Lila's Treatment

Part 2

Lila nervously walked through the school dental center. She'd filled out a form online at the URL given in the pamphlet, and received a short email confirming an appointment that Saturday morning. She arrived at room 433, and took a deep breath before entering the door.

"You mutht be Lila!" A blonde woman called out.

Lila politely nodded, before doing a slight double take.

The room was a small dental office, with a single pink chair facing the window. The only other person in the room was an attractive woman in her early thirties, dressed in a traditional white dental tunic, which seemed unusually tight around the breasts. With her impressive bust, cheerleader pigtails, and well applied makeup, she almost looked like she could be a supermodel, if not for one thing...

While Lila didn't know the exact terminology, the woman was wearing a very complex reverse-pull headgear, combining a metal facemask and an occipital headgear. To Lila, it looked like her face was trapped in a prison of metal and plastic, her scalp mummified by cloth straps. She smiled, showing a mess of colorful brackets and rubber bands.

"Are you... Dr. Whites?" Lila asked.

The woman shook her head. "No, thweetie, my name ith Flothie, I'll be your hygienitht today. Pleathe, take a theat."

Lila nodded, removing her hoodie and placing it with her backpack, before slowly climbing into the chair. She never quite liked the dentist. Her family dentist was a somewhat grumpy older man, who never had much patience for teenage boys nervous about routine check-ups. The window at least gave her a nice view of the campus quad.

Flossie placed a paper bib around Lila's neck, donning a faceshield. "Dr. Whiteth ith actually my wife. I'm working on my DDS, and athithting her with her thtudy ith a perfect way to earn some exthtra credit! Not to mention, thith thtudy ith quite perthonal to the both of uth." Lila had noticed Flossie's appliances seemed to be in pastel shades of pink, white, and blue. She blushed slightly as something clicked in her head.

Flossie snapped on a pair of pink nitrile gloves as Lila's chair reclined. "Open real big for me... that'th a good girl..."

Lila blushed again as Flossie adjusted the exam light. Nobody had ever called her a good girl before...

Flossie began to explore her patient's mouth. "I thee you've had quite a few fillingth before... how often would you thay you brush and floth?"

"I brush almost every morning, and I... don't really floss." Lila admitted. Her dentist could always tell when she lied, and she didn't want to disrespect Flossie.

Flossie nodded, giving an understanding smile. "Don't be embarrathed, you're not the only one. But it ith crucial that you try to improve your hygiene ath you undergo your treatment, okay?"

Lila nodded, beginning to wonder what this "treatment" even was. What did her teeth have to do with HRT? Was this all a misunderstanding?

Flossie began carefully scraping away at Lila's teeth. "I'll be giving you a thorough cleaning, okay? I don't see any cavitieth, but you have quite a bit of plaque..."

Lila squirmed a bit in the chair at first, but calmed down as she realized how gentle Flossie was being.

"Tho, do you know what you want to major in yet?" Flossie asked.

"I think I want to do poetry..." Lila awkwardly replied around the instruments in her mouth.

A few minutes passed as Flossie made small talk as she worked, occasionally stopping to rinse out some blood. Lila tensed up as she heard the sound of the drill, but calmed down as Flossie just polished her teeth. Finally, she quickly worked between her teeth with a length of floss.

"Now, moving on, bite down on thethe for me..." Flossie took some x-rays and impressions, smirking a bit as Lila gagged on the tray.

"Now, for the really thcary part..." Flossie brought the chair to a sitting up position, pulling over a tray with some strange equipment... "Could you thit your arm on the armretht for me, pleathe?"

Lila complied, but froze up as the hygienist began tying a tourniquet. "I'm jutht going to take a little bit of blood..." Flossie paused, seeing her patient's face. "Are you afraid of needleth? I promithe, I'm very good, thith won't hurt a bit..."

Lila nodded, looking straight out the window, allowing Flossie to insert the butterfly needle. "Aaand... done! You've been a very brave girl today, Lila." She said, removing the tourniquet and throwing away the needle.

"We need to do a bit of bloodwork before we thtart your HRT." She stuck on a cotton ball and a band-aid. "At your next appointment, Dr. Whiteth will be there to exthplain a bit more about what we'll be doing, okay?"

Lila's heart skipped a beat when the HRT was mentioned. "Okay."


Lila left the dental center with a new toothbrush, dental floss, and a slight spring in her step. She was excited, if a little bit confused.