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It was Amber


Of the many colors that had swirled through that dreamy day, she decided amber was the one that affected her most. Something about its warmth, its glow seemed wondrous, like the event itself.

She remembered lying on her back dimly watching the warm water slowly flowing through the amber tubing coming from the overhead red shiny bag. And to know, to feel, that same liquid heat quietly entering her ass through the thick rubber nozzle - - that was the feeling she had thought so much about, anticipated, for such a long time.

Everything about that day seemed to happen in slow motion. The low jazz music, the soft lighting, the undressing – unhurried and natural – and his voice, relaxed but firm, gliding and guiding her along a sensuous continuum.

It all seemed like she’d done it before although, of course, she hadn’t. And there were a few surprises - - small but beyond her expectations. Like the thermometer. He had started her on her stomach, applying warm oil on her back and buttocks; strong hands sliding effortlessly down her glistening skin. He hesitated for a moment, reached a hand to her forehead and said, “you feel very warm. You might need more attention than I thought. We’d better check.”

He snapped on a latex glove, squeezed lubricant on a finger, and with his other hand smoothly parted her beautiful bottom cheeks. Cool lubricant slowly anointed her hole in a circular motion. Then a glass thermometer gently glided into her, the insertion sending a sexual shiver through her body.

With one hand continuing to massage her, he tapped the thermometer a few times in the next minute or so, eventually slowly withdrawing it. With her head on the pillow, she heard him say, “yes, you’re very warm - - we’ll need to attend to that.”

Earlier, when entering the bedroom, she had noticed a variety of plugs, dildos, and a large black bulb syringe on the dresser. And ahead in the bathroom, an empty red enema bag hung from the shower rod.

Her body now felt particularly alive; her nipples tingled with anticipation.

He reached to the dresser and selected a mid-size plug, one with a jewel in its base. She was instructed to turn over on her back. A generous amount of lubricant was applied on the toy, and he told her to elevate her knees so that she was in a receptive position. She gladly complied and he eased the plug up her ass. Another wave of excitement moved through her. She loved being so naughty with this experienced man.

Somehow, he read her mind. “Raise your legs higher,” he intoned. She complied, and he swiftly spanked her exposed bottom four times.” That’s what happens to naughty girls,” he spoke. Shocked at his sudden action, nevertheless her excitement increased. He lowered her legs back to a more comfortable position as her plugged bottom began to heat up.

“Now I want you to hold that while I get things ready,” he said. She wasn’t quite sure what he meant as he left for the bathroom, but when she heard the tub water running her anticipation grew.

She noticed the empty enema bag was no longer hanging from the shower rod, and from the sounds of things it seemed that bag was being filled - - very filled. Now, for the first time, she felt a tinge of fear. Maybe she had had enough for a first-time experience; maybe she didn’t really want an enema after all.

But it was too late. He soon returned with the expanded bag, long hose, and a curved black nozzle attached. He held the bag near her face and, somehow, she instinctively leaned her cheek against it. Its warmth felt wonderful and the scent of some special soap enticed her further. Why not let it happen she thought to herself? Now her enema lust returned - - this time stronger than ever.

The next part somehow was the hardest to recall. She did remember his finger lubricating inside her hole with a slow twisting motion. And she liked the thick nozzle playing on the outside for a while. But after the careful insertion itself, and after she heard the first click of the shut-off clamp, it was as if an elusive dream commenced.

She loved his soothing voice, and she heard herself say, “wonderful” occasionally. She knew he turned the flow off and on several times, but she had no idea how long a period of time that was. The feeling of glowing warmth inside was almost spiritual, as if she had drifted into a sensual space of great beauty and power.

Sexually, she realized she was very wet, and when he told her she could massage her clit it was bigger and stiffer than ever before. He moved the nozzle in and out a bit, and she felt an inexorable powerful wave coming from within her. It crashed mightily over her entire being in a prolonged and cathartic convulsion. It was the biggest of her life…

As she recovered, she felt thrilling exhaustion. Everyone should know of this experience she thought, but few ever would. She gazed up at the bag - - it was flat as a pancake and, as he stroked her hair, he told her she had done very well.

Now she felt the urge to go to the bathroom. He instructed her to hold the nozzle in place while he unhooked the bag. He escorted her to the bath, sat her down, and left closing the door.

Earlier he had said he thought a lot of life’s meaning had to do with letting go of things. As she evacuated the enema she smiled at the literal truth in this case. She took her time as he had instructed, perused some eclectic reading material he had provided, and felt eventual relief and quiet contentment.

She cleaned up in the shower and returned to the bedroom where they embraced in a long, comforting hug. They both knew this was simply an intersecting spot on their separate life paths, but they had touched in a way that renewed her faith in the goodness of people and a universe of love.

Earlier that evening when she first arrived, purple and magenta clouds swept across the western horizon. Now, as she entered the cool night for the trip home, a million stars filled an endless sky. As she looked up, she felt a drop on her cheek. A tear. A tear of joy.

- the end -


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