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Extended Stay With Her Domme

Chapter 1 - The Journey Begins

Lindsey put the last of her clothes in her suitcase and zipped it shut. She wasn’t fully sure how much she needed to bring given the nature of her trip. She took one last look in the mirror. Her tight black skirt suit hugged her ample rear, outlining the curve of her hips and sitting tight just under her bum, hinting at the adorable cheeks just begging to peek out. Her chest was tightly packed into a discreet black silk bra, spilling out ever so slightly. The skirt perfectly outlined her plump belly, moving ever so slightly as she turned, a constant motion inviting to be touched and traced. She took pride in her figure, she was fat and fully in love with herself, her joy was palpable in her expression, you felt a warm glow talking to her. She was a brilliant and accomplished woman, especially considering she was in her mid 20s. To most she would appear to lead a relatively normal life but, Lindsey was actively involved in her local kink scene with a particular penchant for medical fetish.

She took one last look, smoothing her blouse against her belly and headed out the door. She always looked good but this was special. This was something that she had been preparing for for months and her heart raced as she headed towards the airport, the reality of what she was doing started to set in. A few years ago she met a Domme based out of Ireland, Ciara. Over the years they had developed a bit of a relationship, blossoming from monthly video chats to a full blown long distance relationship. Lindsey felt a kinship with Ciara, they were in a similar position in life and Lindsey had spent many nights dreaming of their moving curving bodies spilling over each other, clad in latex, smell of disinfectant in the air. She could feel the chill over her naked body already, the quiet except for her soft moans and squeals set against the clink of metal tools begging for her flesh. The cool of alcohol lovingly applied by the distinct touch of a latex clad hand. The prick or a needle, stinging as it sinks further and further inside of her. She could already feel her flesh burning as the thick vitamin serum sunk far too quickly into her fleshy rear.

She cleared her throat. At this rate she would never make it to the airport much less Ireland.