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Alan’s Dormitory Medical Care

Alan Meets Sara, A Nursing Student

It was freshman year move in day for Alan. He and his mother were pulling up to the curb of his dormitory to start unloading his stuff. He was a nervous guy and this was the not the kind of situation he relished. He knew next to no one and meeting new people when he was with his mother was less than ideal as well. His mother had always babied him in part because of his lifelong health problems. This often carried over into the way she treated him in public, so he was loath to have her around when he was with his peers.

They moved his crates and boxes into the service elevator and brought it all up to the 12th floor where his room was. When they got off the elevator, they were greeted by a female student with an ID badge on a lanyard around her neck, “Hi! I’m Sara, the RA for floors 12 through 15. Nice to meet you! Welcome!” Alan immediately found her attractive. At about 5’ 10’’, she was two inches taller than he was. Her straight reddish brown hair was tied up in back. She looked athletic and her rugby tee shirt seemed believable. Her expressive brown eyes and warm smile pleased him and the solid eye contact she made with him as she shook his hand made the strongest impression of all.

Alan introduced himself and winced when his mother asked what an RA was. He focused on getting his stuff into his room as his mother lingered in the hall and talked with Sara. The rooms were arranged in groups of three and were all attached to a common area off of which was a shared bathroom with a sink, toilet in a stall, and single shower. Alan’s room was a double and since he arrived first, he picked the bed closest to the window. His roommate Seth showed up shortly afterward and they shook hands and exchanged perfunctory pleasantries. They had FaceTimed a few times over the summer and realized they did not have a whole lot in common.

When Alan’s mom come in from the hallway, Alan was eager to get their goodbyes over with, “Mom, I’ll take the elevator down with you,” he offered as he planned for the embarrassing goodbye kiss to be witnessed by as few as possible.

“Okay, are you sure you don’t want me to help you unpack?”

“I’m sure.”

“Alright, but I’m taking you out for lunch before I drive home.”

They got into the car and as they drove off the crowded campus, Alan’s mom shared with him the nice conversation she had with Sara, “Alan, I’m so glad I met Sara! She’s a nursing student! You are so lucky she is your RA! She’s in her senior year. She seems so nice and smart. I told her about your health problems and she said she would be happy to help you out in any way she could. She even gave me her cell phone number!”

“Mom! What the hell?! What did you tell her?!?”

“Well, I thought it would be good if she knew some background with your GI and bowel issues, so..”

Alan cut her off, “I can’t believe you! I’ve been here less than two hours and you’ve managed to sabotage my freshman year. You’re totally clueless!”

“Alan honey, she’s a nurse or nearly so. She understands. There’s no reason to be embarrassed.”

No. None at all, Alan thought to himself. Just that she is an attractive college student 4 years older than him who lives 2 doors away and will probably see him in the elevator every day. Being the RA, she already has power over him and now she has this intimate knowledge of the embarrassing details of his medical history. Fabulous…


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