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A Blissful Keystone Eve.

A Blissful Keystone Eve.

Keystone Lodge and Spa

Keystone Colorado.

December 24th, 2023

6:07 PM.

With the tree lit, and Christmas music playing on his laptop, Mike Waller fell back onto the luxurious bed and turned his to the right to take in the sight of the heavy snowfall right outside his window. He could still see the mountain and trees off in the distance but the rest of the terrain was white as far as the eye could see.

Until recently, Mike had been caught up in a seemingly relentless monsoon of work at the Defense Intelligence Agency. Some assignments had him at the office in DC, others had him working in various countries around the world. All of which kept him separated from his FBI girlfriend, Special Agent Ashley Hayes who he hadn’t seen since last Christmas. He got back in touch with her recently and was lucky to get his end-of-the-year vacation request approved by his superiors.

Apart from hoping the snow wouldn’t cause Ashley too much trouble, Mike let his mind drift off to the serenity of the suite he now occupied while the piano version of O Christmas Tree played away. He had the song on a loop so it play for as long as he wanted.

At six-eleven, a knock at the door snapped him out of his relaxed state, propelled to his feet, and after making a quick check of his robe to make sure it was tied, he ran to the door and quickly unlocked it.

Upon opening it, he saw Special Agent Ashley Hayes dressed in a red coat, and a blue skullcap. Beside her was a bellhop with two of her luggage bags behind him.

“Hey, Mike,” Ashley said with a delightful smile that was more than fitting for this Christmas Eve.

“It’s great to see you again, Ashley. It’s been too long.”

After exchanging a hug, Ashley turned back to the bellhop and gave him a twenty-dollar tip.”

“Thank you for your assistance, sir. Mike will take it from here.”

“No problem, Ma’am. Enjoy your stay at Keystone Lodge and Spa.”

Shortly after the bellhop left, Ashley walked into the room and removed her skullcap while Mike brought her luggage in.

“Where should I set them?” Mike asked.

“You can put them on the second bed.”

As Mike did that, Ashely removed her coat and hung it up in the closet before proceeding to look around the room. Her outfit consisted of black heels, a red blazer, and a blue blouse tucked into a purple pencil skirt that went down to her ankles.

“You sure picked a good room for us, Mike.”

“What can I say, I aim to please,” Mike replied.

After marveling at the medium-sized Christmas tree Mike placed between the beds, Ashley went to the window to admire the scenery. Mike took advantage of her distraction to grab his crown from the second nightstand.

After doing a quick check to make sure it was firmly in place on his head, Mike shed his robe and swiftly jumped across the beds to approach Ashley from behind. His ten-inch cock poked her in the ass through his boxer shorts. Ashley knew he was coming, but she didn’t care. Mike wrapped his arms around her waist and started kissing the left side of her neck.

“It’s so great to be embraced by you again, King Mike,” Ashley said after gasping from the initial contact of him and his rod.

“Is your king allowed to have open one gift early?”

“Oh yes. I desired to be used as roughly as possible.”

With that, Mike pulled Ashley away from the window and spun her around to push her back against the wall where he quickly took command by plunging his tongue into her mouth as he undid her blazer and slid it off her shoulders. Before he could get started on her blouse, Ashley pushed him back and snatched his boxers down her right hand.

Before Mike could so much as get a word out, Ashley dropped to her knees and took his cock into her mouth. Sucking away like there was no tomorrow.

“Oh damn, Ashley. Keep going, keep going. Suck your king like a good whore should. Suck on that dick like it is made of solid gold.

His insistence drove Ashley to put some extra speed into her sucking. Mike’s state of euphoria was so high he couldn’t conjure up any more words to say at the moment.

One minute later, Ashley sensed his eruption was imminent so she pulled back and his cock with both hands to keep steady as a stream of cum fired into her mouth. Mike couldn’t help but scream like he just won the lottery or the Superbowl.

Ashley’s grip was strong, but the latter half of the cum burst caused her to lose it just enough for some of the cum to hit her face, neck, and the upper part of her blouse.

“Damn, Mike,” Ashley said as she got back to her feet after a few coughs. “You are quite the fucking fire hydrant.”

“Well now comes the super beast,” Mike replied sounding more charged up than he did a few minutes ago.

Mike pushed Ashley back against the wall and used his tongue to keep her mouth busy as his hands grabbed and squeezed her breasts. After a few more seconds of playing with her melons, he grabbed the center of her blouse and tore it open with enough ferocity to send the collar button splitting apart as he pulled the rest of the garment from her skirt and annihilated the remaining buttons. The blouse went from Ashley’s shoulders to the floor in the blink of an eye then Mike shifted his kisses to her neck while his hands went around her back to fiddle with the clasp of her gold-colored 40C bra.

Ashley squealed a little as she felt the clasps dig into her skin a little. Mike was more than capable of unsnapping it with no effort, but he wanted to have a little fun with the process and Ashley didn’t mind. In fact, she was enjoying it.

“Is the king having trouble with his golden key or did he bring the wrong one for the hole,” she teased.

“Getting this key to work sure is making me thirsty,” Mike commented then the next thing Ashley heard was a popping sound behind her which indicated that the Key of King Mike had finally succeeded in liberating her breasts. Mike pulled the bra over her head and threw it at the window.

“What kind of shake shall it be for King Mike, Strawberry, or-,”

Before Ashley could say banana, Mike dived in on the right nipple and started sucking on like a man on the verge of dropping from thirst.


“You’re damn right I am, my favorite whore,” Mike replied before clamping his mouth on her left breast and sucking the nipple which made Ashley gasp some more. This time without words.

As Mike’s sucking continued, his fingers undid the belt buckle on the front of Ashley’s skirt then felt around for the zipper and grunted in approval upon finding it on the right side. Unzipping it made it come loose.

“Come on baby, drop it for me,” Mike whispered into her right ear.

The low but lustful tone of his voice compelled Ashley to smile and start shaking her hips provocatively before him. A few seconds later, the skirt fell to a pool around her feet.

“Ditch the heels,” Mike ordered.

Ashely stepped out of her fallen skirt before lifting her feet to pop off the heels. All she had left now was her red thong decorated with snowballs. She eagerly spun around and bent over to touch the wall with her hands crossed over her head as she proudly shook her ass.

The sight of Ashley’s sexy bottom put Mike’s wanting for her into maximum overdrive. He grabbed her by the waist, spin her towards the bed, and pushed her onto it face first then he grabbed her by the ankles and spun her like a turntable so she was facing the scenery outside. Knowing what was coming next, Ashley assumed the proper position for her king. Face down, thong-clad ass up.

“I know I’ve fucked you three times last year,” Mike said then paused to spank Ashley three times. “But tonight is gonna be different. I’m not just gonna fuck your cupcake, I’m gonna fuck you into a million pieces in five, four-,”

Mike decided to finish the rest of the countdown by ripping Ashley’s thong to shreds and tossing it aside and then he drove his cock into her ass like a battering ram through a door.

If there ever was a world record for the longest ear-piercing scream, Ashley screamed loud enough to break it. In fact, she was still screaming loud enough to break it again and again. Mike just smiled as he continued breaking Ashley down through her precious ass.


“No…amount…of…screaming…is…stopping…me…tonight…cupcake,” Mike shouted between thrusting into her. His lust drove him to hammer away even harder which made Ashley scream louder and louder. Just like she wanted him to.

“Oh my god, yes. All hail King Mike.”

“That’s right, Cupcake.”

Ashley started acting even wilder but no matter how much screamed, squirmed, and pounded her fist on the bed, Mike kept fucking away. Neither one of them was able to conjure up anything else to say to. Ashley kept on screaming, squirming, and flailing and Mike kept on grunting and fucking.

Several minutes later, Ashley felt his cum shoot into her like a high-powered laser beam and Mike gave off the loudest roar loud enough to break the sound barrier as he emptied himself inside of her. Ashley fainted as he pulled out after expending every drop in his balls.

“Making a deposit into any of your three holes is a trillion times better than making one at an ATM,” Mike declared with his remaining energy before he collapsed onto the floor.

The next morning, Mike was awakened by a boot gently kicking at his shoulder. He opened his eyes and saw Ashley standing over him smiling and dressed in a blue heat vest over her black FXR snowmobile jacket and a pair of fleece leggings.

“Merry Christmas, Mike.”

“Oh shit,” Mike shouted springing to his feet. “How long was I out?”

“Long enough for me to take a shower, brush my teeth, and get myself together for our today’s plan.”

“Oh yeah. We head down for breakfast and then we go out for some fun on my snowmobiles.

“You mean our snowmobiles.”

“Oh, sorry. What time is it?”

“It’s nine twenty-seven in the morning.

“So we haven’t burned too much of the morning getting ourselves back together from last night. By the way, your ass was phenomenal."

“And your dick was a force of nature. Now go and get yourself together before we mess around and end up eating breakfast at eleven.”

“Right,” Mike replied then ran into the bathroom and closed the door.

As he got the shower running, Ashley turned towards the window and smiled.

Ride the snowmobiles all day then ride his dick pogo stick style later on tonight.

What better way to spend a Christmas day? Ashley thought.



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