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My heartbeat fantasies (m/m)

Summer Exam

Details of me are true. The story is just my imagination.

We meet on Grindr. I'm travelling for work, but have a day off. I tell you about my medical and heartbeat fetish and you tell me you're a doctor with the right equipment. I show up. I'm 6'2", tanned, muscular but not shredded (I joke that they're for use, not for show), dark haired, and green eyed. I'm wearing a tank top with a low collar, which makes my pecs more visible (they're my best attribute, I think).

I walk in. You seat me down on a bench, which is high enough that my feet dangle and you're looking up at me from your chair. "I'm going to start the cardiovascular exam," you say. I can feel my heart pounding. You stand up and put the stethoscope on my tricuspid valve, over my tank top. "It's going fast," you say with a smile. That's an understatement - it's at least 140 bpm. My bp is probably off the chart. You tug a bit on the top of my collar to see down my chest, taking the stethoscope and replacing it on my pulmonic valve while feeling my heart through my shirt. "I think we're going to have a lot of fun," you say. You listen deeply for a few minutes and ask me to take a few breaths. You yank down my collar more, exposing both of my pecs. My nipples are rock hard with excitement. You listen to all the spots for 30 seconds each, then take off my shirt and do it again, this time focusing on changes in rhythm. Now you put the stethoscope on my tricuspid valve and play with my nipples. My heart, which had retreated to 100 bpm, soars to 150 bpm. I can feel it pounding across my chest.

You move me to the bed and ask me to lie down, where my heart keeps pounding from the nipple stimulation. You notice my bulge in my tight shorts, a wet spot as the precum has started to seep through. "You ready for the main event?" you ask, grinning.

You get out some rope and tie my hands behind my back. Then, you sit me up in the bed and attach an eight-lead ekg to my chest. You position the screen so I can see it and turn up the sound so I can hear the loud beep every time my heart pounds. At this point, I'm feeling tingly from the excitement. You pull off my shorts and examine my eight-inch cut cock, which at this point is drenched in the pre-cum and bobbing to my heart. You listen to my heart again while examining it and then put the stethoscope in my ears so I can listen.

Now the toys come out. You edge me with a fleshlight, getting me to 180 bpm. I'm gasping with excitement and my heart is pounding so that I can see the leads almost bouncing on my chest. Then, you insert a dildo in my ass, which doesn't impact my heart as much as it makes my cock start dripping all over again. You play with my nipples, keeping my heart at a steady 180 bpm, my face flush, and body shaking. Finally, you use the fleshlight to bring me over the edge. My heart briefly soars to almost 200 bpm, before settling to 130 or so for the next ten minutes, while you listen to it subside.

What else would you do to me?


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