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Favor for a Friend

Favor for a Friend

Nancy and I had been friends for a few years. We met via our common interest in spanking - first sharing stories and fantasies but eventually realizing in-person play. We had played dozens of times and tended to take turns as to who was top and bottom. Occasionally we would mix it up within a given session and the alternating pattern might be set aside if there was a major event in either of our lives. For instance, two sessions ago it was supposed to be Nancy’s turn to top. She was prepared to play a stern boss to my underperforming employee. However, the night before her sometime reckless driving resulted in a speeding ticket. Instead of topping as my imagined boss, she was very much the recipient due of a true punishment.

Nancy had accepted a temporary posting for the summer and I was very much missing our play sessions, using instead exchange of stories and video chat to fill the gap. She had arranged to have her friend, Lily, house-sit during her absence. Lily had a tendency to be impulse and a bit irresponsible. I was a bit shocked that Nancy had agreed to have Lily in charge of her home for a few months. I would have been concerned about returning to a burned-out wreck, but the two women were fast friends and my wariness was irrelevant.

I also knew that Nancy was fairly open with Lily about the activities that Nancy and I enjoyed together. On social events where Lily and I were together, she was always eager to chat about the latest spanking I had either given or received. I wondered if she herself was a closet spanko, but while Lily was curious, she did not seem keen on direct involvement.

A few weeks after the summer arrangement had begun, Nancy called me clearly upset with Lily. In violation of their agreement, Lily had hosted a fairly large and very loud soirée. The neighbors had called the police who, in turn, reached out to Nancy at 2am. I tried calming Nancy but she was furious. I posed the question, “If you had behaved like this, what would have happened?”

“You’d have blistered my ass,” Nancy replied.

“Seems like a fitting response to such an irresponsible act,” I agreed. “How about you stipulate that Lily owes you this atonement for her behavior,” I suggested. After we hung-up, I wondered if Nancy would actually follow-through with the demand for restitution and, if so, would Lily accept the punishment.

Maybe only fifteen minute later, Lily called, “I was pretty reckless with Nancy’s trust and deserve to be punished.”

“I’m guessing Nancy has told you about the kind of punishments I give,” I asked.

“Uh huh,” Lily noted.

“Just so you understand what’s at stake here, you’re gonna get a long hard spanking on your bare bottom,” I explained. “If you are ready to accept those consequences for your behavior, come over to my place at seven tonight. Don’t be late.”

When Nancy and I ‘played’, the spankings were never really playful but there was intention to prolong the experience for both participants. The bottom would be well heated and then allowed to cool a bit before continuation, repeating that cycle like bringing your partner close to climax but then backing away, over and over to prolong the fun.

“Yes, sir,” Lily answered.

In response to Nancy’s speeding ticket, I had decided to do something that I thought was more suited to an almost judicial punishment. I selected my trusty bath brush and applied it vigorously to her bare ass without any warm-up. The paddling lasted perhaps only two minutes but left her bottom raw, colorful and sore. I thought something like this was a perfect disciplinary response that Lily deserved.

Lily arrived on-time and seemed appropriately nervous. “I don’t suppose I could negotiate another outcome?” she asked.

“Such as?” I queried, conspicuously hold the bath brush intended to warm her bottom.

“Perhaps a blowjob,” she suggested.

I smiled as that was an appealing offer. “However, you choose to show your appreciation afterwards is fine,” I teased, “But you deserve a good spanking and that’s what you agreed to receive but coming over here tonight.”

“Ok,” she sighed. She was wearing yoga pants and a loose t-shirt. I was finding it difficult to not imagine her having shed those clothes, and on her knees giving me head.

I sat on an ottoman and beckoned her to my right side. “Get those pants down and over my knee,” I ordered. She shrugged down the yoga pants and paused. “Panties, too,” I added. The panties offered little real protection but I wanted to see how my work was progressing and I appreciated how the vulnerability of full exposure enhanced the spanking for both participants. Lily sighed again and slid-down the panties before draping her across my lap. I had an analog clock on the wall that I would use to roughly time the spanking, spending about the first minute evenly covering her round bottom with swats. I kept a fast tempo of sharp strikes causing her cheeks to glow pink. She grunted with each swat and began to wriggle as the heat in her ass grew. I paused briefly at a minute, “Is the message getting through to you?” I asked.

“Yes, sir,” she answered.

“I hope so,” I noted and resumed the spanking, now at a slightly slower cadence but even harder strikes focused on her sit spots. She began to moan and buck during the finale. When I stopped, I realized she was out of breath. I inspected the damage my brush had inflicted and deemed the condition of her cheeks battered. I pulled her panties up to recover her seared bottom, resisting the urge to let my fingers wander and explore her obviously aroused girl parts. I prompted her to stand and she gingerly pulled the tight yoga pants over her inflamed cheeks. I gave her a light hug and she pulled closer, her hand moving to feel my erection.

“How about I orally demonstrate my appreciation…” she whispered.