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Caribbean Cruise In Diapers and Dresses

Part 3

We wake early the last day of the cruise, and I have completely soaked my diaper, Ginger unpins my diaper and instructs me to take a quick shower. When I get out of the shower, ginger thickly diapers me and covers them with pink nursery print plastic pants. She then goes to the closet and pull out my sailor dress.

I attempt to tell her I am not wearing that for the day, she tell me I am wearing it, as we are going to the beach and then the horse raises are afterwards on the ship. We won one of the wooden horses in an auction and race him this afternoon in the final horse race on the ship.

Ginger tells me I will be the jockey as a sailor girl in the dress and diaper. We leave the ship for the beach much to the laughter of people on the ship. We get a rental car and head for a secluded beach with me in just the diaper, plastic pants and sailor dress.

We find a great beach by ourselves and ginger decides to make me pose for many pictures on the beach. A short time later, the beach starts to fill up with lots of people; most of them pay no attention to the fact that I am dressed as an overgrown toddler girl.

We both are getting thirsty, and Ginger suggests I go up to a local store and but us some drinks. I try and get her to give some normal clothing, but she will not here of it.

When I get up to the store, there are a bunch of younger college age girls buying beer as well. One of them walks by me and smacks my thickly diapered butt commenting on the fact that more men should be diapered as they are nothing but big babies anyway.

When I return to the beach, it is packed now and I have to endure all the comments about my sissy attire one more time. Ginger makes me sit on a blanket and drink my soda and suck my thumb much to the giggles and laughter of everyone around us.

All of the sudden, ginger realizes that the horse race is starting soon and we have to get back to the ship. We hurry back to the ship and go to our room to freshen up and a much needed diaper change for me.

We rush up to the deck for the race as they are announcing the horses. They ask me my horses name and I tell them it is “Ocean Orgasm”. Everyone start cheering for our horse and taking pictures.

I for one cannot believe I am on the deck of this ship in just the sailor dress, diapers and plastic pants. Ginger yells out hey sissy boy as I look over I see Ginger, Cindy and Jeff laughing at me.

Just as the race is starting, Cindy sneaks up behind me and lifts the hem of my dress exposing my diapers and plastic pants to everyone.

The announcer comments that at least I am well protected, but a little old for diapers. The race continues on with each roll of the dice and we are neck and neck with another horse in the lead on the last roll of the dice, we move four spots to win the race and $1200.00.

We collect our money and head to the bar with Cindy and Jeff and have couple rounds of drinks on us. A lot of people come by to congratulate us on winning and comment on how cute I look in my dress and diapers. Cindy speaks up and comments that he is always in diapers as I turn bright red of embarrassment.

An hour or so later, we head back to our room to get ready for the last night on the ship. Much to my surprise, ginger lets me wear a disposable diaper under my pants for dinner. We have a great lobster dinner followed by a show before returning to our room for the night.

After another great night of sex, we both fall asleep tired from the days activities. We wake early the next morning and quickly shower and get dressed. Ginger once again thickly diapers me and insists that I wear my blue denim shortall with Winnie the Pooh on the bib and my sailor onsie. As we are leaving the ship, we run into Cindy and Jeff. A quick hug good by followed by a couple pats on my ass, Cindy tells me to be a good boy for mommy.

As I look over Ginger is hugging Jeff as well and comments that I see we now have two babies, Jeff quickly turns red as both Ginger and Cindy enjoy the good laugh. It seems that Ginger gave Cindy one of my diapers and plastic pants to put Jeff into. Cindy looks at me and laughs saying, you to can be playmates now.

We collect our luggage and then get our rental car for a 2 hour drive to Coco beach. By the time we get there I have once again soaked my diapers and am much in need of a diaper change.

Ginger and I have planned to go to dinner later that evening in Coco Beach since it was the last night of our trip. I told her I was very wet and had run out of clean diapers and didn’t have any to wear out to dinner. Anyway, if we wanted to go to dinner I had to do something about some diapers.

Ginger suggested we wash my diapers if possible. We didn’t have a washing machine at the hotel, but I remember seeing a laundry mat just down the road.

I kept on my wet diapers, which would hopefully hold out long enough to finish washing (but not through dinner in the evening I was sure). I kept on the blue denim shortall with Winnie the Pooh on the bib.

The laundry mat was empty so I figured it would be an uneventful afternoon. I loaded the washers and we sat down to talk some more. While I waited for the washers to fill so I could add beach two more groups came in with laundry, two collage age girls and two teenagers and an older sister. Both groups choose washes on the same side of the isle as me and since I made the mistake of choosing a washer in the center the groups were on either side of me.

As they got settled my washer finished filling and I needed to get up to add the beach. My problem was that I was in a thick wet diaper, Pooh Bear shortall (with snaps) and Sailor diaper shirt or onsie. There were people on both sides of me with nothing to do but wash clothes and notice my VERY noticeable diapers.

It was about this time that I found what Ginger enjoyed most about diapers, especially me wearing diapers. As I was working up the nerve to get up and waddle over to add bleach to my load of diapers Ginger turns to me and in a voice just below normal asks, “Will your load of diapers be done before you need a change?” I didn’t expect her to do this. Up till now we were speaking in low voices so no one would overhear our conversation. I don’t know if anyone understood what she said but I felt several eyes focus on my diapered butt as I waddled over to the washers.

I sat back down and tried to learn to speed up time so the wash would finish and we could get out of there. My heart was beating a mile a second and I was wondering what Ginger would do next, if anything.

Ginger then excused herself to go to the bathroom and I sat alone avoiding looking at anyone while trying to sink into the floor. I could hear the girls on both sides talking but couldn’t tell if it was about my diapers and me.

Ginger returned a minute later and without warning proceeded to tell me how the bathroom was clean and had a working lock on the door. This was nice to know but I had no idea why she had checked on this and why he was telling me.

Ginger then told me there was plenty of room inside so after my diapers were washed and dried I would be able to change into dry diapers before we left so my wet diapers wouldn’t leak on the ride home.

This time I knew she was overheard and that the conversations around me had changed. I tried not to look at anyone but when I looked to see if I was being watched I caught them looking my way.

The rest of the wash cycle went by without event. Ginger and I talked and while I was embarrassed I was also excited by what Ginger had done. I told her I couldn’t believe what he had done and that I didn’t think I could muster up the courage to get up and empty the washers into a drier. She said he was sorry and that she would load the drier so I wouldn’t have to get up.

I said that was a good idea and thanks. I should have saved the thanks.

When my wash finished Ginger got a cart and started to load it with my diapers but he didn’t just grab them from the washer and dump them into the cart like I would have done. No, Ginger pulled the diapers out one at a time shook the diaper out and placed it into the cart. Some of my diapers are white and others have baby prints on them. They are also large and rectangular so there is no mistaking that they are adult diapers. When she got to the second washer, which was mostly plastic pants, she would remove each pair of plastic pants one at a time, smooth it out, make sure it was not turned inside out and shake out the excess water. This whole process took 5 minutes or more but seemed a year to me. I sat motionless only moving my head to look at my shoes or at Ginger shaking out another diaper or plastic pant waiting for the nightmare to end. I never looked at the girls but Ginger told me later that they never took their eyes off him or me during the whole process.

Ginger seemed to be getting bolder and while one side of me was worried what she was going to do next and wanted it to end, my diaper side was enjoying the attention and looking forward to what came next.

Ginger had put the diapers on one side of the cart and the plastic pants on the other side. She dumped the diapers into the drier (all at once not one at a time as I feared). She then turned and asked me (from across the room) if my plastic pants went in the drier with my diapers or in a separate drier. I felt all the eyes in the place focus on me waiting for my answer.

I had not spoken up till now in anything above a whisper and she was still across the room. I either had to waddle over to her so I could whisper an answer to her or answer from where I sat for everyone to hear. So after a long pause I answered “I dry them together and pulls them out when they’re dry”. Ginger however was really into it now and wanted to make clear what “they” were and who’s “they” were.

Ginger asked if I meant we had to pull my diapers out or my plastic pants when they were dry. She kept using the pronoun “MY”. As I got up to walk (waddle really) over I spoke in a lower voice, “We have to keep checking the plastic pants till they are dry but before they melt and then pull them out. Then let the diapers finish drying.

I went over to the drier and inserted a coin and waited for the drier to warm up. Laundry mat dryers can get very hot so I decided not sit back down but to watch the drier to be sure the plastic pants didn’t get to hot. Ginger and myself checked them several times over the 15 minutes they took to dry.

While I opened the drier felt inside and closed it, Ginger made more of a production of it. She would pull out a pair of plastic pants, shake it out, feel it inside and out and check the leg and waistbands to see if was dry and put it back in the drier.

During this time the collage girls were talking and arguing. After I removed the plastic pants and was showing Ginger how to fold them, one of the girls went past us to the drink machine. When she came back she stopped and asked us what kind of underwear we were folding. I froze but Ginger spoke right up and told her that they were plastic pants. She then asked what they were used for.

She knew what they were for, but I think she was having as much fun embarrassing me as Ginger was. Ginger told her they were used with diapers. She said “do you mean like what babies wear?” she said yes and she commented that they seemed awful big for a baby. Ginger told her that they were not for a baby but were mine.

Then, as if I wasn’t there, she said “Is he wearing diapers and plastic panties NOW?” Ginger told her yes and that we were here washing because I was wearing my last diaper and that it was already very wet and needed to be changed soon.

During this last exchange the other collage girl walked over and asked, what’s up? Sarah, the first girl, said, “They’re here washing diapers because he wears them”.

Jennifer (the second girl), looked at me, looked at my bottom, and asked me “Are you wearing diapers and plastic panties?” She then patted my bottom and said “Yes you are. I wondered why you walked so funny. Are you wet?” Sarah answered that I was but couldn’t be changed because all my diapers were still in the drier.

Jennifer asked me why I was wearing diapers. I didn’t answer right away so Ginger started to answer but Jennifer said, “I asked him.” She patted my diapered bottom a couple more times and asked, “Why are you wearing such big diapers and plastic panties, Baby?”

I was really enjoying the pats on my bottom but was the most embarrassed I have ever been. Then after a long pause I answered in a low voice “Because I wet my bed and have accidents, she keeps me in diapers, and I don’t wear PANTIES I wear waterproof pants.” She then picked up a pair of plastic pants and told me that they looked like girls panties and that they were made of plastic so she was right and that they were plastic panties.

Ginger told the girls that I wet my bed every night and that I have accidents so much that she decided just to keep me in diapers all the time. They asked how long I had worn diapers and Ginger said except for a few failed attempts to go without them during the day, all my life. The girls said that since I had so many accidents it was a good thing I wore diapers and plastic panties. They then went to check on their washing.

After we finished folding my plastic pants we went back and sat down. The drier stopped about then so I had to get back up and go put another coin in.

After I sat back down the girls on the other side started starring at me. The teenagers were having fits of giggles and the older girl (Jill) was trying to make them stop. Jill finally came over and sat beside me and the girls sat on the floor in front of me.

Jill apologized for the girls and said it was ok that I had to wear diapers and told me that the younger of the two girls still wet the bed and wore pull-ups to bed. This shut her giggling up for a few minutes. Jill said I looked cute in diapers but if I wore a thinner diaper I wouldn’t walk funny and people wouldn’t notice my diapers as easily.

One of the girls, still starring up at me said, “Yea, he walks like a baby.”

About this time the girls on the floor started to point and got up to whisper to their sister. Jill then asked if I wore diapers all the time. I said yes. She then asked what kind of shorts I was wearing. The girls had noticed the snap crotch and told their sister about it.

I said that they were just regular shorts and she then asked why they had snaps around the legs like a toddler’s shorts. I froze but Ginger answered that they were diaper pants and that the snaps were to make it easier to have my diapers changed. Ginger told her that the snaps could be undone and my pants pulled up to change my diaper. This way I didn’t have to take my pants or shoes off to get put in a new diaper and plastic pants.

Jill then asked me if I would pull up my shirt so she could see my diapers.

I said I couldn’t and when she asked why Ginger told her about my diaper shirt or onsie. Ginger had me in my navy blue sailor onsie with snaps in the crotch. She went on and told her how my shirt had a kind of panty built in that had snaps in it and it is called an onsie like babies wear. When the snaps were done up the shirt wouldn’t come un-tucked and when my diapers got wet and heavy it helped hold them up so they wouldn’t droop.

She said that was a good idea and that she had lots of shirts that had snaps like that but she didn’t know boys had that kind of shirt too. Ginger said they didn’t and that I had onsies that she got from the same place she got my diapers, plastic pants and diaper pants. Ginger told Jill that when my diapers were dry and I got changed I wouldn’t snap my diaper shirt so that I could pull up my shirt and she could see my diapers.

Jill asked me who changed my diapers. I told her that I did but Ginger told her that was true most of the time but sometimes I got changed at night when I was sleeping if I was found to be wet and when I was sick. I would also get help changing when I was away from home if I had to change standing in a bathroom stall since I couldn’t do it by myself.

She asked Ginger if he was going to have to help me today but Ginger said that the bathroom here was clean and had plenty of room for me to lie down and pin on my own diaper, she then went on to say one of you girl’s can change him if you want to. I turned bright red with embarrassment at the thought of one of these girls changing my diaper. Ginger saw the fear in my face and said we had better not, the baby might cry.

Jill went back to doing her wash and soon there after my diapers were dry. I showed Ginger how to fold them and we folded most of them to my normal thickness and then made one really thick one for me to change into.

All three of the older girls came by while we were folding the diapers. Sarah commented on how cute the patterns were (Loony Toon Lovables). I told her I didn’t like them and Ginger told her she ordered them that way.

Both Sarah and Jennifer said how they were appropriate for someone that wears diapers.

Jill came by and commented on how big they were and how thick too. She thought the patterns were cute too and even wanted to pick what diaper I should wear. Ginger showed her the larger diaper that he had folded for me to wear and she decided that pattern was ok too.

Ginger then handed me the diaper and a pair of yellow nursery print plastic pants and I went off to the bathroom to change. Ginger told me to be sure not to snap up my diaper shirt.

I came out a little later. I hadn’t snapped up the onsie like I was told and I also only buttoned one button of the side buttons on my shortall to make it looser so my diaper could be seen easier.

Sarah and Jennifer had left but Jill was just finishing up her washing when I came out. Ginger called me over and had me pull out my shirttail. When Jill saw the snaps in the shirt she commented that it was just like her shirts.

When I lifted the shirt out of the way she looked at my diapers and plastic pants through the side of my shortall. She pulled back my plastic pants and saw the diaper underneath. She pulled on the diaper and commented on how tight it was and asked how it was fastened. I said it was pinned on and then said, “Oh, now I see the diaper pins.”

Jill said that the diaper seemed awfully thick and Ginger told her that we weren’t going to get home till late and he didn’t want to have to help me change diapers again today.

As I tucked in my shirt Jill looked at my pants from all angles and even patted my bottom a couple of times. She them told me that she was wrong before when she said I should wear thinner diapers so no one would notice them. She said the way my bottom puffed out and the way I waddled was really cute and not to worry about what people thought or said. As we left the laundry mat, I thanked all the girls for being so understanding they all smiled and said good by.

We went back to the hotel and freshened up before going out to dinner. Ginger wanted me to dress up our last night in Florida and decided that I should wear my sheer organza mint green dress.

After taking a shower, she expertly diapered me and pulled my white tights up my legs followed by my saddle shoes for an added touch.

She then insisted that we take a couple of pictures on the hotel balcony and then walk to dinner.

The restaurant was only a few blocks away, and I tried to walk as fast as possible to avoid being seen, but Ginger insisted in holding my hand. A lot of cars kept beeping there horn and calling me names like sissy boy and baby. Ginger just told me to ignore them.

When we got into the restaurant everyone was staring at me and a lot of the girls made comments about how cute my dress was and that my mommy must be very proud. This just made ginger laugh.

When dinner came ginger handed the waitress a bib with sissy boy printed on the front and asked her to tie it on me not wanting to get my dress messy.

All being said we had a delicious seafood dinner at a restaurant named Coconuts and returned to our hotel. We both had to be up early in the morning to catch our flight home. Ginger changed me into another diaper and onsie before I quickly fell asleep.

I dreamed all night of the exciting and humiliating vacation I just had and how lucky I truly am to have a women so understanding and loving as Ginger.

We got up early in the morning; much to my surprise Ginger gave me a pair of normal underwear, jeans and a polo shirt for the flight home. I was great to see normal men’s clothing yet deep inside I was disappointed that my baby vacation was now over.

This was just one of those once in a lifetime experiences that you dream about for the rest of your life. If you get the chance, take this sort of vacation. It was fantastic, and taught me how to be a good husband and baby for my wife.