A land called ZITY

Chapter 31: Dragonflies Story

The continuing chronicles of Sir Tommy of Qwerty's travels in Zity:

I have instructed Dragonflies to write an account of why she came to Zity, and her perspective of how her life here has progressed. This is her story, told by her. So here she is, my daughter, lil D.

Hi, my name is Dragonflies; I am called lil D by my new daddy and mommy. Daddy has asked me to tell thee about me, lil D. I came to Zity searching for something that was missing in my outside life. Like Sir Tommy, I too wandered thru Zity. Searching. Hoping. Here, I was free to explore my kinky side. Let my fetishes out. So I took a job at the Dew Droppe Inne and began to wear diapers under my skirt.

I had been doing so for a few weeks until 'The Night'. That's how I refer to it now. Sir Tommy gave me a swat upon my rear, and then he looked at me. I knew that he knew that what I was wearing underneath was unconventional, to say the least. He had me sit with him and answer a few questions. After I did so, I was given the option of changing my life. So I took the plunge. We sat and ate as he explained quickly, what was about to happen.

I refilled his tankard and told Mistress Tillie I was quitting. She is a fiery red head that most fear. As she stormed to Sir Tommy's table to demand an explanation, I feared for some ones safety. Cooler heads prevailed and Sir Tommy and I were on our way.

The Nursery was an eye opening experience. I knew of ABDL's, I just did not know so many were gathered here in one place. What I was unfamiliar with were the dedicated care givers and wet-nurses. Oh was that a surprise. Sir Tommy left me in the care of Megan and Mary. His parting words were to follow their instructions to the letter. Never being good with rules, I sort of ignored his advice.

Once Sir Tommy left, Megan began to explain things to me:

''Dragonflies, I am Megan and I will be thy primary care giver, and Mary will be thy wet-nurse. From this moment forward the following rules will apply to thee:

1. Thee shall wear and use diapers for all the bodily functions

2. Only a care giver or wet-nurse may change thee

3. Thee shall never remove thy diapers

4. Thee shall not talk, nor walk.

5. Break any rules and thee shall be punished.

Since it is late, Mary shall feed thee and put thee to bed.''

Okay that seemed fine so far. Mary led me to a hut, and picked me up. That is when I learned what a wet-nurse really did. When Mary bared a breast and placed a teat in my mouth, I did the only thing I could think of, I bit her. The next thing I know, Mary let out a scream and shoved me off of her lap onto the floor. People came running to see what had happened. My next mistake was trying to tell my side of the story. Megan had a pacifier strapped around my head in no time flat. My hands were placed in fingerless mittens and I was taken across Megan's lap and my diaper removed. Megan proceeded to spank me as I have never been spanked before. When she finished, I was very sore, red and had tears running down my cheeks.

Megan handed me to Mary and said, ''thee hast one more chance to eat or thee sleeps without dinner.''

I kept my mouth shut, and shook my head 'no'. Mary put me into the thickest diapers I had ever seen and put me to bed. The next morning I was offered a teat to break my fast.

I shook my head 'no'. In my crib I stayed.

This was repeated at lunch and dinner. Again I refused, both times.

Megan then came to me removed my pacifier gag and spoke softly, ''Dragonflies, Does thee wish to be a baby? Is this what thy heart truly craves? If thee doest, nod 'yes', if not say no and this will end. However if thee says no then thee will not be allowed to return to the nursery ever.''

I nodded 'yes'.

''Now that we have settled that, let me explain some more for thee. Thy diapers shalt not be changed until after you have eaten at least once. That means breastfed. And thee shall be breastfed until I am sure thee understands what a baby's life is about. Thee has until morn to reflect on the error of thy ways. I expect that wet diaper to be much wetter and dirty by then. Thee shall have a very painful rash very soon. Consider it a lesson learned the hard way. Now sleep well and think about what thee almost lost out on.''

With that Megan left and I had to sleep in a very wet diaper. In the middle of the night, to my embarrassment, I felt the need to mess myself. I held it in as long as I could and then it happened.

Once I realized what I had done, I began crying.

Hearing me, Mary came to my crib, ''Sleep in it and maybe I shall change thee in the morn. Cry and waken another baby and Megan will take a paddle to thee instead of her soft hand.''

Soft hand? WTF!!!??? My arse was still hurting. I tried to find a comfortable position and went back to sleep, miserable wet and messy. It seemed like only minutes later that I heard my name being called softly, ''Dragonflies, Dragonflies.''

I opened my eyes to see Megan and Mary peering down at me.

Megan then asked, ''are thee awake?''

I nodded 'yes'.

''Are the hungry, baby?''

Again I nodded 'yes'.

Mary then leaned over my crib and lifted me out. "Will thee behave?'' Mary asked?

'Yes' I nodded.

Carrying me on her hip, Mary walked outside to the big tables and took a seat. Lowering her bodice, she revealed two very large breasts, capped with teats that were already dripping.

''Thee will drain them both this morn, Dragonflies. First the right then the left. No teeth, just suckle. I can guarantee thee that thy jaw will be sore before thee are finished.''

I tentatively licked a drop from her teat. Different. I took as much of her breast as I was able to, into my mouth. As I suckled, the milk began to flow. I felt Mary's hand supporting and holding my head to her breast. Soon I had established a rhythm, and milk was flowing freely. In about fifteen minutes the flow dropped off significantly. Mary broke the seal my lips made around her breast, and guided me to the other breast to continue my feeding. I could feel my stomach filling with her sweet milk.

As I continued nursing, Mary spoke to me, ''from now until Megan says otherwise, I shall feed thee every four hours, just as I would do a new borne. I shall give thee one warning, expect messy diapers daily. It is a side effect of the milk.''

With a full mouth I could only nod 'yes'.

As I finished draining her other breast, I realized I liked this. This was a loving action. There was no sexual component to this action. I was being loved. Mary lifted me back onto her hip and carried me to a crib. There were several cribs in the area. Some with other baby's, some empty. I was placed in an empty one.

Giving me a dolly to play with, Mary said, ''once I eat I shall return to change thee and bathe thee. Remember thy rules Dragonflies.''

With that message, Mary fixed the bodice of her blouse and left me to play. Playing was something new for me. As I started thinking of where I was and how I was dressed, I realized that there was no stress, and no responsibilities in my life. I had nothing to worry about. As I quickly found out over the next few days, it was feed, sleep, get changed, take a nap and do it all again. The only thing I learned to hate, was the spankings. Not that I misbehaved, much. No these were the spankings that Megan gave me every night just before Mary put me into thick night-time diapers. As I was reminded every night, ''these spankings are to remind thee that thee needs to behave, if thee ever want to be permitted to grow up.''

After the third or fourth nightly spanking I noticed a few things. Megan was not spanking as hard as she once had, and the spankings were not lasting as long. Strangely, I began to look forward to them. I felt loved while being spanked. I began to understand a part of the mother/child dynamic that I was participating in.

After a week or so in the care of Megan and Mary, Sir Tommy and Holly appeared one day. I was happy to see them, but I was still embarrassed by my attire. I still thought as an adult and was modest, something that an infant knows nothing about.

Sir Tommy talked to Megan for a few minutes, then he and Holly came to me. ''Dragonflies, I am here to make thee an offer; Ms Holly and I wish to adopt thee. Thee will be our baby daughter. We will raise thee and allow thee to grow to an age we are all comfortable with. If the also desires this, nod 'yes' to show us.''

My head bounced up and down. I was taken from my crib and given to Ms Holly. As a new family we headed home to our new life together.


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