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A Real GynoPlay Exam

A Real GynoPlay Exam, Part 2

“Now, Joan, please sit up straight and put your shoulders back.” Joan obeyed, and the position caused her posture to improve and her breasts to pull up a bit. The doctor looked at her for a long moment. “Now put your hands on your hips and pull your shoulders back again, please.” This jutted her breasts out more, and she knew that this was one of the proper steps in a thorough clinical breast exam. “Now please move your elbows forward,” he asked quietly. “Very good.” The doctor was looking for any irregularities that he could visually discern before he examined her with his fingers. With a doctor’s dispassionate gaze he watched as her ample breasts revealed their contours. There was another part of him that was naturally taking in the never-boring sight of a woman’s naked breasts, but he was surprised that the clinical curiosity was so compelling. It was one thing to look at anybody’s breast, but another to look at his patient’s mammaries with the breast exam protocol in mind. He stepped closer to her. “Now I’m going to feel for your lymph glands under the armpit,” he explained as his fingers touched her for the first time, his hand pressing into her flesh as he went through the motions, hoping of course that he didn’t really feel anything unusual. He did the left side first and then moved on to her right side in the same way.

Joan thought she might have felt more strange in this situation, but instead of strange it was fascinating to feel this playdoc’s hands on her, knowing that it was a game yet one played with absolutely conviction. Even during her real exams she wasn’t one to get too freaked out, and it was good to know that this playexam was following suit. She didn’t want to hate it; she wanted to experience it to try to understand her fascination. There was not much difference between a real medical touch and what Doctor Welch was doing, so well-versed in the proper procedure was he. The only thing that might have been different was that she could not recall whether or not her nipples got hard during her real exams, and they were getting hard now. Understandable.

“I’m now going to begin the palpation and examination of your right breast,” he announced. Joan sat still as she felt the untrained but not unknowing hands of the playdoctor on her skin, three fingers pressed together and pushing into her flesh, beginning at the outer edge nearest to her side. He made a small circular pattern as he began moving up and around the perimeter of her breast slowly, pressing deeply, feeling thoroughly, then down between her breasts and then underneath, his fingers still pushing in as the rest of her breast rested on his hand as he worked. He continued, slowly tightening the diameter of his circular patterns as his fingers examined every bit of her breast tissue. They pushed deeply into her ample breasts, which the playdoctor found interesting as she was larger than the other women he had examined. It was more difficult to feel the underlying structure with large breasts, and noted to himself that he would need to pay special attention during the supine examination part that would soon follow.

Joan remained still and quiet during his palpations, instead paying strict attention to the feel of his probing fingers and to the frisson of reality that was beginning to infuse the whole scenario. She didn’t have the serious dread that was present at a real exam, but more a sense of hyper-awareness to the actions of the doctor. Was it embarrassing? Did she feel creepy? Not at all, she decided. It felt intriguing.

His fingers finally ended up at her areola, and he noted that Joan’s nipples were now quite erect. Noted, but did not mention. A real doctor wouldn’t mention nipple erection. He knew that Joan knew her nipples were hard, and that was enough.

“Joan, I’m going to squeeze your nipple now to check for any discharge.” Joan looked down as the doctor took her erect right nipple in between his thumb and index finger and squeezed it several times. “Good.” Both their attentions focused on her erect nipple, its very hardness a tacit signal that the exam was going successfully. He removed his hands from her for a moment and scribbled something on his notes.

“All right, Joan, I’m going to examine your left breast now. You’re doing just fine.” The doctor performed his thorough maneuvers on her other breast, following the protocol as before, again covering every inch of her flesh with his professional touch. Since each breast felt slightly differently, it was impossible not to pay total attention, and it was like going down a new highway in your car and being careful to note the landmarks. And it was as riveting for Joan also. She analyzed Doctor Welch’s technique, the way his fingers searched her tissues and manipulated her breast flesh. It wasn’t a massage or foreplay -- this was an examination, and she was acutely aware of the difference. This time she was more interested in watching his hands as he examined her, fascinated by the way it looked as his fingers disappeared deep into her. She was both an observer and the object, and she enjoyed the distinctions between the two states. When he had finally reached her left nipple, his fingers were as adept as any real doctor’s and she was completely sure that she was in the hands of a good playdoc. Two squeezes later and he was through with this part of the exam. “Very good. You can put the vest on again if you’d like, Joan.” He jotted down a few more notes as Joan pulled on the paper vest again and closed it loosely over her naked breasts. An important part of the playexam was the repeated patient exposure; although one of his other patients had wanted to be completely nude during the entire exam, Joan indicated that she wanted to cover back up when possible and have to re-reveal as necessary. Doctor Welch heard the crinkling of the vest and he looked up at her again.

“Okay, Joan. I’d like for you to lie back on the table and I’ll examine your breasts again in that position.”

He watched as his patient swung her legs up on to the table, holding the drape tightly around her waist with one hand and the vest closed with the other, and lay back. This time Doctor Welch delicately opened the crinkly paper top to expose Joan’s breasts again. In the supine position they were now slightly flattened but still quite rounded, due to their size. “Joan, would you put your right arm up and behind your head, please? This makes it easier to feel all the underlying structures and muscles as I examine your breasts.”

She followed the doctor’s instructions, the paper vest crinkling as she moved, trying to relax as she lay there bare to the waist in front of the doctor. Being prone on the table signified the beginning of the second phase of the exam; she felt slightly more passive not sitting up anymore, but it wasn’t unpleasant. She was more aware of her nakedness now. Possibly seeing her legs sticking out from beneath the bottom of the towel/drape reminded her that she was indeed nude beneath it and that soon it would be removed, too. Perhaps it was the sight of her bare breasts and her uncovered abdomen that made her feel more exposed. She definitely felt different, but for now there was the rest of the breast exam to concentrate on.

Doctor Welch began his exam on her right breast with the same motions as before, but in this position her breasts were situated differently and when he pushed down he could feel the chest wall beneath the flesh. Although he had only a few moments before examined this same breast, it felt like a new world now, and it was fascinating. Again, he noted the difference between this large breast and the smaller ones he had probed before. Even in this position the large breasts were more unknowable to his fingers.

“Joan, do you perform self-exams every month?” he asked as he continued his circular patterns. “With larger breasts it’s very important.”

“Yes, Doctor, I do,” Joan replied calmly, looking down at the doctor’s hands as they moved over her bare breast.

“And you need to do it both sitting up and lying back like this,” he reminded her as his fingers made their way over her flesh in small circles.

“Yes, I definitely will,” Joan promised. Then they fell silent again as the doctor’s examination continued, finally ending again with another squeeze of her still erect nipple.

“Good. And we’ll be sure to set you up with a mammogram, of course. Now, let’s examine your left breast. If you could put your left arm up, please,” he requested.

Joan lowered her right arm and raised the left in the same way; in a moment she was being examined again, her left breast palpated and probed in Doctor Welch’s thorough manner. She had to admit that this examination was going strictly according to all the instructions she had ever read about a proper clinical breast exam, and she was impressed with Welch’s knowledge and technique. Had their been hesitation on his part, or a perceived lack of serious intent, or a hurried-over detail, some of the realism of this encounter would be lost, but there was no concern of that happening. This playdoctor took his roleplaying seriously.

Doctor Welch was also quite impressed with his patient. Though she was probably nervous on some level, she was cooperative, interested, totally immersed in this playexam. Her embracing of the moment helped him to inhabit the doctor role with total commitment, and he felt he was doing a good job so far. There was, of course, a side of him that stood apart and amazed that here he was, playing doctor with a woman, using his fingers and hands to freely manipulate and examine her uncovered breasts. That part of what he was doing was exciting and erotic, and yet the actual medical protocol of administering a proper breast exam demanded a great deal of focus and though he couldn’t quite believe it himself, he was rather more fascinated than sexually stimulated. It had been that way with the other exams he did also, and he had decided then that the real erotic payoff (if there was one) for a playdoc was in contemplating the examination afterwards, perhaps days later, and marveling that it had taken place at all. He wondered if it were the same for the patient, although Joan’s hard nipples showed otherwise, and there were other signs that could become apparent as the exam went on.

“Very good, Joan, you can put your arm down now.” he said. “I’d like to listen to your heart again and then your abdomen.” He put back in the stethoscope earpiece and touched the disc between her still uncovered breasts, moving it over and around her breasts and listening intently. He moved it lower and began to travel it over her middle section, hearing faint digestive noises. “I’m listening for standard bowel sounds.” The steth was definitely a revealing instrument; he was fascinated by what he heard and he also enjoyed the tactile sensation as he pushed it against the patient’s belly. Doc Welch worked it over her entire abdominal area, moving lower and lower until he reached the edge of the drape just below her waist. Wanting to maintain his patient’s semblance of modesty at this point, yet knowing that the feel of the stethoscope slipping to her lower abdomen would be an interesting sensation, he folded the towel back a few more inches then delicately slipped the disc under its edge as he worked the steth between his patient’s hipbones and listened for the femoral pulse. He moved it to a point on her lower abdomen; as he bent over her he could see the swell of his patient’s pubic mound beneath the drape but did not want to expose anything more just yet. After listening for a few seconds he pulled the disc out from beneath the drape as he straightened up and removed the earpieces.