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Church Day (Fictional story)

Church Day

This story contains messy diapers! If you don't like it please leave.

A seemingly normal Sunday morning Jim and his girlfriend Katie are getting ready for church at her apartment. Katie decides to make this Sunday a rather enjoyable one, at least for Katie that is. Just as Jim returns form showering Katie ambushes him forcing him down on her bed, right on top of a thick Abena x-plus diaper. She swiftly applies cream and powder before tapping it up nice an tight. She shakes out the rather humiliating pink plastic pants he dreads ever having to wear. After pulling them up and making him stand she checks to make sure no diaper is showing.

With a diaper this thick and bulky Jim didn't think he needed the plastic pants but he knew better then to tell his dominate girlfriend other wise. Satisfied she quickly pulls and locks the chain before he realizes what she has done. Before he even has time to ask why Katie tells him they are going to be late for church and the he'd better find a loose pair of pants to cover his big bubble butt. Luckily he came prepared in case Katie planned one of her surprise diapering. While it's not a problem covering his diaper the crinkle from pants could give away to any mother how nicely protected he was but Katie once again told him they'd be late so out to the car they went.

Upon arrival he tells her he needs to use the toilet. She giggles telling him to use his diapers like a good boy making him blush. As they stand for the opening ceremony he can't hold it back and floods the diaper filling up the front almost instantly. The diaper struggles to absorb it all. Suddenly a hand comes down between his legs pushing the excess pee to the back of his diaper. He gives a faint moan as he looks up to see his girlfriend covering her mouth trying not to laugh as she plays with his soaking wet crotch. She whispers in his ear what a good boy he is as they sit down, which only makes him blush more fiercely.

He asks her to change him but says she doesn't want to interrupt and he'll have to wait till the end. About half way through the sermon he feels the urge to poop but his request to use the bathroom is once again denied forcing him to hold it till the end. Just as the sermon ends the urge is killing him, she holds a rather firm grip on him so he can't pull away without drawing attention. He figured she wanted him to loose control and go right in the middle of the crowd but he fought on just a little longer.

Just as they're walking to her car the urge hits him so hard he is forced to crotch down between the cars and fill his diaper. Surprisingly it manages to push it's way into the front of his diaper completely covering his groin as even more continues to pack his diaper full. Sickened by what just happened he begs for a change only to be told she didn't bring a spare since she had no idea he'd use his diaper like that.

Just when he thought his day couldn't get any worse he would now have to ride all the way back to her apartment for a change. Just as they're about to get in the car she hopes this time she'll say yes except her only replay was in an unnervingly loud voice. "Or maybe I'll just leave you in that soiled diaper for a while if you continue to act like a bratty toddler!". Did she have to say that so loud someone might... just then his eyes make contact with a group of women walking by who happened to hear it. Jim was almost certain that now things couldn't get any worse as they get into her car and drive off.

Katie makes sure to take the back-roads knowing full well many of them have sharp bumps that will cause him to bounce as they drive right over them. Every time they hit one his full attention was drawn to the pressure in his diaper and how strange it's making him feel. With another bump his bowels let loose another torrent as even more poop enters his diaper and he was now unsure if the diaper will hold it all. Jim suddenly felt the desperate urge push his hand into his diaper for some much needed relief. Just as he was about to submit, Katie announces they have arrived home.

Trying his hardest not to cum right in front of his girlfriend due to the constantly shifting load in his diaper was one of the hardest struggles of his life. Once they got in her apartment Jim is suddenly pushed into a massive orgasm that took his breath away and forced him to collapse to the ground the moment his girlfriend pushed on his crotch. Katie just giggled at him as he proves once again how much he loves his diapers. She moves with him and pushes her hand harder into his crotch to feel him spurt globs of cum into his filthy diaper and whispers in his ear what a good boy he is. As a reward she lets him change and shower for a long evening of passionate love making. Later that night Katie makes sure to properly diaper him in thick set of cloth diapers with plastic pants fallowed closely after by Jim doing the same to her. Snuggled tightly in each others arm wearing nothing but their diapers. Jim wonders what sort of crazy diaper fun Katie might come up with next time but for now he was satisfied with not knowing.


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