Lila's Treatment

Part 4

Lila's heart skipped a beat. Today? The braces weren't ideal but... she was going to start hormones today!

Lila nervously smiled as the chair reclined and she watched Pearl adjust the light.

"Now, before we get started, this will be quite a long procedure, so we'll have to strap you in for safety reasons. Would you please place your arms on the armrest and lie flat as possible?"

Lila obeyed, a bit confused. "What do you mean by- oh!" Pearl cut her off as she began wrapping a series of thick pink rubber straps around her body, adjusting their tightness with dials underneath the chair.

"Have you ever been restrained at the dentist before?" Pearl asked as she worked.

Lila shook her head no.

Pearl smiled. "There's a first time for everything, isn't there? I just need you to stay very still... that's a good girl..." She said as she placed the last strap over Lila's forehead.

Lila tried to squirm, but couldn't move an inch. Her childhood fear of the dentist began to creep back into her mind as her heart raced. She heard the door open and close behind her, and Flossie stepped into view, donning her pink gloves and faceshield. She squeezed Lila's hand as Pearl flicked on the light, her mask now pulled over her face, along with a pair of loupes.

"Okay, now open wide..." Lila felt a pinch as Pearl stretched her mouth open with the Nola dry field, and Flossie inserted the tongue guard and suction.

Lila stared up at Flossie as she began to polish her teeth. She looked closely at how her lips awkwardly rested over the rubber bands and facebows. She watched Flossie's lips open ever so slightly, giving a peek into the mess of multicolored brackets and bands covering her teeth.

How could a woman as beautiful as Flossie be okay wearing all that? Come to think of it, Pearl mentioned some of the techniques she used for Flossie were part of her own treatment... She won't have to wear anything like that, would she?

Flossie finished with the polishing, moving on to the etching. She scooted forward, her chest pressing against Lila's head.

Lila moaned a bit in surprise, looking up at Flossie's face, which was now even closer. Flossie rinsed off the acid, leaving a sour taste in Lila's mouth, then began placing the brackets. Lila blushed as Flossie gave a slight smirk and scooted forward just a little more.

Lila sighed, if still a little embarrassed, before realizing she felt blood rushing down below. She couldn't move her head, but strained her eyes to look down, and flushed red when she noticed a clearly visible bulge under her jeans. She shifted around as much as she could under the restraints, but there was no hiding it. She moaned quietly, hoping it would subside before Pearl or Flossie noticed.

Flossie finished placing the brackets, allowing Pearl to take over. Lila relaxed a bit as Flossie leaned back a bit, but blushed again when she looked down and back up at Lila, giving a knowing smile.

Pearl began carefully cementing the brackets, occasionally adjusting their positions. After what felt like an eternity, she removed the dry field and tongue guard. "How are you doing so far?" She asked.

Lila breathed a sigh of relief. "O-okay..."

"Good girl, you're almost done, open wide for me..." Pearl began to stuff Lila's mouth with cotton rolls, pushing back her tongue. She then got to work cementing the top and bottom expanders, alongside the tongue crib. She then threaded the wire through the brackets, and began gradually tightening them.

Lila began to grunt in pain as the metal restricted more and more, gripping the armrests and wiggling her feet.

"Don't worry, it'll be over soon..." Pearl said as she steadily continued her work. Flossie squeezed Lila's hand, stroking it slightly with her gloved thumb.

Lila winced more as Pearl screwed in the herbst, clenching her eyes shut and curling her toes.

Pearl removed the cotton rolls. "Alright, now's the easy part..." She said as she began placing the rubber bands.

Lila opened her eyes again, looking up at the two dental professionals.

"Aaand... done!" Pearl exclaimed, placing the last rubber band. Flossie held up a mirror to Lila's face. "Thmile!"

Lila awkwardly bared her teeth, revealing a maze of metal and rubber filling her mouth, all colored in pink, white, blue.

Flossie removed the bib and the straps, and Pearl lifted Lila out of the chair, who stumbled a bit after being restrained for so long.

"We gave you quite a mouthful, but I believe you'll get used to it quickly. You will have to wear the bands as much as possible, and brush and floss much more than you're used to. I'll schedule you for an appointment on the first Saturday of next month, if that's okay."

Lila nodded, clutching her jaw. Next time I'll try to ask for sedation, she thought to herself.