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Black socks

with Brian K.

One of my many odd jobs was a (personal) assistant to a contractor who specialized in interior of shops inside shopping mall. He was in his 30s, very tall and handsome, and had a Dutch fiancé. I was a skinny 20 something shadowing him everywhere.

My job was translating between him and his Chinese vendors, and running errands like ordering food, etc.

His work was mostly at night, after the shopping mall was closed for business. If the project was too far, he would book a hotel room for daytime sleeping, and of course I would tag along, and share the room with him to cut cost, as you can imagine, his business is essentially a one-man shop.

Everyday when we came back to the hotel room, the first thing he did was kicking off his shoes, and walking around in his black socks. I would do the same and take it further, also took off my jeans. He must thought it was a good idea, and joined me. Before going to sleep, we would chat in socks and boxer briefs, sometimes he would give my shoulder a light shove, or give my butt a light kick.

He also liked playing wrestling. I had no interest in wrestling itself and knew nothing about it, but hey, if I get to grab him in any capacity, sign me up! He usually waited for me to move first, and just grabbed and pinned me down the carpet (I know, ew). My face would be very close to his feet sometimes, and I got to observe his black socks very well, including all the wearing, loose threads, and sometimes holes. Lol. The smell was mesmerizing, full of masculinity. If I was lucky enough to have my hands free, I would boldly grab his ankle or pressed on his feet, oh good heavens. I wanted it to last forever.

It was not necessary for me to join him at night work, so sometimes I stayed behind. After he left, I got really nasty… I would get completely naked, and put on his underwear and socks, walked up to the balcony to smoke or even out to the corridor to get ice. Needless to say, I left many wet spots on his underwear. I have to admit, he was not very hygiene conscious, for a two to three day stay, he doesn’t even shower, just change of clothes and plenty of deodorant. (that’s why I never got to see him nude… ) I know, please don’t judge me. I can worry about hygiene later in the shower, after two to three times of release. Being young was nice.

He hired me for a while, but all of a sudden, it seemed all Chinese vendors and their mamas were able to speak English. I guessed I was laid off. Lol.