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A novel E visit!

A new (novel) way to get enemas...

Met a new girl Anna on Fetlife who told me she was interested in Enemas. We had met and played a couple of times when she called me with a novel idea…

She decided that it was time for her to take total charge of me for a night… and I had to document each round of enemas just after they happened. She instructed me to have everything on the list ready for her arrival.

  • Small enema syringe.
  • Regular disposable enema bag.
  • Large enema bag with dildo nozzle.
  • She arrived wearing new scrubs and told me that the only naked person in the house tonight would be me! This was certainly different.

    ENEMA 1:

    Anna put me on my stomach and made me wait while she prepared the first enema. This one was in a small bottle (250 ML) with a pump syringe and small but bumpy nozzle. She pushed the lubricated nozzle into my ass without ceremony. The water was super-hot and extra soapy, but she delivered it very slowly… one pump at a time while she rubbed my back and whispered sexy enema talk into my ear. After almost 20 minutes, the enema was in. Because of the small size, it was not uncomfortable and the length of time during administration made me almost forget that the heat and soap was going to make me full. After another 10 minutes of back rubs and ear nibbles, she let me up to expel.

    Expel I did! Even though it was a small enema, the expulsion was epic! It took a lot longer than I expected and the feeling was incredible. After I finished and cleaned up, I found her sitting in my office at the computer. I was instructed to document the above enema and give my prediction for the next one (bag, position, etc.). I predict that the next one will be from the disposable bag, on my knees, warm, and mild soap… so close!

    ENEMA 2:

    Anna brought me into the bathroom and instructed me as how to prepare my enema. It was in the disposable bag as predicted, but my prediction ended there. She instructed me to make the water hot like before and to use extra peppermint soap! To add insult to injury, she put on a rubber glove, lubed up two fingers and dug deep into my ass while I completed her task. Once the bag was nearly full, she told me to slow the water flow and fill the bag to the max! I knew then that she was not kidding around!

    She placed me on my side, facing her while she sat next to the bed. Again, an unceremonious slip of the nozzle deep into my ass. The water was so warm that the nozzle actually felt hot in my asshole. She hung the bag on a stand in front of me, but it was only a tiny bit higher than my chest. I knew that this was going to be another slow enema!

    She started the enema and immediately began working my nipples hard. Pinches, pulls, and twists came at a face pace while the enema filled me slowly. This one took nearly 45 minutes to empty into me and it was excruciating to take as the cramps came quickly. The cool of the peppermint and the heat of the water made for a crazy enema! Towards the end, the enema stopped flowing as I was so full and cramped. She raised the stand to let the enema finish flowing into me while ignoring my pleas to get up and expel. Once the enema was finally in, she grabbed my cock and began to jerk it rapidly while telling me not to cum under any circumstances! She jerked me for about 2 minutes while I begged for mercy and only let me up to expel when I began to shudder with impending orgasm. She giggled and slapped my ass as I ran to the bathroom!

    Again, I found myself in front of the computer documenting this incredible experience. My next prediction is that the final enema will be hotter and soapier than ever!

    “What do you mean last enema?” she said, reading over my shoulder. I began to sweat thinking about how long and hard future enemas were going to be tonight. “Just kidding… this next one is your last tonight” she cooed in my ear. “You have been a good little boy tonight and I am going to reward you with a gentle enema”. I was not sure how much to believe but was having the time of my life!

    ENEMA 3:

    She instructed me to lay on my back and relax while she prepped the enema. When she came back in the room, she was carrying a large bag filled to the brim with more soapy water. I could smell a faint hint of orange and realized that she was being nice with the solution. This may be a pleasant enema after all!

    Almost… I did not take into account the attached nozzle. This is a large bumpy dildo type nozzle, about 8 inches long, and about 1 inch around. She put gloves on each hand and lubed up all her fingers before going to town stretching and kneading my asshole until I was sure that there was an arm up my ass! She dilated me to a gaping mess before grabbing the nozzle.

    She began to fuck me with the nozzle like she enjoyed being fucked. She started out slowly… only about ½ inch in before beginning slow, long strokes in and out of my ass. She fucked me deeply while getting up on me while staring into my eyes. She told me that the next time we were together that she was going to finally take my cock deep in her ass! (Another story, another time).

    Finally, she started the water. Thank goodness this enema was at least sort of gentle. The water was not as hot as the other two and it was not so soapy. This enema began to flow nicely as Anna rubbed my stomach and my chest while teasing my nipples and balls. She knew better than to touch my cock as I had been ready to explode since the last enema.

    Once the enema was finally fully in me, she whispered “I want you to cum like you have never cum in your life” before going down and locking her lips on my cock. I can only guess it was three strokes of her mouth on my cock (I was not in any plane of reality at the time) before I began to explode into her mouth with the strongest, hottest, and fullest orgasm I had ever experienced. I thought that maybe I had killed her with my ejaculate, but she swallowed, grinned, and said “NOW you can expel”.

    I laid on the bed for a few more moments collecting my thoughts and trying to gain some sense of where I was before finally getting up to expel. This expulsion was incredible because the rush of water leaving my ass passed my engorged prostate. I spent extra time sitting and contemplating this story, knowing I would be typing it out soon.

    So now as I type this story, it keeps playing over and over in my mind. This girl certainly knows her way around an enema nozzle and I can’t wait to return the favor! Again, reading over my shoulder, she said “feel this” while pulling down her scrub pants and panties. She was sopping wet with anticipation for the next time! I have a week to plan!


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