Taster of Pleasure

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24 Hours

Part 2

Consciousness and.....darkness. As I rolled over, my arms and legs refused to move from their positions. For a moment, panic gripped me, until I remembered where I was and why I was here. My grogginess was quickly replaced by a dull throbbing coming from my nipples and rectum. I licked my lips with thirst, feeling a salty stickiness on my lips. I gasped as a cold lotion was applied to my nipples and rubbed in gently, alleviating the pain. Someone else applied the same lotion to my crotch. As the hand stroked my penis, it grew erect, and I moaned with both the pleasure of the fingers caressing me and the multitude of stings I felt there. I sensed a presence near my head and turned with mouth open, waiting to be filled again with a Master. Instead, I felt the coldness of ice chips; I sucked on them greedily, licking the fingers that held them as much as the ice itself.

When I had finished the ice, hands raised me gently into a sitting position after removing the cuffs on my wrists and ankles. My legs were drawn together and pulled to the floor. I moved lethargically as I followed the hands on my shoulders. The softness of the carpet was replaced by cold tile and I knew I was in a bathroom. A squeeze on my shoulders and I stopped as a hand lifted my ankle and placed it inside what I knew must be a shower. I stepped in gingerly and, guided by my Master's hands, turned and grasped the shower rod with both hands spread as far apart as my feet.

I groaned when the first droplets hit my still tender buttocks, but soon relaxed under the warm stream. I relaxed even more as hands gently soaped me down and cleaned my body from head to toe. This time, there was no loofah, only soap-slick hands caressing me. I began to sway as feelings of pleasure coursed through me, centered on my penis, which was dripping more than water from the attention being given to it. I stiffened suddenly, as the warm water was replaced by a jet of cold water, rinsing me efficiently from face to foot, raising goose bumps and bringing me back to the present moment. A rough towel dried me thoroughly and made me once again aware of my skin and my surroundings. I shivered, partly from the cold, as the ankle and wrist cuffs were reapplied and I was led back into the other room.

I stopped next to a chair. My feet were set on a slight elevation and tied to the legs of the chair. I wondered why my Masters were running a rope around my legs to secure the whole leg to the chair rather than using the ankle cuff. As I was pushed toward a sitting position, I felt something seeking to enter my rectum. I grimaced as I felt what must have been a very thick plug stretching me painfully. The Masters made no effort to force me down; they simply tied my forearms to the arms of the chair. Halfway seated, I was somewhat uncomfortable, but not overly so....

And then, sharp pain in my feet! Whatever had been protecting them had been removed and I found that my feet were on what felt like spikes. While my skin was not being broken, the points were driving into the flesh of my soles in an extremely painful manner. As I tried to raise them, I descended on the plug, which was clearly thicker than anything I had yet experienced. When the pain of the plug grew too great, I raised myself up, forcing my feet more firmly into the spikes. With my arms and legs tied firmly, I was trapped in a cycle of pain moving from my feet to my anus. Through it all, I felt my penis becoming engorged with the excitement of the pain, twitching each time I changed the focus of the pain from my feet to the plug that was inexorably working its way into me.

How long I strained against the inevitable, I don't know. In the darkness, time had long since fled, leaving only the sensations of pleasure and pain to guide me. At some point, I tasted salt and wondered when the tears had started flowing...perhaps when my arms started to cramp up from the strain of lifting me up. The growing throbbing that was my rectum told me that I was losing the battle and that I would soon be filled. With a sob of frustration, I relaxed myself as much as possible and allowed gravity to pull me down onto the plug. As my anus closed about the narrow end of the plug, holding it firmly in place, I was able to lift my feet up slightly. The needle sharp pricking of my feet played counterpoint with the all-too-familiar throbbing higher up, my now ragged breathing providing the melody.

My breathing slowed and became more regular. I began to relax and wondered what the Masters were doing. I did not have to wonder for long...as the back of the chair disappeared behind me. I cried out as I fell backwards; my cry turned into a deeper scream as the plug refused to followed me down and pulled against me. I discovered a new form of agony, as I pulled myself back to a sitting position, only to feel hands on my shoulder slowly lowering me down as the plug forced my lower body to arch up to avoid the terrible pain of the plug pushing against my prostate. Finally, sweating and panting, I was laid with my head on the back of the chair, which had come to a stop parallel to the floor, and my back arched. My arms, still tied to the chair, kept me balanced, but barely.

My cries of pain shifted abruptly as I felt a hand on my still erect penis. I began to emit sounds of a quite different nature as the hand moved up and down my shaft, coating it with its own precum. I began to feel the pleasure build as the hand continued to caress my penis, which was becoming slicker with precum and, as I became aware with something cooler. I moaned with frustration as the hand suddenly left me, then moaned with pleasure as I felt a warm breath blowing over my penis, which was glowing with the warmth of the breath....

...too warm. I noticed the warmth continued even after the breath stopped. My penis was becoming quite warm...it was starting to become unpleasant. As the warmth grew and began to sting, I realized that a Master had coated me with something, a realization that was confirmed by the strong menthol smell I now detected. Now a hand was again on my penis, but only to roll a condom over it...no, two condoms. Then, a band of some sort at the base of my penis, keeping it erect. My penis now felt as if it was being attacked by a swarm of fire wasps. To add to my pain, a finger rubbed the same devilish substance onto my nipples and blew gently across them to activate the heat. I was now squirming helplessly, sensations of pain coursing through me.

In the midst of this, I felt a hand grab my penis and pull it straight up. Then, a feeling of tightness as one of the Masters slowly impaled himself on it. In normal circumstances, I would have enjoyed the sensation, but now it only added to the burning I was feeling. As he lowered himself on me, his weight pushed down on my stomach, forcing me down and pushing the plug against me. I cried out the first time this happened, then bit my lip as he began moving up and down. I was shaking my head from side to side and squeezing the arms of the chair to take my mind off the assault my crotch was undergoing. That stopped as another Master grabbed my head with both hands and guided my mouth to his cock.

As I felt his hand tap the back of my head, I fought through the pain and tried to focus on serving the Master in my mouth. I forced myself to focus on the feeling of his cock in my mouth. As I ran my tongue up the shaft, I felt each vein and the small bumps on the edge of the head. I began a rhythmic motion of my mouth up and down his shaft to offset the thrusting of the Master on top of me, who apparently noticed my strategy and synchronized his motions with mine, reinforcing rather than alleviating my pain. As the Master in my mouth respond to my ministrations, I moved my tongue over his tip, savoring the saltiness and grasping at it like a nursing babe. As he came in my mouth, I concentrated on swallowing it and hoping that with his relief would come mine.

Strangely, as he grew limp in my mouth, I found myself starting to feel pleasure from my own burning penis. Once again, I was entering subspace, the various strains of pain beginning to merge into pleasure. The pleasure continued, even when the Master riding me abruptly pulled off and placed his dripping cock in my mouth to be pleasured. I greedily drank his precum and sucked and licked on it as if it was a popsicle on a hot summer day. I barely felt the other Master removing the condoms and cleaning my penis and nipples. As I was rewarded by another taste of Masters' semen, I knew only that I was truly their plaything, and I was ecstatic in that knowledge.


Tasting pleasure in its many forms.