Daddy Says

Part 1

A day in the life of an adult baby.

The day started with Daddy walking into my room very early in the morning. I didn’t want to open my eyes, I was too tired! Come on Little One, we have to get up and get ready. You can nap in the car, ok? I moan I soooo tired, Daddy! I know little one, I know.

Daddy picks me up and carried me to the changing table. He carefully opens the tabs of my diaper and begins to wipe me clean Ohhhh Cold Daddy, cold! I know it’s cold, but it helps wake you u. Come on Daddy says open your eyes. Slowly I peek my eyes open and see that Daddy has my outfit already picked out. My yellow ducky dress, I get a tad worried because it lets just a little of my diaper show. Then I see the yellow diaper cover, my white socks, hair bows and black Mary janes. Daddy dresses me quickly and quietly then Carrie’s me to the kitchen and sits me on the counter. I start to crawl down but Daddy says No and lays his finger firmly on my thigh. Stay there we are leaving in 2 minutes. Where are we going Daddy? Just on a little adventure pumpkin, just a little adventure. Ok Daddy I reply as he grabs my diaper bag, bottle and pacifier.

Daddy opens the van door and places me in my car seat. He tightly buckled me in, the large buckle pressing against my princess parts. Daddy hands me my bottle and pacifier before shutting the door. When we leave the garage I realize it’s still very dark outside! I soon drift back to sleep and awaken when the van stops. Daddy is talking to someone at the gate, but I can’t hear anything because Daddy put my headphones on. Soon Daddy keeps driving, it’s a pretty place with parks, ponds and lots of pretty buildings.

Daddy parks the van and comes back to open the door. I look for my sweatsuit, the one Daddy has me wear sometimes in public. I don’t see it and Say UT OH Daddy we forgot, thinking Daddy will put me in my extra clothes that are always in the van but instead he starts to lift me out of the van. I panic, I kick my legs and struggle to get back in the van! Nooooo Daddy, people will see! They will laugh and make fun of me! Daddy please! He lays me down in the van and I relax thinking that he sees my point and is ready to change my clothes. Daddy finally speaks, saying Naughty Girl! He pulls down my diaper cover exposing my bare butt and give me 5 quick smacks. I’m so confused and now my butt stings. Daddy was mad so he said nothing except Not Again, no kicking or fussing or the plug goes in! I stammer Yes, Daddy. He picks me up and carries me into the building. He sits me in a chair, placing my noise canceling headphones on again. I keep my eyes on the floor, totally embarrassed and sore. Daddy soon returns, he lifts me up and places me on the floor in front of him. I see movement near me but don’t look up. Daddy runs my back but leaves the headphones on. Soon Daddy lifts my hand and I stand. My eyes carefully look around and I see another girl sitting on the floor playing with a toy. She’s in a diaper too! Just as I start to look around Daddy walks me through the door.

We are following a person wearing a full white uniform. It’s a nurse I think. Oh man, a nurse! That’s not good, oh man she’s gonna see my diaper, oh man my brain just swirls not recalling that I’d just seen someone else in a diaper. My throat is dry, I can’t swallow, I’m shaking, I nervously pee my diaper without thinking and I start to look for a way out. i see a door and make one step forward only to see the nurse has stopped. She sees the step and recognizes the intent, she quickly shows me the wooden spoon in her hand and she shakes her head slowly. Daddy also recognized the move, reaching down he gives me a swat. It didn’t really hurt as it was just one of his firm reminders. The nurse shows us in a room, talks to Daddy and leaves. Daddy removes my clothes and my diaper. Laying me on the table. My eyes are wide and I am so terrified I pee again.

Daddy takes off my headphones and says calmly that had I just exited the van he would have explained everything so this was a situation I had created. The door opens suddenly and I see the nurse holding a plastic tray. She looks at me sternly and using a very stern voice tells me that there will be NO MISBEHAVING OR SHE WILL RESTRAIN ME. I quiver and nod. Daddy looked at me saying Excuse Me that’s not an answer! Yes M’am I reply as he lifted my legs to swat me. Yes M’am I say again I will behave. Good she replies, now we need to weigh you. She shows me a metal table and Daddy lifts me over to it. It’s sooo cold on my bum, especially since it was warm from my swat. Daddy backed off and the nurse gave me a through look over before saying 68lbs, that’s good. She told Daddy to bring me over to the exam table. She’s placing the tray on a side cart and I tried to see what was on it, but nope. As soon as my butt touches the table the nurse has my legs in the air over my head, total diaper position I think and await my soft diaper. Instead my rosebud is met with sticky thick gel and a gloved thumb. The nurse is digging in and spreading that gel. Soon a cold large bulb is pushed in and in and in it feels. The nurse holds it in pressing slightly. Time is passing but no one says a word, just my sligty pink bum on full display with a thermometer poking out. Finally a timer goes off and she slowly removes it POP I hear. The nurse puts my legs down but tells me to put my arms up by my head. Soon I feel my arms being locked in above my head, I couldn’t bring them down at all! I hear don’t fight or I’ll strap your feet too! I once again release a tad bit of pee. That is enough the nurse says as she’s cleaning my prin parts. Soon I feel something very foreign sliding up inside me and I hear the Daddy say lie very still. I hear sounds I’ve never heard and my brain is registering that I’m peeing. Soon I feel it sliding out of me and Daddy is asking the nurse if she got enough for the sample. She says yes she still had plenty of urine and opens the door calling for someone. I hear Oh she’s cute! Docs gonna love her before the door closes again. Pure panic is racing through my veins.


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