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The Hydro Therapist

The Hydro Therapist - Chapter 4

The Hydro Therapist

That first evening with Lucas was all new territory for me. It seemed that everything I did or experienced that night was something I had never experienced before. As a result, I wasn’t sure how to handle any of it. And because I couldn’t think of a reason that Lucas shouldn’t come along with me to see James and Kurt, I auto dialed their home number on my cell phone and asked James if it would be okay if I stopped by for a quick visit. I didn’t tell James that I would have Lucas with me, and he didn’t even consult with Kurt before telling me to come on over.

Lucas and I drove straight from our secluded parking spot to James and Kurt’s home. James immediately recognized Lucas the instant he opened their door. At first he just looked at me, but finally said, “I knew it.”

And Kurt, who was standing immediately behind James, asked, “You knew what?”

James then turned to Kurt, and said, “I think our little hydro therapist has fallen in love.” And then he grabbed and hugged me. And when he let go, I said, “You mean you aren’t angry with me?”

“Angry with you, are you kidding? No. In fact, I’ve been hoping you would find your truths, and I felt Lucas was so cute that he just might be the very person to help you find those truths.”

“So you aren’t angry that I’ve fallen in love with one of your clients?”

“Of course not. In case you haven’t figured this out, Kurt and I love you, and so we only want the best for you. I don’t think Kurt has ever met Lucas, but I think Lucas might just be the perfect person for you.”

That entire discussion took place in their front doorway, and so it wasn’t until Kurt asked us to come in that James escorted Lucas into their living room while Kurt escorted me. And before we settled, James turned to Lucas so that they were face to face. Surprisingly, Lucas had tears streaming down his cheeks when James asked, “Am I understanding all of this correctly? Do you love our Georgie?”

Lucas just nodded. James looked at him for a few seconds, and then pulled him into a hug and just held him tight to his chest while subtly rocking back and forth. The moment must have been contagious, because Kurt then pulled me in for a hug. It would be hard for me to explain just how wonderful that hug felt, but it was as if we were all magically connected by love, true love. A kind of love that I had never experienced before.

Finally, we all sat around their coffee table, James and Kurt in matching upholstered chairs, and Lucas and me on their couch. That’s when I announced that Lucas and I were going out to look for an apartment as soon as I got off duty that following day. James then surprised everyone, by saying, “Oh no you aren’t. You aren’t going to do anything of a kind. Our renters just moved out of our rear unit last week, and Kurt and I almost have it ready to rent again.”

“What?” I said.

“Yea, well Kurt and I bought this place so we could rent out the back unit to help us make the payments so we would have more money to travel and do the other things we like to do. And I can’t think of anyone I rather rent to than you and Lucas. Then James looked to Kurt, and asked, “So what do you think?”

Instead of answering, Kurt said, “I’ll get the keys.” And James said, “Come on, let us show you the place. I’m sure you’ll like it.”

“Yea, but can we afford it?” I asked.

“Of course. With all of the money you’re making, it’ll be a breeze.”

Kurt got the keys from somewhere in their kitchen, and we all walked back to the rear unit. It was as beautiful as the front unit, and it had a back yard that would be good for a dog. After going through the place I looked to Lucas, and asked if he thought it would be good for us. Lucas took me in a hug and kissed me for his answer. I then asked James and Kurt if they were sure I could afford it, and they both assured me that I could.

That was four years ago, and even though Lucas and I have since married, James and Kurt still act as if they are our big brothers. And not only did Luke and I get a dog, but James and Kurt adopted our dog’s brother, so everybody has someone to play with.

And as an aside from all that I just shared with you, Lucas’ IBS cleared up almost immediately after we moved into our duplex. Yet he has demanded that I continue to give him an enema every night before or during sex. That is, unless he has decided that he wants to give me one, or maybe even two. And because the two master bedroom’s bathrooms for both the front and rear units of our duplex are situated back to back, Lucas and I can hear enough that we know James and Kurt are doing the exact same thing.

- The end -


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