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The abduction of Albert Anchorny 1

Part 1

Albert Anchorny finished waving to the webcam as his weekly liveshow came to a close. Now that it was done for the night he was ready to spend another four hours browsing the internet and eating - he really wasn't lying when he said that was all he ever did with his evenings.

This evening was slightly different, however, as Albert had travelled back home for a couple of days for his mum's birthday, leaving Albert to himself in their apartment.

He stretched as he finally logged out of YouNow and stood up from his bed where he had been perched for the past hour and ten minutes, taking a moment to glance out of his bedroom window as he did so.

Being winter it was already pitch black outside, with only a few glowing street lamps lighting the area. Nothing was out of the ordinary, and once Albert was content that his stretch was sufficient he turned around to move towards his bedroom door to fetch the bag of Doritos he knew were in the kitchen.

Suddenly, the scene outside was not quite so ordinary, and Albert thought he saw a bright light out of the corner of his eye.

"What the fuck?" He mumbled to himself as he turned back around and took a few steps closer to the window.

He squinted, leaned closer to the glass, squinted again and changed the direction at which he was looking down at the pavement below him. There was definitely something there...

After a few minutes of trying to decipher the mysterious object that was now occupying the space outside Albert’s front door, he decided to go out and see what it was.

A minute later and he was downstairs. He opened the front door and laying at his feet was...

...A child's toy, or at least that's what it looked like to him. A small, child's spaceship toy that flashed different colours into his face.

Again Albert mumbled the words "What the fuck?", and bent down to pick it up, wondering where on Earth it could have come from. It's not like it could have just fallen from the sky.

But as soon as Albert’s hand touched the smooth, shiny surface he felt a tingle run through his spine. A moment later and the feeling had intensified. It felt as though he was receiving a mild electric shock.

It was this undulating red, like something alive, pulsating in waves giving off a faint yet changing between darker shades of red glow. The next thing Albert new it was on his hands everything around him included, covered in a red warm and tingling light that shifted to shades of blue. It felt warm, comforting somehow, his mind put into a mild daze where Albert just couldn't get worked up, angry, afraid, or anything, like it just wouldn't click, and then He had to have blacked out. When Albert woke up found himself on a white slab, well really it was more like a hospital bed. It was soft, kind of hugging to his now naked body like around the edges but didn't feel sticky. Yet He couldn't move, there were these straps around his wrists, ankles, crushing down a bit on his abdomen, and one across his chest covering over his nipples. Describing them was difficult, not sticky, not stiff, tight, only the abdominal one was uncomfortable. They were smooth but not slippery. . Truth be told trying to describe the material of the bed and the straps feels like someone trying to describe plastic for the first time when all they've ever known were metal and wood. Albert could turn his head a little from side to side, by hair though felt like it was spread out behind his head and being held down by something He could barely see, something cloth like yet kind of humming and emitting a pinkish light. The room seemed to be fuzzy, almost pixilated and foggy like it was made of air with a white, pink, and blue sort of soft glow. Albert was sure nothing was wrong with his eyes as He could see down at himself and the bed-slab thing pretty clearly. Not to mention things that seemed to come out of or possibly even form from the fog around him.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON? SHIT SOMEONE HELP ME!" Albert screamed , hoping one of his neighbours would come to his rescue. At that point he wouldn't have minded if loud sex man had have ran out of his apartment. ound me.

Something emerged or formed from that fog, several tall smooth almost egg like things, they seemed very "medical" like something you'd expect from a future hospital or something. At least four of the things glided; Albert couldn't see the floor but they made no real noise, not wheels, not dragging, or even clicks or anything; not that He suspected they'd have legs or anything. Two of the four things went to his sides and a blue beam of light emanated from a circle like the eye of cyclops from the semi-pointed top of them

outside when all of a sudden a strange, green creature appeared around him. Albert immediately started to struggle the restrains with a look of pure terror on his face. He was too shocked to even make any noise.

"Greetings human. We have come from the planet /-)/:0-/_\."

Albert continued to look on in shock.

"Wait, wait, wait, this isn't even real. I'm dreaming. He spent too long on tumblr and now He was dreaming."

"We have studied most of the languages of your people, yes. Now can you tell me, is this Downwards Street?"

"Wake up Albert Just wake up."

"Wake Up Street? We are in the wrong place."



The inside of the spaceship was breathtaking, and Albert was terrorized because an alien was near him. As this being stood over him Albert watched as it seemed to look him up and down, its face never wrinkling or changing, at the time Albert might have thought its lips decoration, but that was short lived as they moved as it made odd clicking sounds as though perhaps talking to its self, or something recording it that He either couldn't see or could tell was a recorder. For all He knew anything in that room could be recording equipment, including the room its self. It traced over the strap across his chest with that weird claw like finger, sending a strange warm and tingling sensation, seemingly directly into his nipples, Albert could feel them stiffen under the restraint of the strap. It moved down and He watched as it placed its hand on his abdomen over the strap, watching as that three fingers and a fourth that was positioned like a thumb but much longer pressed down on his gut. It was uncomfortable, but what followed next was more so. NO NO NO NO YOU ARE NOT GOING TO PROBE ME," he yelled, as he started to struggle against the binds keeping him in the slab. Albert continued to move around, screaming; "DON'T STICK THAT THING UP MY ARSE!" He was terrified. He was going to lose his anal virginity to a metal rod being wielded by an extraterrestrial. The next thing He knew his legs were being separated and lifted into the air, the bed had come apart and moved Albert’s legs into a stirrups position. The aliens started to advance on him, getting closer and closer until all he could see was green, and then a flash of silver.. watched as it moved behind him bringing one of the robots with it, Albert supposed that was a fitting enough term, unless mobile medical equipment makes more sense, but robots is shorter to type. The robot that had been down by his feet moved closer and produced a silvery tube with a conical tip. Albert Anchorny could feel it as the being held the tip of the device against his anus, a warm liquid sprayed out over his anus. He could hear some suction down just before He felt this fairly large cone shaped rod with a tube being inserted into him. Albert was screaming more in terror than for pain. It went deep, yet met with no resistance, his muscles were relaxed, his entire body in fact felt limp despite the fact Albert could feel everything and even move his head a little. This thing was spraying something really warm inside him and alternating between that and sucking. Albert could feel it, it was like it was trying to get everything out of his intestines.It was intense and mostly uncomfortable, however his penis seemed to disagree. It had gone from the shrunken state of being cold and afraid to clearly excited by all of this. The alien being seemed to notice and made another series of clicking sounds. The robot produced a clear tube with another silver hose coming from it, this was placed over his penis in this awkward position. Albert could feel and partially see that some clamp came from its sides and locked around the base of his member, felt alot like a tight cockring. Then a small tube came down from the silver tube inside the clear tube. It had these tiny flexible fingers and spread the urethra or whatever its called open and inserted its self. This was an eye popping sensation, mostly painful yet it was so slick that after a moment it just felt awkward. Then a kind of grey gel cap came down and molded around the head of Albert’s penis and down the shaft as if locking the shape or something, it was strange. He did know that He felt it pumping his member and sucking up the semen. It was an intense orgasm between it and the thing in his rectum pressing against his prostate. It was so distracting that Albert hadn't noticed till his legs were lowered, yet kept apart, that the thing in his anus had stopped its cycle.

At this time it started to seem more erotic, one of those "breeding program" type alien abduction you read about; however this notion was short lived. As while the thing remained on his penis , the other thing remained in his anus, both things started to vibrate slightly as the robot by his head produced what looked like a series of roots over his face. Albert felt a gently vibrating massage from the things in his lower regions; his guess being they were meant to distract him. The being leaning over him was making cooing sounds as it gently held his head. First these roots shot intense light in his eyes making Albert tear up, He felt thin roots come down and suck up the gunk coming out of my tear ducts, then very thin ones gently insert themselves into the ducts. .gunk coming out of my tear ducts, then very thin ones gently insert themselves into the ducts. The being started to make odd facial gestures opening its mouth wider than Albert had seen, wide enough to see that it had a weird tapered tongue like a worm and like a plated with four sharp fang points instead of teeth, like a beak inside its mouth. It became clear what it wanted when a silver tube came out of the root bundle and hung over my mouth. Albert had no choice but to comply as this tube went down his throat. It was spraying something in his mouth that tingled on his gums, given He didn't gag He assume this was meant to suppress my bag reflex. Albert felt it branching somehow inside hid throat as some of it went down his esophagus and He felt another pressing and sending air into his bronchial tubes. His stomach felt very upset for a moment as He felt suction in it before the sound of a liquid going through the tube and into his stomach as it was also sucking up its contents seemed to sooth it. While this was going on Albert felt two others go on the sides of his head and spray something in his ears before also sucking on them. It made his ears pop, at which time it stopped. Everything else however stayed where it was. It was alot happening at the same time as Albert felt the various tubes along his body. Albert then felt a sudden release on his nipples. It felt like the strap separated around them without detaching. The robot that had been on his ride side then produced two large clear cups attached to silver hoses. Albert watched as the being placed these on his chest over his nipples. Despite the thin tubes in-his tear ducts Albert could still move his eyes, although He dared not chance moving his head, but in this position I really didn't need to. He watched as thin silver needle came out of the hoses inside the cups, piercing painlessly (somehow) around the areola and directly into the nipples. He wanted to say "I'm a man" thinking it was trying to take a milk sample or something, given the constant suction on and in other parts of my body. Albert did feel an odd rhythmic suction from the cups as they filled up with a white mist. Soon after Albert felt a slight prick, like a needle in his sides just under the ribs and several in his back, They were getting hotter and hotter and starting to feel an excruciating pain . This pain was spreading through Albert ‘s body body, even into in his head, and he fainted. When Albert woke up found himself in the bedroom of his home , sleeping, on the bed, Not the kitchen He stayed on, hell I wasn't even in the “right day “when He cheeked the date on his clock it was the next night. Albert had lost over 20 hours. Yet thankfully He had three days off in a row, and none of his relatives realized He had been missing, only noticing He hadn't been on Facebook as much...sort of, Albert guess He post so many memes that some show up on other people's pages days later; it is a weird site..