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Sharing a Physical

Part 2

When the nurse closed the door behind her, Jessica immediately started laughing, exclaiming, “This is really fucking awkward, but at least we’ll get out of here quicker than we thought.” I laughed with her, and scolded myself for getting so in my head about the situation. We started listing off things we needed to pick up when we went dorm shopping afterwards and were interrupted by the doctor entering the room through a door on her side of the curtain. We both stopped talking immediately and my thoughts went right back to where they were before.. wondering how much I would be able to see through the curtain, or where I should look to not seem so obvious. How much would I be able to hear? I thought about what it would feel like if I was the one on the exam table with Jessica watching me.

The doctor laughed and apologized for interrupting. He introduced himself and promised to get us finished as quickly as possible. I couldn’t see him very well through the curtain, but I knew right away that he wasn’t a doctor I was familiar with. He sounded much younger than the pediatrician I’d gone to for physicals my entire life. It added a new level of comfort to the situation knowing that I’d never seen him before and I may never see him again, so what happens here could stay here.

They made a bit of small talk as he looked over her chart, and she mentioned that we were going to different colleges. He commented that was too bad, and then he said, “I’ll tell you what. I don’t want to take too much time out of your last few days together. Let’s get these done quick so you can be on your way. Rachel, would you be comfortable if we just did your exam alongside Jessica?“

My eyes widened and my thoughts starting racing. My first thought was that neither of us could be more embarrassed than the other if we were both on the table at the same time. I also considered that I would have a better view, and I wouldn’t have to wonder if I’d rather watch or be watched because I would be getting to do both. I nodded my head until I realized he couldn’t see me doing it, so I gave him a “yes” as calmly as I could and waited for further instruction.

“Excellent! We’ll be doing each other a favor,” he grinned. “This will help me get back on track.”

I was a little lightheaded as I stood from my seat and walked to the other side of the room, pulling the curtain aside so I could pass through. Jessica sat atop the medical table, fresh paper beneath her and legs pressed together — in embarrassment? anticipation? — but her expression didn’t reveal any nervousness. In fact, it almost seemed playful. After all, she’d spent the last 15 minutes thinking she was the only one that would be on display in front of her friend, but now she would get a show, too.

I finally turned my attention to the doctor, and I was correct in thinking that I’d never met him before. He looked no older than early thirties, and there was no mistaking the smirk on his face that dripped with satisfaction. I can’t say I minded it. This wasn’t the first time Jessica and I had been looked at like that before, but this was different. I liked the feeling that we were doing something that felt Taboo, and I wasn’t sure where things would go, but my mind was racing with the possibilities.

He told me to hop up on the medical table so he could get started, and I did so without hesitation. Now that I was on this side of the curtain, motions were coming easier to me and even though I was still nervous, the anticipation and the throbbing I felt were outweighing any notion I had to back out.

Even though she’d practically been in my lap out in the waiting room without either of us having a second thought, every hair on my body stood up when I took my spot next to her on the table and our bare thighs touched. We were both wearing shorts and I was suddenly aware of how little clothing we had on. As the doctor checked her heartbeat, I couldn’t help but notice that I could see her pink bra through her tank top, and if I wasn’t mistaken, I could see the outline of her nipples, too. The throbbing intensified and I wondered if I would still look at her like this outside of the doctor’s office.

He checked her other vitals and moved on to me. I was hyper aware of his gloved hand on my lower back as he told me to breathe in and out, and of Jessica’s eyes on me the whole time.

He made mention that while he wanted to be mindful of our time, the pre-college exam is important and he didn’t want to skip over the parts he considered “necessary”. He asked me to scoot to the edge of the table so Jessica could enough room to lay down. We complied, and she laid down with her legs hanging off one side of the table and her head almost in my lap. I was buzzing knowing what was coming next.