Diversity of Life

10. The Shower

Amber observed how Mrs. Karmann arranged the cables of the electrodes and hung them again over the device on the trolley. Her clothes suit her well under the open white coat, Amber thought. She just let the stethoscope dangle down. Amber was a bit surprised that the hanging tube didn't bother her at all. Amber was sure the stethoscope gave her power and control. Was it always because of this instrument that she was always so nervous about seeing a doctor? Amber wasn't sure yet, but she had only little time to think about it. She was drenched in sweat, which made her uncomfortable.

"Okay, now it's done." said Dr. Winkelmann, who looked at the monitor at his desk. "Your heart is healthy!" Amber I couldn't resist a shy smile and looked to the side in embarrassment. "You're welcome to take a shower now. Do you have a change of clothes with you?” Winkelmann looked up from his monitor. Amber returned his gaze and nodded. "Yes, in the bag over there." The bag was by the table. "Excellent, then I suggest we meet again for discussing the results right after the shower. The evaluation will now take about 30 minutes, so feel free to take your time.” Amber got off the ergometer and nodded. She instinctively covered her breasts with her hands. Then she went to her bag. But much more important to her at that moment was her bra, which was still lying on the table. She quickly grabbed it. Since she was still holding it on the table for a while during the examination, it seemed a bit crumpled up. She took it, shook the garment apart a little, slipped her arms through the straps, and then reached back for the clasp. Usually she always took a little more time, but this time it happened surprisingly quickly. Finally getting dressed again, she thought.

"Sandra, is there another examination in room 2?" asked Dr. Winkelmann his colleague, who was still busy with the devices and had started to disinfect the handles with a paper towel. "I'll have a quick look." The doctor went to the connecting door. On the way, she threw the paper towel in a trash can. Then she opened them and disappeared into the next room. Amber heard more doors open until she heard footsteps that Mrs. Karmann was coming back. "No!" she said and looked over at Amber. "You're welcome to get your things out of the dressing room beforehand and take them with you. Come on, I'll take you there.” Amber had already put on her bra, but at that moment she felt a bit too naked. She wasn't sure what to expect on the way to the shower or who she might meet. The dressing room was right next door, and she considered getting dressed first.

"Is there anyone else in that room over there?" Amber asked Dr. Karmann. "No, there is nobody here." Karmann gave her a quick but smiling look as she waited by the door. Amber briefly went into the dressing room, grabbed her clothes and followed Dr. Karmann into the adjoining examination room. In this room she was examined by Dr. Winkelmann, she quickly recalled. Amber's eyes fell on the table, on which the crepe paper still looked quite slipped and wrinkled. The sight made her a little nervous again. After all, she had taken off her bra in front of a strange man in this room. Did he like my body? He must have noticed my excitement here, she thought. Suddenly it was getting a little too much intimacy for her. A little uncertain, her gaze followed Dr. Karmann, who opened another door. It was a connecting door to another examination room. It was not clear whether anyone was in this room, so she entered it cautiously after Mrs. Karmann had already taken a few steps ahead. She glanced behind her and made sure that Amber had come too.

"Here it is already." Karmann pointed to another door in this examination room. She opened it and stood by the door invitingly. "Here we have a shower. You are welcome to freshen up a little while we have evaluated the test results. When you're done, please come back to this room.” Amber nodded and slowly entered the shower room. It was significantly smaller than the examination room, but seemed neat, clean and tidy. Mrs. Karmann locked the door so that Amber finally felt undisturbed and free from shame. She felt the warmth and protection she knows when she enters a hotel room. Be alone first, she thought. As she did so, she placed her clothes and bag on a bench in the room and opened a shower stall door. It was a heavy frosted glass door through which one could only see colors and at most the presence of a person. The shower was well lit and the tiles in it were white. They even thought of the shower cream, Amber thought and examined the small bottles that she knew from the hotels. Nice, she thought, remembering to lock the door to the shower room.

Then she turned on the water and adjusted the heat dial. A few drops landed on her shoulder, then she let the water run and walked to the bench. There she took off her bra and grabbed the cuff of her panties. With a skilful movement, she slipped it over her pelvic bones and, as almost always, stopped briefly to look at her panty liner. Lucky I had it in, she thought, and took a quick look at the bright spot that was clearly visible in it. She pulled her feet out of her pants and removed the panty liner before tossing it into a lidded trash can under the bench. For such cases, Amber always had a spare panty liner with her. While searching for them in the bag, she also pulled out a towel.

Then she went to the shower, opened the door and entered the room. Fine droplets had settled on the door due to the warmth of the water. The water on her feet felt pleasantly warm. The shower hung in its fixture. Clear water pattered from the shower onto the floor. Without standing directly under the jet of water, Amber entered a narrow space between the shower water and the wall. She held her hands under the stream and familiarized herself with the pleasant liquid. She let the water patter on her hands and directed it onto her upper body while it flowed down from her hands and forearms onto her stomach. That feels nice, Amber thought, enjoying the moment. She closed her eyes and took a step closer to the water. At that moment she thought briefly about the shower cap she had forgotten to put on. But she didn't care much. Eyes closed, she lifted her head and let the drops pelt her face. Then she stepped completely under the jet of water. She felt the warm water pouring down on her, splashing on her upper body and then flowing down over her entire body. What a treat after all these examinations, she thought, fully surrendering to the situation. She moved her head a little, turned it a bit and also let the water on her hair. With her hands she wiped some water from her face and turned towards the door. How long can I stay here now? she asked herself. Here she felt comfortable and enjoyed the solitude. For that moment, the shower was hers, no one could take it from her now. As the warmth of the water seemed to envelop her protectively, she remembered Helen from the waiting room. Is she now taking a shower too? She hadn't even told her where she lived and what she did. All Amber knew was that Helen must have had a lot of check-ups. And Sebastian? What is being done to him, she wondered. Maybe he too has to pedal on one of these ergometers while his heart is being examined. Does it make him feel just as uncomfortable or does it even arouse him? Naughty thoughts, she spoke to herself, smiled slightly, then shook her head briefly and thought about what she would say to him if he asked her about the examination. Reality had Amber back.

Amber opened her eyes and wanted to take some shower gel, which was on a shelf in front of the shower. She opened the shower stall door just enough to grab the small bottle of body wash that was sitting on a table there. Then she undid the cap and took out a large drop, put the small thing back and moved back into the shower. It's a pity I don't have my shower sponge with me, she thought and began to spread the shower gel all over her body. In circular movements she tried to create some foam on her stomach, which she succeeded surprisingly quickly. Seems to be a good detergent, she concluded and was also delighted with the scent.

With her hands, Amber spread the foam over the entire body, especially the places where the electrodes had stuck. She didn't miss a spot and spread the fragrant foam on all accessible parts of her body. She saved her pubic area until the end. It felt really good when seconds later she was back under the shower head and flushed everything down. To be on the safe side, she held the shower over the same parts of the body several times. She didn't want to stay too long and turned off the water. Dripping, she stepped outside the shower door, grabbed a towel, and dried herself off. She wrapped the towel around her body and took a fresh pair of panties from her bag. Not quite sure if she could dress undisturbed, she glanced at the door. Nothing to be heard, it's locked, she thought. Then she put the towel down. Then she pulled the panties over her knees and put a new insert in the middle before she pulled it up completely.

When I'm done with this, I'm going to go buy myself something nice, Amber planned as she dressed. She remembered her childhood. After each treatment by a doctor, grandma and grandpa used to give a gift. It must have been many years since she last had anything, she thought to herself, remembering the last big visit to the dentist. The joy afterwards, when she received the gift from her grandparents, was huge. Glad to be able to enjoy a treat again this time lifted her spirits.

Amber marveled at how quickly she dried and dressed. Then she looked around and made sure to pack everything. Her hair was a little wet, she didn't have a hairdryer with her. Never mind, she thought and grabbed a hair tie to tie a bun.