Alan’s Dormitory Medical Care

Alan’s Recovery

Alan fell off to sleep quickly. When he woke up, the room was quite dark with just some light coming in through gaps around the window curtains, but he was disoriented. When he realized he was naked from the waist down, the reality of the prior events came flooding back into his mind. He was a bit mad at himself to have allowed all of this to happen and wondered how he would live in the same dorm as Sarah and see her in the elevator. He tossed and turned anxiously as these troubling thoughts came over him. Sarah heard this and came him. He heard her get up and her bare feet softly flapping against the tile floor as she approached his bed. He could see that she was wearing a tank top night shirt that come only to her upper thighs. It was dim, but he had never seen so much of her skin.

”Alan! Your awake. Are you ok?”

”Yeah, I’m alright.” He certainly did not want to share his conflicting feelings and anxiety.

”Good! Are you hungry or do you want to sleep more? It’s 5AM, so why don’t you try to sleep more and then we can eat. I had sandwiches delivered last night, but you were out cold before they got here.“

”No, I can’t sleep anymore and I’m famished.”

”OK, don‘t get up yet, I just want to check you out before you start eating. Lay on our back.”

Alan was getting weary at the onslaught, “Are you going to put your finger up my butt again?”

”No, I don’t need to do that now. I‘m sure your bottom is still pretty sore and could use a break. I just want to check your belly.”

Sarah lifted the blanket and pulled up Alan’s shirt.

Her hands were still warm form being in bed when she put them against his bare skin and started to palpate his abdomen. This triggered some audible glug glug bubbling sounds which please Sarah. “Listen to those happy gurgles!” she whispered. “That’s the sound of a healthy belly.“

”OK, you can sit up now.”

Alan got up and realized he needed to pee, but hesitated knowing he was still naked below the waist. “Sarah, where are my underwear, I need to pee.”

Sarah got up and got his undies off the table across the room and handed them to him.

Alan discretely slipped them on under the blanket. He got up and was a bit shaky on his feet, so Sarah held his arm to steady him. When he got into the bathroom, she closed the door. He saw the enema equipment in the sink. The nozzle was on top and pointing upward. He could see water droplets beaded up on it as it was still slick with vaseline. He saw the rounded bulbous tip. He was surprised that it looked so small as he recalled the trouble he had with it entering him and then with Sarah removing it. He peed and then went back out to eat.

Sarah had spread out the food for him. It was nothing like anything he had had in months. A whole grain sandwich with lots of sprouts and avocado. There was also a side salad and an apple. Some sort of cloudy looking beverage in a clear glass bottle that Alan picked up and looked at.

Sarah felt the need to explain, “That’s kombucha. It was lots of probiotic bacteria in it. Just what you need for a healthy GI system.”

Alan was famished, but tried to eat slowly to be polite. He was not even half way through his sandwich when his stomach produced a loud growling gurgle.

“That’s called the gastrocolic reflex,” Sarah told him. “When you eat, it trigger peristalsis in the colon and moves things along.”

Move along indeed, Alan thought as he felt the waves travel down his abdomen and then, much to his chagrin, culminate in pressure and urgency.

Sarah knew what was going on and the look of anxiety on Alan’s face confirmed it for her, “Its ok if you have to go. You may still have some water in there that was up higher and those waves have moved it down. Go ahead.”

This was awful, Alan thought. Here he was having a meal with Sarah and had to get up and go expel more of his enema. He hesitated, but Sarah reassured him, “It’s OK Alan, I understand. You need to start listening to your body and be honest with yourself and with me, OK?”

Alan headed into the bathroom. He turned on the faucet first to create some background noises and then headed to the toilet. He was shocked at how much water was still inside him. He made a big issue of washing his hands before coming back out even to the point of still drying them with a paper towel when he came back out to rejoin Sarah.

It was getting light now and the room had brightened up to the point he could see Sarah’s lightly tanned bare legs and arms as well as her bare feet.

“Why don’t you shower here? You won’t have any roommates rushing you and you can take a nice long relaxing shower. Remember to just use your bare hand when you wash your bottom and be gentle. I left the medicated ointment on the side of the sink. When you get out of the shower, gently pat yourself dry and put some of it on your anus and the skin around it between your bottom cheeks. Do you want me to do it for you?”

”NO!!”” Alan blurted, realizing too late he sounded like a protesting little kid when he said it.

Sarah got up and got him a clean towel and handed it to him.

Alan was halfway though his shower when he heard the sink running outside the shower stall. He looked around the shower curtain and saw Sarah at the sink with purple gloves on her hands washing the enema equipment. She saw him peaking out and reassured him she would be done in a minute and let him towel off in privacy. Alan noticed she had lathered up the nozzle with soap and was sliding her closed hand back and forth over it to clean it. She glanced back over at him again as she did this and he felt immediately embarrassed as he contemplated that she had to clean the nozzle because it had been up his bottom. He quickly moved the curtain back to hide behind it.


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