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Zoe's Desires

Chapter 1 - Meet Zoe

Zoe is an amazing woman. How she keeps up with everything she does, gets involved in, or wanders into is beyond me.

I first knew Zoe as a nurse on a medical-surgical ward in the local hospital. The hospital was not very large, and the area towns were small as well, but they kept the hospital busy, mostly with run-of-the-mill illnesses and injuries. As did several other nurses, Zoe worked part-time, but also took on special duty cases for those whose insurance allowed that service.

This was a five foot, five inch bombshell. She had a perfect figure, blond hair, bright blue eyes, and real compassion. She loved to work with patients and families. Luckily, as it turned out, most of the families never knew the 'real care' she gave patients, especially male patients, and that was probably for the best.

Zoe grew up in a town about fifty miles away, went to the State University Nursing Program, and graduated near the top of her class. She came from a family of nurses, her mother and grandmother had both been nurses, graduating from what once was a local hospital school. Zoe learned early and often of the benefits of staying healthy. She was seldom sick, rarely stayed home from school, and if she did, it was because she was truly ill.

When I came to know Zoe, she was living in an apartment near the hospital with two roommates, both hotties themselves, and all of them enjoyed a good time, often frequenting the local bars and clubs. She enjoyed all sorts of entertainment, but truly loved a quiet evening at home, listening to soft music or watching old films on TV.

At the time, I was an inhalation therapist, the only one at that time, and kept pretty busy, especially with the older patients. There was one patient, on the floor where Zoe worked, that needed constant oxygen and breathing exercises since she had been a patient for a considerable time. That kept me on the floor a good part of the day.

On this particular day, coming up to the floor, i found a young nurse rummaging through the supply cabinets, obviously not finding what she needed. As i approached, i could hear her mumbling things to herself, something about being new and unable to find things. I approached to offer my help, and could not help but notice I was nearing a woman with an incredible figure, gorgeous legs, and a simply amazing ass. She must have heard me, since she turned abruptly to face me.

"Hi," was her first words, "Do you know anything about this floor? I'm new and can't seem to find anything I need." She had a pretty face, a nice smile, an even more impressive smirk, and a great set of tits. Everything a guy wants in a woman.

"Sure, I think I can help," I answered, "By the way, i'm Jack, the inhalation therapist in these parts." I extended my hand. She shook it, and smiled broadly.

"I'm Zoe, one of the nurses on duty, and I have to give the guy in room 10 an enema, and I can't find the equipment."

"Fleet, or the big guy?" I asked.

"He needs a major clean-out for a procedure later in the day," she responded, continuing to rummage through the cabinet.

"OK, then, you are in the wrong place," I offered, moving over to a cabinet further over from where she stood, and opened one side to show the disposable bags, and the small squeezers. "Think this is what you want," I added.

Zoe beamed. To her, it was the mother lode of needed supplies. She turned quickly, and came over, putting her arms around me and gave me a hug.

"Thanks, I would have been all day in the wrong place.

On impulse, I bent over and kissed her on the forehead, responding, "It's OK. Now go and get this guy as clean as a whistle, and, by the way, how about lunch?"

"Love to," she beamed, grabbing the equipment she needed, and breaking off toward a cart she had beside her with other supplies. "How about in an hour. Come by, I will be ready by then."

"Great," I responded. "I understand the cafeteria has all the usual food designed to give your body problems. Be here in an hour."

Zoe looked down at her cart, and turned back toward me. "Be careful what you eat, or you might be on the other end of one of these instruments of torture some time." We both laughed, then she started toward her patient, and I collected what i needed to deal with with mine.

A new friendship is blossoming.


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