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A Bee in My Bonnett

Bee in My Bonnet

It was some time between 1965 and Dec 1968 while we were living at Flossie's upstairs apartment , My mother , Millie, and a Lady whose husband I worked for and lived with for 3 years. Flossie was Part of almost every committee in Town that put on Fairs and suppers and such in a small rural town . Flossie had the misfortune of losing 2 husbands one to war and the other to an accident , so she had a 2 story house and 2 Two kids Judy and Joe , Judy was eighteen , Joe 5 or 6 years younger .

And so it came to pass that Flossie fixed up the second floor of the house so she could have apartment for rent , We had 1 one small child another one on the way and wasn't enough room at mom and dad's place for us , so we had a connection with Flossie and took the apartment .

Now the Bee in the Bonnet part surfaces , I went down stairs one Saturday morning to Pay the rent , Knocked on the door and walked in , Flossie was back to , at the sink, I said hello , she said “ Just in time to give me a hand ‘ , nothing new there , I often was asked to do Handy Man work , she turned around , and there in her hands was a filled open top enema bag , ” Here hold this" so I did . She turned back to sink and squirted some water in sink , while explaining Judy was sick and was gonna get the enema. I could make it easier by holding the bag for her .

We went to Judy's bed room , the view of bed bound young adult bum was grand with the red hose trailing out of it , , Flossie turned and had me raise the bag a little and opened the clamp . Judy took a pretty good load before needing to: " GO , MOM I GOTTA Go ” seemed to be the phrase . so out came the short Baseball bat shaped nozzle and off she went ,with her just making it to bathroom without a mess , before she went and went for sure !!!. Certainly was something for me to think about !!

Probably a year had passed , I was often asked to do stuff around her house , So combination of events came about, My wife was away for the weekend , Judy was part of the group my wife was a leader for , and my mom had our kids . That left me home , Joe and Flossie were down stairs . I was kind looking forward to weekend to do my stuff , when Joe came up stairs Saturday morning saying .

Mom isn't feeling good and wants you to come down see her . Yup be right there and I , never would have guessed at this turn of events . I went in , gave a holler and the answer came from down the hall. She was in bed and asked me if I could take her temp ? There's a thermometer in the bathroom medicine cabinet. There it was and I told her I found a rectal one ! Yes that's it , come do it please . Whoa, I was gonna get to see and touch that big wide , well rounded rear end if hers !!

I was having kind of an issue myself slipping that glass rod up in her Big Bum and it stopped short ! We all know what that means . 3 or 4 minutes later it showed she had a temp approaching 102* . Next request floored me ," Get me a couple aspirins and do you think you could give me an enema ? " Maybe I should call Millie and see if she can come over . Well it would be stupid to pass up this opportunity wouldn't it ?

So I quickly agreed and she told me there was brand new enema outfit in the box in bathroom drawer. It was red , big , was made like open top with hose attached at bottom , but had plug at top like hot water bottle, so you could set it down or drop it without spills . I did my duty, assembled the unit , rinsed it out , ran warm water over bar of Ivory soap and into the bag just like every body else did. Some foam popped out the top but I put the plug in , wiped it dry , got a couple of towels , a wash cloth. I found the jar of Vaseline and headed into her bedroom , Joe wanted to know what I was doing . I told him giving his mom an enema , he said “ewwwww” and wanted no part of that and went rapidly outside .

Flossie rolled up on her side as I approached , I laid the syringe bag on the bed , pulled the covers down , raised her nightie , tucked the towels under her bare bottom ,and greased up the Brown eye then checked inside with a finger just like everybody did to me . I worked the greasy nozzle into place and raised up the Bag. I don't know if I asked if she was ready or not but I quickly popped the metal clamp with a sharp click. Flossie flinched as the first bit of cool water entered but she took a pretty good amount of enema for someone already pretty full . She asked for the nozzle to stay in place , until she had to go and that wasn't long because the soapsuds enema was churning in her bowels and usually gets fast results .

She did feel better afterwards , Temp went down, it was lower at bed time and I gave her another Bigger enema the next morning at her request , got her temp down. She felt lots better I think it was like a 36 hr bug. I'm lucky I didn't get it. It was a very was memorable week end. It happened one more time before we bought a house and move out in January 1969 .

Really don't know why this Bee in My Bonnet popped up the other nite , maybe telling the story will let it Fly away so I can sleep ,

Note ; I changed names to make easier to type , but the story is just the way my memory replays it , just the way it happened .


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