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The Hydro Therapist

The Hydro Therapist - Chapter 2

The Hydro Therapist

That first interview with Doctor Reynolds had taken place on a Thursday, and was remarkable for several reasons. First was the fact that he ended up offering me a job that I didn’t even know existed before that interview. Secondly, he was offering me a professional medical position, a position that was far more prestigious than being a night janitor. And finally, he offered to pay me ten dollars an hour while I was in training, and then $40 per hydrotherapy procedure that I performed once I had passed my state certification exam.

Dr. Reynolds then further explained that the clinic charged $120.00 per colonic procedure, which provided $40.00 for me, plus $30.00 for office expenses and mal practice insurance, leaving $50.00 as profit for the clinic. I didn’t know why he was telling all of that until he went on to say, that if I developed a substantial return client base, he would raise my share from the promised $40.00 per procedure, to $50.00 per colonic enema that I performed. It all sounded great, to the point that I was totally excited by the time that interview ended. And to my surprise, it ended with a hug rather than a hand shake, a fact that made me feel as if my life was once again back on track.

My next meeting with Dr. Reynolds was the following evening. It was a Friday, and once again it took place after his office had closed and all other personnel had left the building. It started out with Dr. Reynolds handing me three sets of blue hospital style scrubs while directing me to undress down to my underpants, and then to dawn a pair. I hesitated while he just looked at me, and finally asked, “Right here, right now?”

He smiled, and said, “You don’t need to be shy with me, Georgie. Yes, you can just toss your street clothes on that chair.”

I nervously complied, but once I had the scrubs on I felt quite special as he escorted me to room whose door had a shiny brass placard that read “Hydrotherapy Room”.

Dr. Reynolds showed me in and then showed me all of the equipment in that room, which mostly comprised of plastic disposable medical equipment that included such items as anal scopes and speculums, self-retaining balloon rectal catheters, measuring pitchers, and pre colonic preparation enema bags. And after explaining all of that stuff, he showed me the colonic apparatus itself. He explained all of its controls, dials, valves, viewing window, and hoses. It was a large impressive apparatus that was plumbed into the city water and sewage systems. He explained how it could deliver highly filtered water with various chemicals and soaps metered into its flow at highly regulated temperatures to treat a variety of conditions, all of which would be spelled out on the patients order sheet. He showed me how to control the machine’s pressures and flow rates, and then how to properly put on latex examination gloves, and how to sterilize certain instruments that weren’t disposable. It was a lot to take in, but it was all so interesting that I felt like I soaked in his every word as if I had a photographic memory.

To tell you the truth, I was feeling on top of the world again until just before we left the Hydrotherapy room. Because that was when Dr. Reynolds opened the cabinet above the sink and withdrew a small cardboard box. From his previous demonstrations, I knew that contained a Fleet brand, large volume, disposable enema bag, and as he handed it to me, he said, “I want you to take this home with you, Georgie, and I want you to use it to give yourself an enema every night before you go to bed. This is a very important part of your training, because I think there is no better way for you to learn about enemas than by firsthand experience. And by that, I mean every night, including weekends, so that means that you will start by giving yourself an enema tonight. This is very important, so there is no cheating, Georgie. Believe me, I’ll know if aren’t following through with this assignment.”

I reluctantly took the box, and just looked at it. I felt an immediate wave of embarrassment take over my whole body as I suddenly realized that Dr. Reynolds would know that I would be pushing that thing’s hose up my butthole and filling my ass with hot soapy water every night for the next two week, a thought that once again brought embarrassment to me. And to make matters worse, that embarrassment seemed to cause my dick to erect, something that was hard to hide under the flimsy material of the scrubs I was wearing.

Dr. Reynolds seemed to sense my embarrassment, because he then patted me on my back, and said, “It’s okay, Georgie, you’re going to do just fine. You’ll see. In fact, I’ll bet that you’ll even learn to like taking enemas before this is all over.” Then he smiled and added, “I know I do.”

Even that statement embarrassed me. In fact, an immediate image of Dr. Reynolds pushing an enema hose up his butt suddenly took over my mind, causing my penis to pulse to life under my scrubs. A condition that persisted as we returned to Dr. Reynold’s office where I thought I would be changing back into my street clothes. But when I started to get out of the scrubs, Dr. Reynolds stopped me, and said, “Why don’t you just wear those scrubs home, and take these other three pairs with you, because I want you in them when you come for you lesions from now on.”

I was relieved over the fact that I wouldn’t have to undress in front of the doctor while I was erect, and so I happily collected the three remaining sets of scrubs and my street clothes. Then, like we had ended my interview the night before, Dr. Reynolds hugged me, and patted me on my back while reassuring me that he was sure that I was going to really like my new job.

I have to admit that I didn’t give myself an enema when I got home that night. Mom and Dad were both home and still up, so I was afraid they might become inquisitive as to why I was taking so long in the bathroom, so I just went to bed after showing them my scrubs. But because I figured that I was going to be in training every weekday night for the next two weeks I called Sharon to tell her about my new job. I not only told her that my new job entailed me giving enemas to people, but that we would only be able to go out on weekends for the next few weeks as I would have to be at the clinic every weekday evening for training. I truly thought she would be impressed and happy for me because I was being trained for a professional medical position. But instead she seemed to think my new job was an embarrassment, and too gross to even consider. At first I was devastated. But knowing that job was the quickest way to getting my Mustang, I got angry with Sharon. And when she tried argue her point of view, I ended our conversation by breaking up with her.

Now I know this will sound strange, but instead of being upset, I felt an unexpected sense of relief almost as soon as I hung up the phone. So instead of going out with Sharon that Saturday, As soon as I awoke that next morning I wrapped the disposable Fleet enema bag that Dr. Reynolds had given me in a bath towel, and then went down to the basement bathroom to take a shower and give myself my first self-administered enema.

As it turned out, that enema was a truly amazing experience. I loved the feel of the enema hose going up my ass so much that I pushed almost two feet of it up my ass before its bag ran dry. And I loved the feeling of my rectum and colon filling with warm soapy water so much that I decided to take advantage of the boner it caused, by jacked off, and not to my usual orgasm, but to one of the most powerful orgasms of my life. By the time I came up from the basement I felt both refreshed and satisfied, all while knowing I would be repeating that experience at least once every night for the next two weeks.

That following Monday evening was my second training session. And I have to tell you that session went down a totally different track. It started out with Dr. Reynolds asking me how my enemas were going. That question immediately embarrassed me, and so I answered with the single word, “Fine.”

He smiled, and asked, “Is that all you have to say?”

I just stood in silence for what seemed like a long time before Dr. Reynolds went on to ask, “I need the truth Georgie. This is all very important.”

Finally I said, “Well, actually I ended up really liking it.”

“Good,” he said, “Did you jack off while you were doing it?”

I took in a deep breath, and with some hesitancy, I said, “Yea, every time.”

“Excellent”! Dr. Reynolds said as he took me in a hug and patted me on my back again. And then he added, “I knew it. I could see it in your eyes. You’re a natural for this, Georgie. In fact, I have the feeling that you are really going to love this job.” And then after stepping back from me, he added, “So for tonight’s lesson you are going to experience an enema from another person. Having to take an enema from another person is a whole different experience from giving one to yourself. And because your patients won’t be self-administering you need to know how they feel when they have to allow you to take control of their most basic bodily function.”

Then Dr. Reynolds escorted me down to the hydrotherapy room while telling me that the best way to learn about hydrotherapy was to experience it firsthand. And so once we arrived Dr. Reynolds closed the door and directed me into the patient’s changing room while instructing me to get out of my scrubs and underpants, and then to put on a patient gown which he had laid out on the changing bench. And as I feared, he went on to instruct me to put the gown on with its ties in the back. From previous doctor’s appointments I knew exactly what he wanted me to do, and even though it embarrassed me I did it.

I felt extremely self-conscious, even embarrassed when I stepped back into the hydrotherapy room. I knew by the way the ties worked that my gown was open in the back and that Dr. Reynolds could easily see my bare butt as I climb up to lay on the enema table. Even though I knew Dr. Reynolds and I were the only ones in the building at that time, wearing that gown still made me feel vulnerable and embarrassed, especially when Dr. Reynolds helped to position me on the enema table on my belly with my legs spread.

Dr. Reynolds then explained that he was going to start by taking my temperature, and because rectal temperatures were the standard for hydrotherapy treatments I would be getting a thermometer up my butt because it produced the most accurate results. Even though that caused me even more embarrassment, I remained silent. But Dr. Reynolds didn’t. Instead he asked if his taking my rectal temperature was going to make me uncomfortable. I lied, and said “No”, to which he said, “I don’t believe you. Of course it’s going to make you uncomfortable. You aren’t used to people touching your butt. And you’re certainly not used to them inserting things into your rectum, now are you?”

I laughed, and said, “Yea, you are right. I don’t even like knowing that you’ll be looking at my butt.”

Dr. Reynolds smiled, as he said, “Well such intimate experiences will also make your patients uncomfortable, and so that’s what tonight’s lesson is all about. And like you just fibbed to me, they won’t always be honest with you. So tonight you’re going to learn how your patient’s will actually feel while you’re administering their colonics, no matter how much they try to convince you that the experience doesn’t bother or embarrass them. Because a good hydro therapist knows exactly what his patients are feeling so he can respond to them in the most comforting and reassuring way. The thing is, Georgie, you don’t want your patients to settle for getting just one colonic or enema. No, you want to teach them to like, or perhaps even love the experience so much that they’ll become continuous repeat customers. That’s the secret to making a lot of money at this. What we went over last Friday was all of the science and equipment that’s behind hydrotherapy. But tonight I’ll be teaching you the art of hydrotherapy. The part of hydrotherapy that makes your patients want to come back over and over again. And even though you may not want to admit this, what I’m going to teach you tonight is how sex and enemas are connected, and that it’s that connection that will keep your patients coming back as often as they can afford, and that’s what’s going to put you in that Mustang that you’ve been dreaming about.”

“You’re kidding?” I said.

“No, I’m not. This is a business, Georgie. A money making business. A business that you are now part of. So what I’m teaching you tonight is the art of teaching your patients to love being given enemas without them knowing it. This isn’t an easy part of the job. And it’s a part that they leave out of the text books. And because every patient will be different, you’ll need to pay close attention and feel each one of them out. You’ll need to be sensitive to their inner needs, anxieties and fears. You’ll need to know just how far you can push them each time you see them, while at the same time being sensitive enough not to push them so far that they’ll have to admit to themselves that what they are experiencing with you is sex more than actual therapy. And if master this lesson, you’ll be making the big bucks before you know it.”

The next thing I heard was Dr. Reynolds pulling on a pair of latex examination gloves. And I thought my heart might stop beating when he said, “Now relax your butt cheeks.” And as I did so he put the thumb and forefinger of his left hand in my butt crack and parted my butt cheeks at my anus. I felt my anus tighten up, all of its own accord. And because I knew Dr. Reynolds was looking right at it, I forced myself to relax it.

Then Dr. Reynolds went on to say, “Now you will never tell any of your patients anything like this, but I need to tell you that you have one of the most beautiful butts and anuses I’ve ever seen.”

That statement caused even more embarrassment, but before I could speak, Dr. Reynolds touched my anus with a glob of Vaseline, and then rubbed his grease coated gloved finger around my anus a couple of times before I felt his finger begin to slid up into my rectum. My anus and rectum tightened on his finger, but that didn’t stop him from spreading the grease all over my rectal walls for as far as his finger could reach. Then his finger brushed over my prostate. I don’t know how I knew this, but I felt that brush was purposeful and knowing, a carnal knowing that stiffened my cock. And while holding a knowing pressure against my prostate, he asked, “So, do you feel the sexual connection? Do you understand why people might like this?”

I tightened my anus and rectum on his finger, as I said, “Yea, I do. I really do.”

Next came the thermometer. It slid right in causing totally different feelings and sensations than Dr. Reynold’s finger, feelings that I remembered from my childhood. Yet a feeling that I really enjoyed, especially when Dr. Reynolds twisted and repositioned the instrument several times while he held it up my butt. It was as if Dr. Reynolds was magically connected to my inner being, even when I sensed he was simply touching the thermometer. So when Dr. Reynolds asked if I like the sensations the thermometer was causing, I was honest and told him that I did. What I didn’t tell him, was that I was both desirous and anxious to cause the feelings he was causing in me, to happen in the assholes of my future patients.

Next came my prep enema. Even though it was delivered from a bag that was Identical to the one I had been using to self-administer with, it was an entirely different experience. Dr. Reynolds was subtle, but when I think about it, he all but fucked my asshole with that enema bag’s plastic hose all the time its warm soapy water flowed into my bowel. My cock grew harder and harder, until I finally told him that I was going to cum if he didn’t stop moving that hose in my asshole. And to my surprise, he said, “Go ahead, Georgie. It’s all part of this lesson even though you are never to purposefully make one of your patients reach orgasm. If you make them cum, it becomes too hard for them to deny that what they are experiencing with you is sex, and that could stop them from returning for future treatments.” And then, Dr. Reynolds began to twist the enema hose in my anus while he worked it in and out, and so like I had told him, I came. It was a wonderful orgasm, unlike any I had experienced with Sharon. And when it was over, Dr. Reynolds patted my bare butt, and told me that I had done well.

After expelling my prep enema in the hydrotherapy room’s toilet, I returned to the enema table for my first colonic. Dr. Reynolds had me turn onto my back and draw my knees up to my chest so he could slowly work the large double bore colonic enema nozzle up my ass. It was not only huge in diameter, but it had an inflatable balloon at its tip to insure its retention. He used lots of lube, and was very gentle. Still, once he had it fully inserted and inflated it felt as if I had the biggest turd of my life in my rectum that wanting to come out of me in the worst way. Yet knowing Dr. Reynolds was in control, that feeling somehow felt amazingly wonderful all the time I had to help keep that huge nozzle up my butt.

Dr. Reynolds set the machine to deliver a warm therapeutic mix of water, saline, and bicarbonate of soda that felt like it almost belong inside of me. The solution flowed in until it reach a preset pressure, and then the machine reversed itself and extracted the solution as I watched the medicated result, along with small bits of feces flow through the machine’s viewing tube that was for some reason back-lit with a green light.

That process was repeated four times before Dr. Reynolds deflated the retention balloon and withdrew the huge nozzle from my anus.

Like my the home enemas I was taking in our basement’s bathroom, I felt amazingly relaxed and refreshed when the procedure was over. Dr. Reynolds then had me expel what little enema had remained in me in the hydrotherapy room’s bathroom, and when I returned to the hydrotherapy room, he looked in my eyes, smiled, and asked, “So how was that?”

I looked back into his eyes, and said, “It was great, Sir. I lied to you about my mother only given me one enema. I was just too embarrassed to tell you that she has given me three or four, maybe even five. But none were as wonderful as what you did to me tonight.”

“Great,” he said, “I’m glad you told me that. It’s important that you are honest with me while I’m being honest with you. In fact, honesty is a big part of this lesson, and so I thank you for your truthfulness. And so now I’m going to be even more truthful with you by telling you that I think you’re beautiful. You may not think that has anything to do with being a good hydro therapist, but I can assure you that it has a lot to do with it. In fact, it has almost everything to do with it. And because I feel most of your patients, both male and female will feel the same way about you as I do, I think you are going to be driving that Mustang before you know it.”

I smiled at him for my response to his embarrassing complement. He smiled back, and then went on to say, “And while I’m being so honest, I also want to tell you that you have one of the most perfect anuses I have ever seen. Your anal sphincter shows as a raised muscular ring around your anal lips. You probably don’t want to hear this, but you have the kind of anus that’s crying out for attention. I’ve only seen one other like it, and I liked it so much that I married it. In fact, it was one of the main reasons I married my husband. It was as if once I saw his anus I immediately had to fuck him. And once I fucked him, I had to keep fucking him over and over, and over, so marriage was the only solution.”

“So you’re married to a guy?” I asked.

“Yes, and he’s not only my husband, but he’s also a chiropractic doctor and my partner in this clinic. I’ve told him about you, and so I can tell you that he’s anxious to meet you.”

To tell you the truth, I wasn’t sure how I felt about all Dr. Reynolds and shared with me that night, but that comment basically marked the end of my second lesson.