrassed and vulnerable with the young doctor, Jane tried her best to relax her muscles. She took a few deep breaths and focused on calming her nerves. After a few moments, she gave Dr. Martin a small nod indicating she was ready to continue.

Dr. Martin resumed the examination, inserting his fingers gently and pressing them on her lower abdomen. He was attentive to Jane's comfort, frequently checking in to ensure she was doing okay. During the bimanual examination, Dr. Martin inadvertently moved his fingers in a way that rubbed against her clitoris, causing Jane to gasp at the sudden sensation. "I'm sorry, Jane," Dr. Martin apologized, his cheeks turning red with embarrassment. "I didn't mean to do that."

As the examination continued, Dr. Thompson and Dr. Martin engaged in dialogue, discussing the proper technique and their findings. They commented on her vaginal muscles being tight for being young and nulliparous. Jane listened to their conversation, feeling even more self-conscious as they discussed her body. She wished the examination would end soon, so she could regain her privacy and leave the room.

Dr. Martin tried to look at Jane's face to gauge her comfort, but she couldn't maintain eye contact. She felt too embarrassed, violated, and vulnerable, given the situation. Instead, she stared at the ceiling, focusing on her breathing and attempting to regain some semblance of composure.

After a few more moments, Dr. Martin finished his part of the bimanual examination, carefully removing his fingers from her vagina. Jane couldn't help but feel relieved that the most invasive part of the exam was finally over. She silently hoped that she wouldn't have to endure any more discomfort or embarrassment.


Jane thought it was over, but it was far from over. The worst was about to come. Dr. Thompson grabbed new gloves and handed them to Dr. Martin. Jane knew what was coming, and she couldn't believe it would happen. When she had done her research, none of the descriptions of standard gynecological exams she found on health websites mentioned anything about a rectovaginal exam. She was shocked and in disbelief when she heard about it.

As Dr. Thompson prepared for the rectovaginal examination, he explained to Jane, "This procedure is necessary to check for abnormalities in the uterus, cervix, and ovaries. I'll insert my lubricated index finger into your vagina and my middle finger into your rectum while using my other hand to feel your lower abdomen. This portion of the exam might make you feel like you have bowel movements, but I'll be as gentle as possible."

Seeing the shock and apprehension on Jane's face, Dr. Thompson tried to reassure her. "It might sound intimidating, but it's an important examination part, and it'll be over quickly."

With a hesitant nod, Jane permitted Dr. Thompson to proceed. As he applied lubrication to his gloved fingers, she clenched the sides of the examination table, bracing herself for the intrusion. As Dr. Thompson gently inserted his fingers, Jane couldn't help but feel more violated than during the bimanual exam. The uncomfortable sensations of someone's fingers in her rectum were indescribable and unlike anything she had ever experienced. She thought to herself how she would never let any future significant other enter that area, but here she was, having to comply with two stranger men.

Dr. Thompson, sensing her discomfort, spoke gently to her, "You're doing great, Jane. Just a few more moments and this part will be done."

As Dr. Thompson moved his fingers, Jane did her best to remain still despite feeling embarrassed and vulnerable. Finally, he carefully withdrew his fingers, and Jane breathed a small sigh of relief.

"You did very well, Jane. This part of the examination can be especially uncomfortable, but it's essential for your health. We'll be moving on to the next step," Dr. Thompson said reassuringly.

After Dr. Thompson completed the rectovaginal exam, he turned to Dr. Martin and said, "Now, it's your turn to try the rectovaginal exam. Remember to use lubrication and insert your fingers gently to minimize discomfort."

Jane's heart raced as she heard Dr. Thompson instructing Dr. Martin. The thought of another person performing such an invasive exam on her, especially someone who was learning, made her feel even more embarrassed and vulnerable. She couldn't help but blush intensely, trying to prepare herself for the discomfort she knew mentally was coming.

Dr. Martin, noticing Jane's distress, tried to reassure her. "I know this is uncomfortable, Jane, but I'll be as gentle as possible. This is an important exam part, and it'll be over quickly."

With a shaky breath, Jane nodded, permitting Dr. Martin to proceed. As he applied lubrication to his gloved fingers, Jane gripped the sides of the examination table, bracing herself for the intrusion. As Dr. Martin gently inserted his fingers, Jane couldn't help but squirm and let out a small whimper. The feeling was just as invasive and overwhelming as when Dr. Thompson had performed the exam. She closed her eyes tightly, trying to focus on her breathing and the fact that this would soon be over.

Dr. Martin, sensing her discomfort, slowly wiggled his fingers around to learn, which caused Jane even more distress. After a few moments, he completed the examination and carefully withdrew his fingers. Before doing so, Dr. Thompson instructed Dr. Martin to take a stool sample on his glove and rub it on a test kit to check for occult blood. Jane was shocked that they saw her stool sample. Afterwards, Dr. Thompson took a wet wipe and wiped her vaginal and anus area to clean off the lubricates before asking her to sit upright for a breast exam.

"You did great, Jane. I appreciate your patience and cooperation. That's the last of the invasive exams, and we'll be wrapping up the appointment shortly," Dr. Martin said with a reassuring smile.


Jane felt a mix of relief and embarrassment as Dr. Thompson asked her to sit upright and lower her gown for the breast exam. She was grateful to have something covering her lower torso, but the thought of exposing her breasts to these doctors made her feel incredibly self-conscious. As she sat up, she crossed her arms over her chest, attempting to maintain some modesty.

Dr. Thompson explained the importance of breast exams, detailing their significance in detecting potential issues early. Jane listened carefully, trying to focus on the health benefits of the exam rather than her feelings of vulnerability.

As they prepared to begin the breast exam, Dr. Thompson asked Jane to lower her arms and place her hands at her sides, revealing her breasts. He then turned to Dr. Martin and explained, "This is the visual inspection portion of the exam. We'll be looking for any abnormalities, such as size, shape, or skin texture changes. Jane's breasts have a healthy size and shape, with plenty of tissue, and her nipple size is slightly above average, providing a more than the adequate area for examination."

Feeling incredibly self-conscious, Jane couldn't help but worry about the size and shape of her breasts and nipples. She tried to push these thoughts aside.

Dr. Thompson proceeded with the breast exam, standing on Jane's left side while Dr. Martin observed. He gently palpated her left breast with his fingertips, moving in a circular motion and gradually covering the entire breast. He carefully checked for any lumps or irregularities, ensuring he examined the entire breast, including the area near the armpit.

Once he had finished examining her left breast, Dr. Thompson gently pinched Jane's left nipple, explaining that they needed to check for any discharge or abnormalities. Jane tried to remain still, despite her discomfort and embarrassment, as her nipples were very sensitive to touch.

As Jane regained some composure, she couldn't help but notice that her nipples had become erect after the doctors had pinched them. She felt even more embarrassed by this involuntary reaction, and quickly crossed her arms over her chest again, trying to hide it from the doctors.

Dr. Martin noticed her discomfort and reassured her, saying, "Jane, it's normal for the nipples to become erect during the exam. It's a natural response and doesn't necessarily indicate anything sexual or inappropriate. There's no need to be embarrassed."

Dr. Thompson turned to Dr. Martin and said, "Now it's your turn to examine the right breast. Remember to be thorough, gentle, and respectful of the patient's comfort."

Dr. Martin nodded and moved to Jane's right side, following the same process as Dr. Thompson. He carefully examined her right breast, paying attention to the same details and covering the entire area. Like Dr. Thompson, he ended the examination by gently pinching her right nipple to check for any discharge.

Once both doctors had completed their examinations, Dr. Thompson said, "That concludes the breast examination, Jane. You did very well, and we appreciate your cooperation. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask."

As the breast exam concluded, Jane felt a deep sense of violation by the entire experience. She was shocked at what had happened during the exam, feeling like she had been intruded upon as two strange men had digitally penetrated her orifices. This intimacy was reserved for a significant other; these two men had seen and felt much more than any of her significant others. She wanted to cry and was left speechless, unable to express her feelings.

Despite understanding the importance of prioritizing her health, she couldn't help but feel shaken and almost as if she had been assaulted. Jane regretted not asking for a female doctor when checking in, and for not refusing the exam when Dr. Thompson and Dr. Martin had entered the room. This experience felt like the worst thing she had ever endured.

After the doctors left the room, Jane finally broke down and cried, her emotions spilling over as she tried to process the intrusive examination. She promised herself that in the future, she would be more assertive about her preferences and boundaries regarding medical care, vowing never to let herself feel so powerless and exposed again. As Jane wiped her tears and tried to regain her composure, she knew she couldn't change what had happened but could learn from the experience. In the future, she would communicate her preferences and ask for a female healthcare provider if that would make her feel more comfortable during intimate examinations.

Slowly, she gathered her belongings and got dressed, her heart still heavy from the emotional turmoil of the exam. Jane reminded herself that her health was important, but so was her mental and emotional well-being. She resolved to find a healthcare provider she felt comfortable with, someone who understood her needs and respected her boundaries.

As she walked out of the examination room, Jane knew that this experience would stay with her for a long time, serving as a reminder to prioritize her physical and emotional health. She left the clinic with a newfound determination to be more proactive in her healthcare choices, advocating for herself and ensuring she was heard and respected in future medical appointments.


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