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Dr. Park and Dr. Whites

Part 3

Standing in the doorway was a rather short, stocky woman, wearing an odd uniform similar to Quinn's, though hers was a sterile white. Her dark hair was cut extremely short, and she was tapping on her clipboard with a pen. What stood out to Sophie the most, however was her orthodontia.

Sophie tried to remember the terminology from class, but the devices the woman was wearing didn't seem to match up with anything she'd seen before. She had three pink and orange cloth straps wrapped around the back of her head, as well as a bulky metal facemask, with an orange plastic bumper on her forehead and a pink plastic cup on her chin. She grinned, showing a heavy set of pink and orange braces, along with a mess of rubber bands.

Sophie and Abby awkwardly stood up, walking over to the strange woman, who gave another colorful grin, this time allowing Sophie to notice her two facebows. Abby spoke up. "I'm Abby, and she's Sophie. And you are...?"

"You can call me Dr. Whiteth. I'll be athithting with Dr. Park'th thtudy. You can follow me, I'll take you two to your theath."

As the doctor turned around, Abby shot Sophie a quick smirk and an eyebrow raise, before heading forward. Sophie gulped before she continued on as well. If this was what the doctor wore, what kind of treatment were they getting?


Pearl lead the pair down a surprisingly long and winding hallway, lined with opaque glass doors. She stopped at the very end, pushing open the door and gesturing for them to enter.

The room was clean and sterile, with every available surface being pink and white. A pair of pink chairs sat next to each other, facing the door. A blonde woman in a pink uniform was preparing some equipment, and waived at the girls as they entered. Dr. Whites spoke up. "Jutht take a theat and relaxth, Charlotte will get you prepped while I get Dr. Park."

Abby eagerly climbed into her chair, plopping her arms on the armrests and shooting Sophie a grin. Sophie reluctantly sat down, keeping her hands folded on her chest and nervously looking at Charlotte.

After Pearl stepped out, Charlotte clipped a pair of pink bibs around their necks. Sophie noticed the quite sweet smell of her perfume, and looked up to notice she was wearing the same pink braces as Quinn.

A few moments passed, and the door opened once again. In stepped a rather tall woman woman, a bit over 6 feet in heels, wearing the same white uniform as Dr. Whites. She appeared to be of Korean descent, her dyed blonde hair was tied back in a bun with a pink scrunchie, and her earrings were shaped like small teeth. Her makeup was heavy but professional, with a striking shade of red lipstick framing her mouth. She was quite busty, and had excellent posture.

She took a look at her patients and smiled, showing a set of pink, white, and blue braces. She spoke up, her voice high-pitched but friendly. "Sophie, Abby, it's nice to meet you two. My name is Dr. Flossie Park, and I'll be in charge of your orthodontic treatment. I expect you may have some questions?"

Abby spoke up first. "Will we be getting braces?" She was barely able to contain her excitement, making Sophie wince. She'd never understand this girl.

Flossie grinned. "Wow, it's not every day I get to meet such an eager patient! And I am happy to say, yes, you two will be getting braces today!"

Sophie's eyes widened. "Today? Isn't that awfully quick? You aren't even going to examine us first?" The walls felt like they were closing in.

Flossie smirked. "You heard me right! Willow, I suppose you know her better as Dr. Woods, was kind enough to send us your x-rays and impressions taken in class, and we had enough information to put together your appliances already! We can get started right now, if you're ready!"

Sophie just sank into her chair. She was really going to have to walk around wearing braces now, wasn't she? She looked over at Abby grinning from ear to ear. She then thought back to her grades. At the end of the day, she supposed she'd rather be a braceface than a dental hygiene dropout.

"I... guess I'm ready." Sophie mumbled. This was going to be a nightmare.