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Dr. Park and Dr. Whites

Part 7

Sophie stood outside Abby's house, stalling for time before she stepped in. She was wearing a pale tube top and pink leggings, Abby's first time seeing her out of her scrubs. Classes had been light since finals were coming up, and they hadn't quite gotten a chance to see each other at school.

Abby's family lived in quite a fancy house, probably just short of being a McMansion. As Sophie approached the front door, she nervously tapped her facebow. Sophie had already become accustomed to her new appliance, despite having worn it for less than a week. Honestly, it was beginning to feel a bit like a security blanket... She only took it off when absolutely necessary, and would try to reattach it as quickly as possible. Not only did the strange buzz become more grating the longer it was removed, she was starting to feel naked without it...

Finally, she rang the doorbell, waiting for what felt like an eternity for the door to swing open. There stood Abby, showing off her adorable grin. "What took you tho long?"

She was wearing jeans and a t-shirt, with an anime character Sophie didn't recognize. She was wearing makeup, and seemed to have gotten better since the last time they saw each other. Most striking, however, was her hair. She changed the color, from blue to blonde, finally getting rid of her eccentric alternative look.

Sophie stammered for a few moments. "Oh, wow, you look... great!"

Abby blushed slightly. "Thankth! Come on in, I'll take you to my room, my parenth aren't home..."

Sophie's face went red.


Sophie sat down her backpack while she looked around Abby's room. Pastel pink walls, with stuffed animals on just about every surface. The walls were decorated with posters of both alternative bands and oral hygiene tips. A small collection of dental instruments and model teeth were neatly arranged on her desk. Overall, it was much more organized than Sophie expected, especially compared to her own grungey room.

Abby plopped down on her bed, gesturing for Sophie to join her. As she gingerly sat down, Abby took out her laptop and flashcards.

"Tho, wath there anything you think you were having trouble with? I know the chemithtry part can be pretty hard, but I think I'll be able to help you with whatever you need..."

Sophie interrupted. "Actually, I've been feeling really confident about thith lately. I've been athing all the practithe tethth, and I don't think there'th anything I'm having trouble with, for the firtht time."

Abby smiled. "Well, let'th go over thethe flashcardth jutht to be sure..."


A half hour passed, and Sophie got every answer correct.

"Wow, you really were thtudying! I don't think I could've gotten all of thothe!" Abby grinned, showing off her pink brackets.

Sophie shrugged. "I don't know, it'th like, ever thinthe I got the bratheth, everything'th jutht thtuck in my head."

"That'th amazing! Maybe you unlocked thome thecret pathion for dentithtry?"

Sophie shrugged again. "I gueth tho? It'th tho weird, a few weekth ago I wouldn't have cared about any of thith..."

Abby smirked, and Sophie felt something flutter inside her. "Tho what now?" She asked.

Sophie didn't answer, she just leaned in...


The facebows clicked together, and the girls both blushed, pausing for a second. Abby giggled, before positioning herself just right so she could meet Sophie's lips.

The kiss was awkward, Sophie felt Abby's cold metal appliance press into her cheeks. With a bit of effort, they managed to push their lips a bit closer, their tongues intertwining. Sophie fell back on the bed as Abby climbed on top of her.

Sophie was on another plane. She'd known she liked girls for years, but this was her first experience like this. She'd had brief flings with a few guys, but this was on another level than anything she had with them. She closed her eyes as she tasted Abby's minty lip balm. She didn't notice her facebow being ever so slightly bent, and it took her a few moments before she realized the buzz had returned, becoming stronger and stronger...