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A Beautiful Day (Fictional story)

A Beautiful Day (Fictional story)

My mommy and me were enjoying the evening together. We decided to spend all day out and end with a peaceful evening at the park. We picked a spot out of the way in hope no might spot us. I was of course padded for the whole day dressed in a light blue shirt and shorts with buttons along the inside of the legs. Mommy made sure no matter where we were or what we might be doing she always had easy access to my diapers. It was late as we'd spent almost all evening relaxing in the park. I knew my diaper was on the verge of leaking and I knew keeping that from mommy would warrant punishment but I really didn't want to be changed in such an open place where anyone might walk by.

Then seemingly out of no were these two women appeared walking right past us. They would have kept going had one of them not seen what looked like a young man dressed as a toddler busily working on a coloring book behind her friend. They watched as he worked on his coloring until he finished and showed it to his mommy. Curiosity got the better of them and they found their way over to this odd couple. Fear hit me as I as them walking over to us. Just as I was about to run to the car, I heard mommy's voice as she greeted them. She inquired as to what caused them to come over. One of them explained she saw a rather adorable sight of a toddler and his mommy but the toddler looked much larger then normal. They had to come over and check it out. She apologized for bothering us right after and then her friend blurted out she'd tried to talk Jane, the girl that saw us, out of coming over as it wasn't our business. My mommy being the respectable and polite woman she is told them it wasn't a bother and asked if they'd like to join us. I was lost in my own head wondering what on earth my mommy was thinking. The ladies I could tell where not sure about joining us and I'd hoped they'd leave as quick as they came.

My mommy was explaining to them how we had to take advantage of the wonderful day and enjoy as much of it as we could. Isn't that right sweetie?". Patting my butt she learned just how wet my diaper was. Mommy's hand lingered on my butt as her expression changed in a heart beat. Her tone was that of a disappointed mother when she abruptly asked "Why didn't you tell mommy you needed your diaper changed? A hot wave of embarrassment spread across my face as the two women in front of me covered their smiling faces. Her hand still on my bottom roughly groped my sodden padding as she told me "You know what happens when you don't tell mommy you need a new diaper, don't you?" I was so ashamed and before I could utter a word mommy shoved my large pacifier into my mouth signaling my silence. After inspecting the damage she saw just how wet my diaper was as it had leaked all over my shorts. Her disappointment was further made clear as I laid there over her lap listening to her lecture me about how naughty I was for not telling her and how I knew better. Her mortifying and humiliating words were accompanied by her next comment of “Now I'll have to change you immediately. Hopefully you haven't been in that long enough to cause a diaper rash." She paused then asked the women 'if it was ok for her to attend to her naughty little boy?'. The women spoke only to say yes as they watched her remove my shorts exposing my diaper. After mommy had removed wiped me clean she raised my legs high up into the air she as began her furious rain of fire. I never thought she would spank me in public let alone doing so in front of complete strangers. She remained silent as her focus was directed to holding my legs firmly above me and delivering her hardest smacks to my bare behind. All I could do was cry tears of shame, endure the embarrassment, and feel the utter disappointment in my self. I should have told mommy when I needed a new diaper but I let my shame and fear get the better of me. Now she was forced to punish me in front of these ladies. When I thought things couldn't get worse I quickly learned mommy wasn't finished with me. Her attention turned to the ladies who were still watching us. Mommy asked, in a calm voice, if they wanted to help with changing her baby boy?

Even in my tearful state I could hear their hesitation but when mommy told them they could choose my next diaper and outfit their curiosity hit them hard as they found themselves looking at all the diapers mommy had packed in the diaper bag. It was as if they didn't notice the young man next to them clearly in pain from his spanking as they fussed over how cute his diapers were. With my legs still held high in the air my butt still off the ground these strangers quickly decided what the naughty little boy before them should wear on his well punished bottom. It was my luck they happened to pick not only the thickest diaper but the cutest diaper mommy had packed. It was a rearz safari diaper one of the thickest disposable diapers we had in our massive diaper collection. After spreading it out under my bottom mommy asked them if they thought I needed more padding seeing as I'd leaked all over my shorts. The ladies were now starting to understand their newly found power over me as they added another diaper and then another.

Vary soon I was lowered onto four of these diapers with my dick at full attention only mommy ignored it and just tucked it down into my diaper without much thought. To my surprise both women started teasing me about how I wouldn't be a leaky little baby and how cute I looked all padded. I could only whimper as they continued to tease me while helping my mommy to dress me. They'd picked out my baby blue teddy bear onesie and my teddy bear denim short-alls which also had buttons along the inside of legs. I couldn't look at anyone as I felt like an absolutely helpless little baby before these women. My diapers now forced my legs far enough apart that mommy took notice. It was only after she had ordered me to go to the near by tree and return that it was confirmed just how cute I now waddled. These women were no longer embarrassed by the turn of events and were greatly enjoying it. So much so that mommy asked if they could babysit some time. They seemed a bit to eager to agree and after contact information was shared we all said our goodbyes and parted ways. As mommy and me were packing everything up in the car to go home she asked me how my day was. I told it was the best public outing we'd ever had and that I hoped I'd get to spend some more time with my new babysitters.


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