Gwen McKenna and Devlin O’Neill
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A Doll's Story

Part 2

Once, during one of our vacations down the Cape, we got into a petty argument about the sailboats that skimmed across the bay. I should have known better than to argue, but I’d had three Mimosas at breakfast and felt pretty sure of myself, so I kind of got in his face about the difference between a lateen and a spinnaker, and even though I was right, he said I was way too smarty-pants about it. He really doesn’t like to be shown up when it comes to nautical stuff! So, as punishment, he spanked me before breakfast, lunch and dinner each day, followed by a rectal temperature taking! I had that damn thermometer hanging over my head our entire vacation! He had me squirming the whole week!

I picked up the items and turned to leave but stopped in mid-step. There, on the towel rack, hung the empty, red, enema bag. I couldn’t believe it! He had already taken it out, assuming he’d be using that on me, too! I was so angry, and so frustrated, and so determined not to give him any excuse to put that nasty nozzle in my bottom! I’d just keep very quiet, no matter what he did. Yeah, right. As if!

“Don’t keep me waiting, young lady!”

With heavy feet I returned to Devlin who was sitting on the edge of my bed. He made me stand in front of him while he rolled up his shirtsleeves. When he was finished, he took the small towel from me, folded it once and laid it on the bed. Next he took the jar of Vaseline and removed the cover. I don’t know if anyone else hates the sound of a Vaseline jar cover being removed as much as I do. It’s a noise like nothing else in the world, and it makes my belly flip-flop. Devlin placed the jar and lid on the towel, and then took the thermometer from my hand. He pulled it out of its case, gave it a few shakes and inserted it deep into the jelly.

He looked up at me and patted his knee, indicating that it was time for me to lie over his lap. I wanted to protest, I really, really did, but my bottom was still stinging from the spanking, and there was no way I wanted an enema on top of everything else! So I bit my lip and let my eyes plead with him. He just patted his thigh again. I knew what I had to do … what he wanted me to do, but I couldn’t budge on my own, so I waited for Devlin to take me by the elbow and guide me across his knees. He didn’t waste any time, but just pushed my skirt up to my waist to expose my bare, red bottom. I felt the bed shift when he reached for the Vaseline jar and I gave a quiet sob when I felt both his hands on my bottom. I sobbed louder when he parted my cheeks and held them wide open for about a dozen seconds while he surveyed the thermometer’s target. He removed one hand, but kept my fanny spread with strong fingers of his other hand. I wriggled and tried to let him know I didn’t like being open like that, but he only spread my bottom wider, like he didn’t particularly care what I thought about the matter!

”Be a good girl and stop wriggling. You know very well this won’t hurt.”

It wouldn’t hurt, but it was mortifying!

Devlin’s other hand returned to my bottom. In it was the thermometer, slick and goopy with Vaseline. When he touched the greasy tip to my clenched bottom hole, I jumped.

“I said to lie still! Don’t make me tell you again, Gwendolyn!”

My cheeks spread far apart and my little hole defenseless, Devlin circled my anus, lubricating the area with just the tip of the thermometer, smearing the goo round and round. I couldn’t do anything but lie there, fighting the intense urge to clench, and wait until Devlin was satisfied my bottom hole was thoroughly greased. When he hugged my waist tighter, I knew it was time. I felt the cold glass rod slip all the way into my behind. Oooh! It was almost icy, like it had been in the refrigerator! I wriggled, trying to get accustomed to the awful sensation.

“That’s not quite right, is it, sweetheart?”

He slowly drew the thermometer out of my rectum, only to push it back in again, this time twisting it a bit to the right, then to the left, then pulling it out just a bit, before pushing it completely back into my bottom again. I gasped and struggled to keep still. He always had to make such a production when he took my temperature! Still not satisfied, I had to suffer through this process one more time, him pushing, pulling, twisting, withdrawing the rod almost completely before he pushed it back in. I sobbed and wriggled in protest, and received a sharp slap on my fanny.

I guess he figured he had tormented me enough, and finally left the thermometer deep inside my bottom, but he kept the end between his fingers while his hand rested on my sore behind. Every so often, he’d spread my cheeks wide apart to make sure it was still properly inserted in my bottom hole, or he’d give the thermometer a twist or nudge to make sure it wasn’t slipping out. As if he’d let it!

The required minutes slowly ticked by as I lay across Devlin’s lap, the thermometer poking out from between my bottom cheeks. I was so proud of myself for keeping quiet throughout the ordeal, and still determined to not let my mouth get me into trouble! I mean, I knew that Devlin loved to play with my fanny, and sometimes at night when we were in bed, I wouldn’t mind so much when he played with it, but I really hated these punitive sessions. Well, almost nearly hated. I mean, sometimes he embarrassed me so much I wanted to die!

Finally, Devlin decided time was up. He spread my cheeks wide again and I whimpered because he didn’t need do to that! Then, ever so slowly, and I mean painfully slowly, he withdrew the thermometer.

With his hand still on my blushing fanny he announced, “Marginally high temp, sweetheart, but nothing to be concerned about.” He patted my bottom, a signal for me to stand up. I stood before him with my head bowed and he kissed the top of my head. “That’s my good girl. We’re nearly finished. Let’s just go into the bathroom.”

Devlin took my hand but I couldn’t follow him. Something told me that we weren’t going in there to wash up. I couldn’t see the enema bag, but I could feel it, and I didn’t want to be anywhere near that thing!

He gave my hand a warning tug. “Behave!”

I stumbled as he dragged me several miles across the bedroom, went straight to the towel rack and unhooked the bag. I nearly went into shock! I hadn’t uttered a peep for the past fifteen minutes, and I didn’t deserve an enema! I was a breath away from shouting at him, but thank God, before I did, I saw that he was merely taking the bag to put it away, back in the cabinet. Phew! That was close! Devlin never goes back on his word, so I couldn’t understand why I’d be getting an enema if I hadn’t disobeyed him. My heartbeat had slowed almost to normal, but then he turned around and I saw the blue, bulb enema syringe in his hand! No way! My mouth dropped open. He smiled when he saw my green eyes go wide in awful surprise.

“Don’t fret, sweetheart. We’re just going to give your bottom a little washout. Nothing major. You’ll be more comfortable if you’re nice and clean when I put your bottom plug in, won’t you?”

Whaaat? Bottom plug? He chuckled at my panicked expression and I wanted to yell, but I was speechless! I shook my head back and forth. Not the bottom plug! I definitely didn’t deserve that! I opened my mouth to argue with him, but he quickly put a finger over my lips.

“Shh. You’ve done so well, don’t spoil it now. No argument, no pouting. You’ll get a little-girl enema and the butt plug for the rest of the evening. Any backtalk at all, and you’ll get the soapsuds, a spanking with the hairbrush and the bigger fanny plug. The choice is yours.”

I panted and stomped my foot. “Devliiin! That’s not a choice! What did I do that was so terrible?”

“You fibbed to me, sweetheart.”

“But I won’t ever do it again, I swear! You already spanked me really hard, and all inside my….”

He wrapped his arms around me while I cried on his shirt.

“Take off your clothes, Gwen. All of them. Now.”

“But, Devlin!” I gasped when he let go of me and went to open the cabinet. “No! Please! OK! Don’t get the hairbrush, OK? I’ll take off my clothes, see?”

My fingers didn’t work very well, but he waited patiently while I fumbled and whimpered and finally got my skirt and blouse off. My bra hooked in the front and I nearly climbed the wall when my hands touched my nipples. I shut my eyes and let all the wonderful, wavy quivers run up my neck and down my tummy. Water started to splash in the sink so I leaned against the wall and watched him rinse out the bulb and fill it. He looked at me in the mirror and I blushed really hard. I whimpered and stomped my foot again, because he chuckled when I put my hand down to cover my vagina.

“Don’t do that, sweetheart. You have nothing to be ashamed of.”

“How can you say that?”

Nothing to be ashamed of? I was standing there, stark naked, and he was about to put me over his lap, open my bottom, and put all kinds of nasty things right in my hole, for crying out loud! And he just smiled about it!

“No tantrums, sweetness. Come here.”

He held out his hand and I stumbled over to him. I sighed and grabbed his shirt when he leaned over to kiss me. His lips felt so warm, and I was just shivering. I licked his tongue for as long as he let me, which wasn’t nearly long enough. He started to raise his head and I whimpered.

“No, please!”

“Shh. Come on, Gwen. Time to wash out your little heinie.”

I blushed even harder. How could be so calm? My feet felt like ice on the tiles, then suddenly they weren’t on the tiles anymore because he was sitting on the toilet lid and I was draped over his thighs with my hands on the floor and my tushy straight up in the air!


“Spread you legs a little, Gwen.”

“No, I don’t…. Ow! OK! Not so hard!”

“Then behave. You know better than to tell me ‘no’ when you’re across my knee, young lady.”

Oh, God! I wanted to reach back and rub the sting out of my fanny where he swatted me, but instead I opened my thighs. He parted my cheeks again and I wailed. It was still really slick with Vaseline inside the cleft, and his finger slid right in. I clenched hard and he grunted.

“I’m sorry, Devlin, but I just … I wasn’t expecting it!”

“All right, Gwen. Relax. I just wanted to be sure you were still lubricated. I’ll take my finger out now, then put the nozzle in your bottom hole, OK?”

Did he just have to say that? And how could it possibly be OK? But I just bit my lip and nodded. His finger slipped out, but then he spread me even wider and I felt the plastic tip. He made little circles around my anus while I gasped for air and tried to keep my legs apart. Then he did the same thing with the enema nozzle that he did with the thermometer, except more and slower! It took him five minutes to get it all the way in, and all I could do was stare at the floor while waves of awful, squirmy, delicious shudders flowed through my bottom. I whimpered and bit my fingertip when a little drop of moisture squeezed between my lower lips, and I knew he could see it!

“Ready for the water, sweetheart?”

Like I had a choice, or what? “Devlin, I … OK.”

He pressed the bulb. I moaned as warm wetness trickled inside me. It was awful and terrible and icky, especially when he leaned his elbow on my back to push my head toward the floor. The enema ran downward, into my tummy, and spread even more heat through my vagina. He took his fingers out from between my cheeks and massaged my belly with his left hand as he emptied the bulb. I tingled from head to toe as he pulled the nozzle out an inch, pushed it back in, pulled it out again, over and over until I thought I’d explode! Finally, he took it all the way out and set it on the back of the toilet.

“You’re a very good girl, Gwen.”

I sighed as he patted my fanny. My tummy gurgled when I slid off his lap and stood in front of him. He got up and hugged me while I squirmed in his arms.

“Um, Devlin? I need to, um … you know?”

He looked at me with the strangest expression, then snapped his fingers.

“Drat! I left my briefcase in the trunk.”

“Yeah, OK. Go get it while I….”

“Come along.”

“Devlin, what are you…?”

I couldn’t believe it! He dragged me by the arm into the bedroom. My mouth opened and shut but nothing came out. I kept my cheeks clamped tight and hoped nothing awful would happen while I tried to figure out what his problem was!

“Here. Put this on.”

“Devlin, are you crazy?”

He grabbed one of my old t-shirts from the bureau top and made me raise my arms while he slipped it on me. It was nice to have some kind of clothes on, but the hem reached only about an inch below my bare butt. I didn’t remember putting it on the bureau, and I sure didn’t remember putting my house slippers on the floor beside it, but there they were, and suddenly they were on my feet!

“This will just take a minute, sweetheart.”

“Are you out of your mind? I have to go! You’re not taking me….”

“The car’s right outside in the driveway. Come along.”


I took tiny scissor-steps and gaped at this madman who wore Devlin’s face as he pushed me through the living room.

“I can’t go outside! I’m half-naked and my bottom’s full of….”

He yanked open the front door and flipped on the porch light. I squirmed and panted but he curled his right arm around my shoulders as we walked the brick path to the driveway. The water inside me fought to get out while I peered up and down the block to see who might be watching. All my neighbors’ lights were on, but I saw no one. Something in Devlin’s hand chirped and the Lincoln’s trunk lid hissed and popped open.

“Devlin!” I whispered as I stared into Mrs. Frazetti’s lighted picture window to make sure she wasn’t staring back at me.

“It’s right there.” He pointed to the carpeted trunk. “Would you get it for me, please?”

I wanted so badly to stomp my foot and scream at him, but I knew neither one was a good idea under the circumstances, so I just glared.

“Now, sweetness.” His voice was like molasses tinged with vinegar. “The longer you defy me, the longer it will be before you get back inside.”

“Devlin, how can you do this to me?”

Shameful tears burned my eyes as I leaned over to grab the briefcase, then I felt cool night air on my bare bottom. Both sets of my cheeks flushed bright red as I clutched the handle with one hand and reached back with the other one to pull the skimpy shirt down over my heinie. Devlin grunted when I swung the leather bag into his chest.

“There! Can we go now?”

He scowled and I wanted the earth to open up and swallow me.

“Yes. Right after I cut a switch from the mulberry bush.”

“Nooo! I … I’m sorry, Devlin! Can we please go inside now? Pleease?”

I sighed with relief when he smiled, put his arm around my shoulder and reached up to close the trunk lid. It sighed and snicked shut as I pulled him toward the front door. My butt muscles throbbed from holding the water in, but I felt warm in spite of the fall night air. Finally we were in the foyer and he was closing the door behind us. I shifted from one foot to the other while water sloshed.

“Now? Now can I? Please?”

He looked at me and squinted. “Can you what, sweetness?”

“Aaagh! Go to the bathroom! What do you think?”

“Well, of course. You don’t need my permission to go to the….”

I screamed several words that I knew he doesn’t like me to use as I ran to the toilet. The enema was less than a pint, but it was in me so long it loosened up everything. I leaned forward to relieve the pressure on my sore bottom, and sat for a very long time. Finally it felt safe to get up. I was just empty, and really hungry, but not for food. I took off the t-shirt and soaked a washcloth with warm water and Yardley’s Lavender Soap. It really felt good on my sore bottom, and even better someplace else, but I must have been kind of loud when I washed there because the next thing I knew Devlin was knocking on the door.

“Sweetheart, are you OK?”

“Yeah! Um. Fine! Sure, uh … it just, um, feels so good when it stops hurting, that’s all.”

“I see. Well, hurry up. We’re not done yet.”

“Devlin! No! How can you even think about…?”

“That mulberry bush is still in the yard, Gwen.”

I chewed my lip for a few seconds, then took a deep breath. “Yes, sir. I’ll be out in a minute.”

Drat that man, anyway! I couldn’t believe he was going to put that thing in me after he dragged me out of the house and embarrassed me nearly to death! But my little ’gina still tingled from a huge orgasm, so it was tough to be mad at anything right then. I knew I’d change my mind as soon as he had me over his lap again, but I didn’t think about it as I patted myself dry down there and enjoyed the little after-shocks. Finally I put the t-shirt on and opened the door. He was lying on the bed in his robe, his back against the headboard, the current Cosmo folded back to the letters section. His eyes lit up when he smiled and my ‘gina got all quivery again.

“Feel better, sweetheart?”

“Uh huh. But you were really mean to make me go out in the yard with the enema in me, and I think that was punishment enough for fibbing.”

His smile disappeared as he threw his legs off the bedside and stood up.

“Oh, you do, do you?”

I took two steps backward and bit my fingertip. I didn’t want to look at him, and I sure didn’t want to look at the hope chest, ’cause that nasty pink plug was on it, sticking straight up. And if that wasn’t bad enough, his briefcase was open on the floor by the bed, and the tip of that huge, horrible black one was sticking out of one of the zipper compartments. Devlin had only showed that one to me once, to scare me, thank God, ’cause the pink one was awful enough!


I blinked and looked at him. “Huh? What? Um, sir?”

“Stop gawking and come out of the bathroom.”

“But, Devlin! I don’t want you to….”

“Ordinarily I value you opinion, but you haven’t yet been punished completely for fibbing, so come along.”

He held out his hand and I shook my head. My feet wouldn’t move, and I just wanted to slam the bathroom door in his face, but I really didn’t want to find out what he’d do then, so I just stood there until he came and got me. He didn’t say anything, just leaned over and put his shoulder right up against my ‘gina and picked me right up so I hung over his back with my head down and my tushy pointed at the ceiling. I grabbed the robe belt and wailed ’cause he held my legs and spanked my bare heinie all the way across the room! He wasn’t in any hurry either, and I must have got about thirty really hard smacks with his left hand by the time he dumped me onto the bed!

“You’re not making this any easier on yourself, Gwen.”

It was so true, ’cause riding with his hard shoulder pressed against me down there while he spanked me had lit up that fire again, and all I wanted to do was put my hand on it.

“I … I’m sorry, Devlin. I’ll be a good girl, I promise. I’ll stay real still while you spank me as hard as you want, but please don’t put the plug in me, OK?”

He sighed and shook his head. I whimpered and hugged my knees while he sat on the bedside. He parted the robe and patted his bare thigh.

“Now, Gwendolyn.”

His voice was so soft, so deep, so demanding, I just huffed and crawled across his lap. My hot little lips barely touched his hard leg muscle when a really fierce swat crashed into my fanny.


“Other side, Gwen. When have I ever spanked you with my left hand?”

“OK! Geeze! I’m sorry,” I said as I scurried around his knees. “I’m trying to be good, Devlin. See? I did what you told me, and … and you can spank me real hard now, huh?”

He smiled and I nearly melted when he bent over to kiss me real softly on the lips while he rubbed by sore tushy.

“I’ll tell you when you’re a good girl. Can you behave if I give you a really hard spanking?”

“Yeah … um, yes, sir. And then you won’t…?”

“Shh. Lie still.”

And I tried! I really, really tried! But he just spanked and spanked and spanked my sore little bottom for like hours. Or maybe like ten minutes, but it just stung like crazy every time his hand landed, and my arms and legs just ached from being still when all I wanted to do was kick and scream and pound on the bed. Well, I did scream. And wail. And cry. But I didn’t move hardly at all, and I was so proud of myself when he finally stopped, and I was sure he wouldn’t do anything else. Sometimes I’m so naïve I amaze myself!

“I … I … I was really g-good, wasn’t I, Devlin?”

“Yes, sweetness.”

He rubbed my achy, stingy, fiery bottom while I sobbed and wiped tears. Then he reached over and got the K-Y Jelly out of the nightstand!

“Devlin, no! You promised!”

“I promised nothing, Gwen. That was mere wishful thinking on your part.”

“But, Devliiin!”

“Hush and spread your legs.”


I whined, I whimpered, I gasped, but I did what he said. He just opened my bottom wide and started to smear goop on my little hole. It was so tender, and so sensitive, and I just couldn’t help but kick. Boy, was that ever a mistake, because he whacked me about a dozen times, right in the crack, before he even said anything!

“So much for your being good, Gwendolyn!”

“But I tried, Devlin! I did! You know how much I hate that thing!”

“I know you do, sweetheart. That’s why you have to have it. Now. Can you be good for me?”

“I … I’ll try.”

He pressed his fingertip into my little hole and I wailed.

“No, Gwen. That wasn’t the right answer. Will you be a good girl while I put the plug inside your naughty bottom?”

“Oh, Gaaahd. Yeesss.”

“What?” He pushed the finger in another half inch.

“Yes, sir!”

“Then push up with your knees so you’re spread nice and wide and I can make the little hole all slick and ready, OK?”

“Geeze, Devlin!”

“Excuse me?”

The finger slid all the way in and I gasped as I lifted my fanny for him. “I mean, yes, sir!”

“Better. Just a bit higher. That’s good. Now I can see all the inside of your bottom, and those pretty pink lips, too.”

I didn’t need to look at my face to tell it was bright red! It was so awful when he inspected me like that, and I felt so vulnerable, ’cause I knew I wasn’t going anywhere until he said I could. And what was worse, the more I thought about his finger in my tushy, and his eyes on my ‘gina, the hotter I got!



“Could you…? Would you just, um, touch me a little bit? Please?”

His hand twisted around and he chuckled. “You mean, down there?”

“Uh huh. It would make my punishment easier to take. Please?”

I sighed when he leaned over and kissed my right bottom cheek while his finger slid in and out of my rear.

“First of all, sweetheart, it looks to me like somebody already touched herself down there.”

“No! I wouldn’t….”

“Gwendolyn! Don’t say another word! Why are you being punished, young lady?”

“Be … because I fibbed,” I whispered.

“And didn’t you just compound the offense?”

I panicked. “No way! I mean, no sir way! No way, sir! I did! I mean I didn’t! It was an accident! It just….”

“Hush, Gwen,” he said, and slipped his finger out of my hole. “I find it hard to believe you accidentally gave yourself an orgasm, but you most certainly should know by now that your fun comes after your punishment, not during.”

“But, Devlin, it’s been like hours!”

“Which is totally irrelevant and you know it.” He let my cheeks close and I whimpered when he raised his arm. “I think you need another spanking for impertinence.”

“No, God, please, Devlin! I … I’m just blistered! Just … just … Oh, God! Just do it, OK?”

He rubbed my heinie with his right hand while I moaned. His finger was still slick with jelly.

“Do what, sweetheart? What do you want me to do?”

I sobbed and bit my finger. I couldn’t believe he was going to make me say it!

“Put it in,” I whispered.

“What? I couldn’t hear you, Gwen.”

“P-put it in!”

“Put what in where, Gwen?”

My heart pounded like a jackhammer. “In … in my bottom.”

“Put my finger in your bottom? Is that what you meant?”

I nodded and pushed up with my fanny. He shook his head while he rubbed it.

“That’s not what you meant, is it, Gwen? Now stop this foolishness and tell me.”

“Oh, geeeeze! Put the damn plug in my bottom and get it over with! Oweee! Ow! Ow! Ow! Devliiin!”

God, I can be so stupid sometimes! His big, hard hand whacked my soft, sore butt and I didn’t even pretend to be good. I kicked and screamed and thrashed around like a marlin on a boat deck, but he just held me around the waist and whacked my fanny, over and over, like he planned to make a career of the job! It really, really burned, and I almost jerked right off his lap, but then he stopped spanking and started to rub. I cried and sniffled and wiped my nose on my sleeve for almost five minutes while he stroked my pitiful little tushy and made some of the sting go away.


“Y-yes, sir?”

“Can you ask me nicely now?”

I only hesitated long enough to take a deep breath, ’cause I knew if I stopped I’d never be able to say it all.

“Would … would you please put the plug in my bottom hole?”

He leaned over and cupped my chin in his hand. Hot, shameful tears drenched our lips while he kissed me.

“That was very good, Gwen. I’ll be happy to.”

I didn’t want to watch him stretch to the end of the bed and pick up the plug off the hope chest. I didn’t want to watch him spread jelly all over the nasty thing. I didn’t want to watch him open my sore cheeks again. And I sure didn’t want to watch him bite his lower lip as he poked the tip right into my anus! But I did, and I hated every second of it! It was so cold! Cold and icky!

My toes curled up and I spread my legs as he slid in the first inch, then the second, then he pulled it out again. The first two inches aren’t too bad, but I really, really hate that third inch, ’cause that’s where the big bulge is. After the bulge, it’s really tiny, with like a flat disk at the end, so your sphincter ring kind of clamps down on the skinny part. Devlin says that’s so naughty girls can’t push out the plug before their punishment is over. All I know is, that bulgy part is major nasty! It’s like twice as big around as Devlin’s finger, and he always stops right when it gets to the fattest part to make sure I really feel how big it is.

“See, sweetheart? That’s not so bad, is it?”

Yeah, like he’d know! But all I said was, “No, sir.”

He went in and out with the first two inches for a long time; long enough for me to get used to it and maybe even enjoy it a little. But I knew what was coming so it was really hard to relax. Except, tell that to my stupid hormones!

“It appears you don’t hate this nearly as much as you claim, sweetness.”

I wailed when he touched my wet, quivery ’gina with his fingertips, then he kept on pumping that first two inches, in and out; fast, then slow; then slower, then fast again. Someplace off in the distance I could feel my scorched fanny cheeks, but all that mattered at the moment was right in between them.

“Mmm, Devlin! That’s so … so….”

“Awful? Heinous? Hideous?”


“Good. Let’s go on then, shall we?”


My sphincter clamped tight on the soft rubber.

“Shh. It’s all right, Gwen. Push up your tushy and take deep breaths. Just relax.”

I tried, I really did, but that third inch always makes me squirm. It wasn’t quite as bad this time, but it was still nasty and awful, and I whimpered the whole time he held it right at the fattest part. Then he pulled it out! Not all the way, just down to like the first inch, and he started all over! A couple more in and out, then all the way in to the bulge again! I moaned and quivered and spread my knees even farther apart, but it was still icky when it got to the bulgy part! And he must have done that five or six times. I’m not really sure because after the second time, he put his fingers on my ’gina, not inside or anything, but just kind of cupped it while he did those terrible, unspeakable, absolutely thrilling things to my bottom hole.

When he finally pushed the plug all the way in, my ring hugged it like an old friend. It filled me with warmth, like hot oatmeal in front of the fire on a snowy day. I could feel the pulse in his fingertips as they rested on my vagina. His breath tickled my ear when he leaned over to kiss my neck. A single, hot fingertip slipped between my lower lips and touched the button. I exploded in a shower of red and blue sparks. Soft, bright lightening bolts shot through my body and sprang out the top of my head.

My t-shirt was drenched and I shivered as I clung to Devlin’s neck a thousand years later. I opened my eyes while he cuddled me in his lap and kissed my forehead, my cheeks, my chin, my neck. I sat on his bare thighs, just vaguely aware of the dull ache in my bottom, and not in the least worried about it. I grinned and clamped my lips to his. His tongue tasted of moonlight and oatmeal.

“Don’t you have something to tell me, sweetness?” he said when the kiss finally ended.

I nodded. “I’m very sorry I was a naughty girl and fibbed to you. I’ll never do it again.”

He squeezed me hard and I sighed as we kissed again.

“Then you’re forgiven. Are you hungry?”

“Yeah. I kinda feel like some hot oatmeal. Is that OK?”

He shrugged. “I don’t know why not.”

“I’ll put some clothes on and make it. You want coconut and cinnamon?”

“Yeah. And butter. Lots of butter.”

I turned to stand up, then shrieked and grabbed my fanny with both hands.

“Oh, my God!”

He chuckled. “What’s the matter, sweetheart?”

“You didn’t take it out!”

“No. Did you want me to?”

“For Christ’s sakes of course I….”

Then I just grinned and rubbed my heinie. The sweet little plug jiggled and squirmed inside. Devlin stood up, hugged me, and then patted my sore, satisfied tushy. I squealed and ran to grab a robe on the way to the kitchen.