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The Start of an Erotic Enema Relationship

Chapter 1: The First Enema

"Are you alright?" Diana asked, her question directed to her girlfriend, Karla, sitting next to her. The smaller brunette had made several groaning noises over the past ten minutes, sparking Diana to ask.

"Yeah…" the younger woman sighed, still holding a hand to her stomach. "My stomach has just been a little upset the last few days."

Now Diana was quite a bit older then Karla. A little over a decade older. But that was fine because Karla quite liked older women, she found them obviously to be more mature then the women her own age. Karla didn't have the time or social skills to play mind games, so she looked for a straightforward woman who knew what she wanted and acted accordingly. Diana was one of these women.

Because of her straightforward attitude and a more out of date dating style, Diana asked her next question without much thought as to how long they had actually known each other. Which was about four months at this point.

"Few days…" she pondered quietly before boldly asking, "When's the last time you went to the bathroom?"

Karla blushed at the question, stalling for time by saying a few 'umm''s. Bathroom details weren't a typical thing couples really discussed early on. It was a topic Karla especially wouldn't cover with her timid and shy nature. Because it is a private matter and ordeal that has a stigma of embarrassment around it, particularly when trying to impress a new person. One you intend on getting romantic with.

"I-I don't- remember? I mean… I don't really know." Karla stuttered, blushing even harder when she felt the older woman's eyes on the side of her face.

"You might be constipated if you haven't gone in a while." The older blond woman spoke nonchalantly.

Karla felt really embarrassed at that moment.

She really did like Diana but she didn't like the idea that her bathroom visits had been considered in the woman's mind. It really embarrassed her, but she put no fault on her because she was just trying to be kind and was thinking of Karlas discomfort.

The brunette remained silent, sinking back into the couch and holding her stomach as it felt full, the pressure inside of her bowels very uncomfortable.

Diana noticed this action, watching Karlas fingers tighten and grip her shirt as she obviously felt a lot of pain in her gut.

"Would you like some medicine?" She questioned, the little brunette's face wrinkling with discomfort.

"Ugh… yes please. If you have some."

Diana stood from her place on the couch and paused the movie that they had only partially been watching.

"Let's see what I have in the cabinet. Come up with me so you can pick." Diana instructed, referring to her bathroom upstairs where she kept all the medicine in a cabinet.

Slowly Karla trailed behind her as Diana led the way upstairs to the master bedroom and bathroom.

"I hope I have something, but I think I might be out of any medicine for a stomach ache."

In the bathroom they stood in front of the elevated medicine cabinet Diana had mounted to the wall. She weeded through several boxes of allergy medication and cold treatments, but found nothing to help Karlas stomach. The brunette said it was alright but Diana said she had one more place to look for a solution.

Kneeling down to reach the cabinet under the sink Diana perused around, Karla unable to see what she was looking at.

"I have these." The woman announced and placed a container with a green screw top lid on the counter. Leaning back she spun the container around looking at the small text before announcing that they were still in date.

Karla asked what they were and Diana responded simply with, "Suppositories."

The short brunette blushed bright red. She had never had a suppository before but she did know what they were. And she knew that they went up your butt, something she felt very embarrassed to even think about let alone discuss with a love interest.

"Wh-what are those?" Karla played dumb, crossing her arms as she tried to seperate herself from the situation.

"It's a little glycerine capsule. You just put it about an inch or so into the rectum and your body heat will melt it. And then the medication can be absorbed through the walls of the rectum and will cause a bowel movement. They're really simple." Diana again explained nonchalantly.

Karla choked on her own words faced with the situation and stammered for a long while as she avoided eye contact with Diana.

"Or… I have some enema equipment. That might provide you some relief a little faster then the suppository. Suppositories can be a little uncomfortable as you wait for them to melt, also might cause some feelings of irritation inside the rectum on the anus. The enema will get you moving pretty much instantly."

Karla was again stunned. She was also aware of what an enema was. The thought of doing either inside of Diana's house knowing the woman was aware of it made her really uncomfortable. She had experienced the suppository before as a child and she remembered the uncomfortable burning it caused as she waited for the thing to melt. At first she had no adverse reaction to the thought and idea of it, but her mother was so horrified after being given instructions to administer little Karla a suppository that it made Karla afraid of it. Her mother made it very private and told Karla not to speak about it because it was some kind of horrible medical procedure to be embarrassed about.

In fact her mother refused to do it and had Karlas doctor do it instead. Very aggressively, but quietly in fear of others hearing, saying she could not put something in her daughters behind because it was just wrong.

Karla became very afraid of it but her doctor helped to calm her down. She remembered getting up on the table and her mother essentially fleeing the room because she could not bear to see something so horrible happen to her daughter.

Karla actually remembered the procedure as painless and quick. The doctor laid Karla on her side with her pants lowered. The doctor told her to relax and she felt a little sensation on her anus before the doctor declared it was over. It was so quick and painless that Karla could not comprehend what was so horrible about it. She was given a sticker and the doctor praised her for being so good.

Her bottom did burn a little uncomfortably as it melted but other than that it was as if nothing had happened. Only now she finally had bowel movements again.

On the ride home her mom just kept talking about it and how she couldn't believe she had to let that happen to Karla. She hammered home the idea that what had just happened to her was something shameful and embarrassing. Karla internalized that for a little while and it obviously shaped her little mind into what it is now and her opinion on suppositories.

"Th-that's going to be embarrassing." Karla stated. It took a lot of effort to get herself to say it.

"Why?" The blond replied.

Unlike Karlas experience growing up, Diana had many experiences but starkly opposite to the one Karla had.

From as far back as she could remember she had been getting suppositories and enemas. All the women in her family openly discussed the idea and use of enemas for health. Frequently to excuse late arrival to family gatherings an enema was sighted as the reason. She had lots of cousins and siblings that all received them growing up. The enema was by far the favorite of the family, but on vacations and such when enema equipment wasn't brought and someone found themselves constipated, they got a suppository.

In fact Diana's first memory was getting a enema alongside her cousin at her aunt's house. Diana was still in diapers and she remembered how fast it was. With her diaper down she leaned her hands on her aunt's knee, standing between the sitting woman's thighs. Her bottom was spread and the nozzle of the bulb was put in. It couldn't have taken more than ten seconds for her aunt to squeeze the entirety of the rubber bulbs contents up her bottom, then just like that it came out and her diaper was put back into place.

It was common in her family and she had received them from every woman in her family up until she was a teenager. At which point she then administered them to herself. And she still did.

Not even a year ago on a long trip to go visit her family who lived out of state, she had some constipation problems on the road after eating a lot of junk food and being in unusual environments.

She stopped at a pharmacy and got herself a disposable saline enema. After she paid for it she took it to the bathroom and gave it to herself right there. Problem solved.

"I-it's just embarrassing. I-I mean… putting something in… y-your-"

"Butt?" Diana finished for the stuttering woman.

"Yeah." Karla responded quietly, looking at the ground.

"It's not embarrassing. I use enemas all the time. It's to help you feel better, how can wanting to feel better be something to be embarrassed about?"

Diana had a fair point and Karla didn't really know how to respond. But after a long pause she sighed and told Diana her story from growing up.

"Wow." Diana had responded, countering with her own stories from growing up.

"Listen, I just want you to feel better. I don't want you to feel bad. I understand your viewpoint but this is all I have to help right now."

Diana had a point and Karla knew it, but she still held her hesitation.

"But I don't know how to do it."

"Do what?"

"Use… them? Like? On myself?"

"I can help you if you want. It's not that big of a deal."

Karla blushed but held onto her confidence somehow long enough to respond. Another wave of discomfort struck her in the abdomen and her want to say yes grew.

"Is it going to be weird?"

The brunette really liked Diana, and she didn't want to make a fool of herself in front of such a wonderful woman.

"No, of course not. I already told you I do them all the time. It's going to help you feel better, I promise."

There was a pause; then Karla folded and asked for Diana's assistance.

The tall blonde was happy to help and after Karla selected that she would like the enema, she got to work preparing the equipment.

Diana had more enema equipment then the average person, but decided to start gently with Karla and just as she herself had gotten her first enema, she would use the common rubber bulb with the thin smooth tip.

Turning on the tap she let the water get hot as she removed the nozzle from the bulb, allowing easy filling from the sink before securing the nozzle back in place.

Throughout this Karla felt her confidence fading and she almost asked Diana to stop. But the woman opened a drawer and produced a bottle of lubricant that shocked Karla internally to remain silent.

By that point the full bulb of warm water and lubricant sat before her, all prepped and ready to deliver the water into her behind.

"Are you okay?" Diana asked as Karla suddenly looked a little pale.

"Y-yeah, just uhm…"

"It's going to be quick, I promise. You'll feel so much better afterwards. And if you are nervous about me know I have no floor to stand on and say anything. Like I said, I do these all the time."

Diana reached out and caressed the girl's bicep, her arms still crossed over her belly.

"And we can stop now if you really want sweetheart." She said quietly, leaning in a little closer. She then placed her free hand on the side of Karlas waist, trying to provide comfort to the shorter woman.

Karla was indeed comforted by the gentle touch. She uncrossed her arms and embraced the woman back. Locked in a firm hug the two swayed gently. Diana then gave Karla a kiss on the side of her head.

Karla felt happy here, as did Diana. They had cuddled together frequently over their time dating. A few kisses placed on the side of the head or cheek had been shared, but not kisses on the lips. Karla was quite timid with relationships and feared moving too fast for comfort. Though the two of them had both wanted to kiss one another, they just kept that detail to themselves. Karla out of fear of rushing things with Diana, and Diana out of fear for Karlas comfort as the woman lacked social confidence.

Karla did enjoy touching very much. She was quite touch starved but had been that way since she could remember. Her family was not one for embraces or saying I love you, which caused Karla problems as she tried to date. Those things were special and rare growing up, which left Karla unaware as to when it was appropriate. Out of fear of being inappropriate Karla just didn't do those things until the other person did them.

And Diana's family was quite the opposite, again. Hugs and kisses were exchanged frequently for everything. She did not go a day growing up without hearing I love you multiple times a day. It all came quite naturally to her. So when she hugged Karla at the end of their first date, she had shocked the brunette quite a lot, which in turn shocked Diana. Karla was stiff in the embrace and Diana figured out she probably should back off a little, since she had learned Karla was a bit of a nervous character. She thought it might have just been first date nerves but she still struggled to open up to Diana as they continued dating.

The first time they snuggled up together it took a long while for Karla to relax fully. But after more hugs and close contact, Karla learned she liked the touch; quite a bit actually as she always felt shivers of excitement every time she thought about being enclosed in the women's embrace.

After a long hug Karla felt herself become more relaxed in the situation. Diana released her and she stood there waiting for directions, nervously playing with her fingers.

"I'll have you lean over the counter. It will be more comfortable for you that way."

Karla turned to the counter, a small look of confusion on her face, so Diana demonstrated.

"Just lean over with your elbows on the counter."

She then did the move herself in front of Karla, showing that it wasn't anything to be afraid of or embarrassed about because she herself had done it first.

Karla stepped up to the counter after Diana moved away and slowly thought about putting herself in position. She went to move but Diana stopped her.

"Oh, and clothing will need to be moved. But you have a skirt on so that will make it easy. It doesn't have the shorts inside, does it?"

Karla shook her head no, underneath was just her panties with no other protection to her private areas. She blushed slightly revealing this information.

"Okay, so I'll have you lean over and I'll lift your skirt out of the way. How's that sound?"

Karla thought for a second and came to the conclusion that her only other option would be to take the skirt off entirely, and she didn't feel like doing that. So she agreed.

Diana said great and then washed her hands, Karla standing there awkwardly watching her. The brunette flushed again when Diana uncapped the lube and applied it to the tip of the bulb all over in a thick layer.

With it now prepared Diana asked if Karla was ready.

Shyly she nodded and bent over the counter how Diana had done. Softly the woman praised her with a "great" for getting into position. Diana picked up the bulb and Karla shut her eyes as her nerves grew stronger.

She felt Diana step behind her and begin to lift her skirt, feeling the cool air touch higher and higher on the back of her thighs until she knew Diana could see her underwear.

She gasped softly, feeling a hand touch the bare skin of her buttcheek, not obscured by her panties.

"It's alright." Diana reassured softly before she pulled Karlas panties to the side, allowing her access to the woman's behind.

Diana then spread Karlas butt cheeks causing the nervous woman to let out an uncontrollable whine knowing Diana was looking at her anus.

And the woman was, of course, to administer the enema but she also noticed Karla was well groomed in this area. She was trying not to let herself see or think anything that didn't pertain to the procedure out of respect for Karla but of course that was nearly impossible to do. She could not help her eyes slipping a little lower and examining how the fabric of Karlas cotton panties formed over the outer portion of Karlas labia, or her lips if you will.

Diana also couldn't help but notice that Karla had a picture perfect anus. It was uniform all around and slightly darker than the surrounding skin. It looked very tight, clearly no play had ever occurred here.

She also struggled to get over the sheer size of Karlas behind. Diana had known from the start the woman had a large shapely bottom, it was really the only curve she had as her breasts were on the smaller side. In fact Karla never wore a bra, simply because she didn't really need to. But she had never really got such a great look as she did now.

Unsecured by clothes and presented to her as Karla bent over, it was heavenly. At the moment she very much wanted to think about playing with Karlas big behind, but the brunette was nervous and it was clearly not the time or place for that.

So Diana directed the lubricated nozzle to Karlas anus and carefully inserted it. In fact she thought it was probably the most delicate she had ever done it before, because on herself she could feel it and was much more rough.

Karla felt the touch on her hole but she was unaware it's entire length had made it into her rectum as it was put in so smooth she hardly even felt it enter. So when Diana began to squeeze the bulb she was shocked to feel the sensation of the water inside her bottom.

She moaned involuntarily as she felt the water swirling in her rectum, filling it. Karla became worried as the water inflated her rectum, causing a strong feeling and urge to use the bathroom. But it felt like the water just kept coming.

In reality it didn't take that long but it felt drawn out to the two of them.

With all of the bulbs contents emptied, Diana slowly retracted the nozzle out of Karlas bottom. When it was free she placed the bulb to the side and gently held Karlas butt cheeks together as she had never experienced an enema before. As she did this she carefully moved Karlas panties back into place.

When the nozzle came out the slight friction on her anus frightened Karla, she froze solid as she was positive something dirty had just come out of her before Diana's eyes.

The tall blonde lowered Karlas skirt back into place and instructed the short brunette that she could stand up.

Karla did just that and instinctively reached back and held a hand to her bottom. "D-did I?" She questioned fearfully.

"Did you what?" Diana asked, confused as she was already so accustomed to the feeling of enemas she had no clue what Karla could be talking about.

"Umm… did something come out?" Karla followed up, her question no louder than a whisper.

"No, nothing came out darling." Diana reassured, gently reaching to rub the brunettes back.

Karla then stiffed up and at first Diana questioned if it was the back rub she had reacted to, but she quickly remembered the water in Karlas butt.

"Here." She said quickly, producing a package of flushable wipes for Karla before making her way to the door. "I think you know what to do from here." She joked. "I'll be downstairs when you are done." Diana then promptly left the bathroom and closed the door behind her.

Karla stood there flushed as she felt a powerful urge to empty her bowels. She quickly made her way to the toilet and did just that. And she could confirm the enema had worked. Using the wipes provided she cleaned up and could confirm she felt much better afterwards.

When she went to wash her hands she noticed the bulb still sitting on the counter and was horrified to see that during its usage the nozzle had returned dirty. Quickly she used some toilet paper to wipe the end clean and flushed it away, feeling better knowing Diana wouldn't have to see it anymore. But she worried that the woman had already seen it.

She washed her hands and returned downstairs to Diana in the kitchen who had fixed each of them a non-alcoholic beverage, non alcoholic because Karla would still need to drive home. Diana would not mind her staying over but she didn't know if Karla would want to do that yet.

"Feel any better?" Diana asked as she handed Karla her glass.

"Yeah." Karla said blushing with a nervous smile.

"Great!" Diana smiled back and they made their way to the living room.

Sitting down on the couch they snuggled up, Diana's arm over Karlas shoulders. They finished watching the movie they had on and chatted for a bit before it was time for Karla to go home.

At the door they embraced tightly and Karla shyly thanked Diana for helping her feel better. Diana assured it was no problem, but she also added that if Karla ever wanted or needed an enema again that she would be happy to give it.

Karla smiled bashfully and they both exchanged kisses on the cheeks before Karla left for home.

Diana returned upstairs to the bathroom, noticing Karla had sprayed her air freshener and went to clean up. She washed and rinsed the bulb thinking about Karlas behind the entire time.

Diana had not said it and she would not have ever said it in that situation, but she found enemas to be quite erotic. She felt a little cheap inside for doing it as Karla clearly wasn't into it that way. But she wanted the woman to feel better and that's the best way she could do it. She had thought about it for the rest of the night as Karla was over, imagining being given the opportunity to give that wonderful bottom another enema.

She enjoyed the feeling of them for herself but giving them to other women was her favorite. She thought about giving Karla her bag enema but that felt a little extreme for the occasion, especially with Karla never having gotten one before. She didn't want to overwhelm the already nervous woman with a large enema. That being said she was totally tempted for her own pleasure. But the bulb was enough to release some of that pressure in Karlas belly that was paining her. And Karla had said she felt better. If she had not Diana definitely would have offered up another round.

She also pondered being able to get Karla in her shower to use her hose that attached to the faucet, that would have really filled her up and cleared her out. Karla was very thin and Diana imagined seeing her stomach bloated out and full of water, that would be amazing. But of course she didn't foresee this happening any time soon. She could only hope Karla would be open to the idea of letting Diana give her another enema.


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