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A different person to different people at different times

A different person to different people at different times

I'm late writing this so I will touch on what happened the night I was finally able to meet someone from here at Zity. I don't know how often people from here actually meet other people from here or how those meetings go when they do see each other face-to-face. I've been thinking about that a lot and I've always wondered if I could go through with a meeting and how it would turn out in real life. I'm still wondering. I also wondered where I should post this, here, or over at Lora's and my post. I am putting it here because this is really about Lora and the woman she is and probably always was.

Lora had told me that Gibby would be making a visit with her and gave me a general idea when she would be in town. She was pretty excited about that but also worried that Gibby wouldn't like the place and I told Lora that Gibby was there to visit her on her way through and probably wouldn't really notice our little corner at the end of the trail. Where we live, we tell people it is a nice place to be "From" which means that you left this wonderful garden spot we call home. It isn't a bad place, just way the hell away from everything and there is that small town politics that can be a pain in the ass. Lora and I have both had run-ins with the local political process and occasionally we get to grin when one of Lora's favorite sayings comes true. Her favorite saying is, "Karma's a bitch!"

I was working late as usual and it had been a long-assed day. Lora had sent me a text earlier in the day saying that Gibby and Skuter, her dog, were in town and that she would be running around checking out the sights. I almost sent her a text back asking her what she was going to do with the rest of the 23 hours and 45 minutes of the day after the tour was over. I didn't. Lora didn't say anything about coming by so I didn't have to rearrange the stacks of paper on my desk or try to make it look neat. I was going to be here late anyway. That was the last I heard from Lora the rest of the day. I think she covered the time between the text she sent me and when she came to my office pretty good.

It was real late, about 10P or 11P when I got a text from Lora, "where r u", and the buzz that my phone makes when a text came in made me jump a little.

"At the office," I sent back.

"u bi urself", she asked.

I translated that and figured out what she said and told her, "Yep."

"r u alone & do u want 2 meet gibby" she texted.

Lora's Mom had been a teacher and would have a fit seeing how she types out messages. I guess everyone is doing it and I was in the Lora mode and could read what she said. I sent her the message back, "Yes, I'm here and it is all clear."

"kewl" she said, "when we get there do what u always do its ok"

What the hell did she mean by that? I wasn't sure what she meant but I replied, "Will do." I should have said, "No clue but will do!"

The first thing that popped into my head about what I "always do" when Lora comes by is that I take her clothes off at the door when she steps into the lobby. She likes that and I sure as hell do! The thing was that Gibby was going to be with her and so I had second, third, and fourth, thoughts about taking her clothes off when she got there like I always have been doing on those rare times we can get together.

I really wasn't sure what she meant when she sent another text saying she would see me soon. I sent something back to her and she replied that I should just be myself or something like that. I don't think she was real sure about what to do either. I would have to play it by ear.

I left my light on in my office and went out to the lobby but didn't turn on any lights. I waited and pretty soon her pickup pulled up across the street and I saw two people in there and a dog. The person in the passenger side was shorter and the dog had his nose out taking in all of the smells. Lora got out first and I unlocked the lobby door and watched her cross the street and come up the stairs and I opened the door just as she got there. It was good to see her and she gave me that great smile that she has and I knew what I was going to do. She turned around to wave at Gibby and I went for it and just started pulling her pants down. My thumbs hooked into the waistband of her panties, too, and just like that I started the down her legs.

She was waving to Gibby to come on over and started bitching about nearly falling over. I had her step out of her shoes as I had her pants and panties down around her ankles and I let her steady herself as she did so. I looked up and out into the street and saw Gibby starting across. I also saw Lora's very nice bush right there, too. I could feel her warmth on my face even as hot at the night still was. Gibby was walking across the street as I took that coat or whatever it was off of Lora and undid her blouse and then took off her bra. There were her "girls" in all their glory and Lora was now totally naked and Gibby was just about to walk into the lobby.

Lora and I hugged and she pressed tightly up against me. Damn, she felt good! We gave each other a short kiss and I ran my hand down her back and over her ass and slipped the tip of my finger down far enough to tell that she wasn't wearing her anal jewel.

She chuckled a little as she pressed forward to me and said, "I want you to put it in for me in a little while."

"You bet," I was able to answer. Then Gibby stepped into the lobby.

She's, as Lora describes her, "iddy biddy" and she has one hell of a smile going on for her. Lora and I quit hugging and she turned to introduce me to Gibby and vice versa. I saw Gibby looking mostly at Lora as she spoke and glancing at me, too, and I remembered that Gibby couldn't hear and so she was reading Lora's lips. I'm guessing. As Lora was making the introduction, she kept glancing toward the lobby door which was standing wide open. If I had been any kind of gentleman I would have closed the door. I didn't.

Gibby and I said our "how-do-you-do's" and I started to extend my hand when she reached up and put her arms around my neck and gave me a great hug. I have to say I like hugs. I mean, hugs from women.

I was surprised at how strong Gibby felt. There was a lot of strength and energy in this "iddy biddy" woman. I think she is more than just into martial arts or Tai Kwon Do. I am thinking she may be a ninja. She can sure give a good hug and as she did so I saw Lora looking at her and she gave me a wink and said that it was a good thing Gibby was wearing underwear. Well, there went that little fantasy of her not wearing any underwear and going commando. "Thanks a lot for bursting that bubble," I was thinking.

Gibby wasn't in any hurry to let go of our hug, "It's good to finally meet you."

"Same here," I told her, "I've read a lot of your stuff on Zity and really liked it."

"Thank you," she smiled and it was a nice smile. "I like what you write, too. She really does talk like you write," Gibby said and winked at me and looked over at Lora still standing there naked with the lobby door open.

"Hey, I don't cuss that much," Lora protested but was smiling. Still, she did glance a few more times towards the open lobby door and was probably wondering why I had left it open. After all, she was naked, "Hello!"

It was nice holding Gibby for a little while. She seemed very open and at ease with herself and could probably kick Rhonda Rousey's ass. She seemed pretty confident in herself and it was like I had known her for a long time. That is probably from reading what she wrote over at Zity. I let Gibby make the first move to let go of each other and I finally went over to close the lobby door. Lora had already put her clothes on the bench and was almost in the center of the lobby when I shut and locked the door. I remember thinking that there was something about Lora, but what was it?

Lora was standing there, naked, except she did put her shoes back on, and that made her seem even more naked somehow.

"You look real good standing there," I said to Lora. She did, too. She wasn't seeming like she was the least bit shy at all.

"Why thank you, kind sir," she chuckled and did a little curtsey type thing. Then she turned around slowly in front of both me and Gibby and gave us a good look at her. I have to say that her putting her shoes on did something for me. Oh, yeah. I was trying to figure out what was going on with Lora and why she seemed different somehow. It was what I expected from her with her being the only one naked in the room.

"Let's get out of the lobby and go into the offices," I told them. Then I felt a hand softly touch my face and it was Gibby turning my face to hers.

"What did you say?" She asked me.

"I said, 'let's get out of the lobby and go into the offices," I repeated. Lora just smiled, it was a sweet smile. What was it about Lora?

"Ok," Gibby said, "I thought you might have said that, it is just easier if I can see you talk."

"Got it," I told her. "I'll try to remember that." Right then I wondered if she could see up my nose. She is pretty short and for some reason I began to wonder if my nose was clean.

Inside of the offices there was a lot more light. I was going to give Gibby the tour of the place but a naked lady beat me to it. Hell, it was cool watching Lora walking around naked in my offices showing Gibby this and that. Lora was so at ease about it, her voice, the way she stood, walked, gestured with her hands, just about everything she was doing was just like her being the only one naked bothered her. She was pretty matter-of-fact about it. I was really watching her. She was fascinating the hell out of me the way she just seemed so natural about being the only one naked. Almost like it was just me and her in the office like usual. It was cool!

While I was taking in Lora and all her naked glory, I was starting to notice other things about her. I noticed things about Gibby, too. Not just that she had nice legs and a good figure or the way she walked. I noticed that Lora and Gibby would touch each other's arms or shoulders, or a pat on the ass, or a nod here and there. That bit about Gibby having to see Lora talk was interesting, too. I wondered if Gibby noticed Lora's bit of a southern drawl or if she could tell just by reading lips. Both of them talk with their hands, too. I bet if you handcuffed both of them they couldn't talk a lot. I didn't say that to them because I would probably end up with handcuffs ratcheted down tight on my nuts.

The more I watched Lora, the more it hit me that she was really getting into being naked in front of Gibby and me. We were in the conference room and Lora was showing Gibby where she hung our enema bags when we give each other enemas on the table. Lora's eyes were dilated and she looked right at me and her nipples were very hard when our eyes met. Gibby caught us looking at each other and I think Gibby's nipples must have turned hard then, too, because they sure seemed to be poking through the fabric of her dress.

I didn't even try to disguise me checking out Lora from top to bottom. Usually I am pretty discrete when I check a woman out and try not to be too obvious. Women probably can tell when I do check them out, but I like to kid myself that I am too slick for them to notice. Not right then. I was eyeing Lora like it was the first time I ever saw her naked. Unlike the first time I saw her naked, Lora wasn't even a little bit shy right now. As far as I knew, this was the first time Lora had ever been naked in front of two people at once. Let alone being the only one naked. I could tell that she liked it. She liked it a lot!

Lora showed Gibby where she and I first talked about colonoscopy, no I haven't had one yet, and how it eventually came out about us and enemas. I knew for a fact now that Lora was aroused, not only by her pert nipples, but that bush of hers was just a little moist and her lips a little fuller. While the two of them weren't looking, I adjusted Woody a little bit because my pubic hair was being pulled and it was getting a kink in it.

We were getting ready to go into the next office where the couch was, that is the office where Lora and I will sit together in the dark and hold each other or have an enema or two when time permits. It is where we did most of our get-togethers when Lora's Mom's house had renters in it. Gibby asked us both about some things we had written about wondered how long we had known each other.

"I think it was around 1996," I told Gibby. Lora had walked over to me and stood by my side and we put our arms around each others waists.

"Yeah," she said looking at me then Gibby before she said, "It was probably around 1996, but I think I knew you before that, say, '93 or something?"

"When you worked down in the front office?" I asked, I wasn't too sure about the date.

"Yes," she mused and her hand slipped down to my ass and gave it a squeeze, "I was working in the front office. That's where I first saw you." My hand was on her ass and kneading it. For some reason I went to check to see if she had the anal jewel in her but I remembered. She just winked at me and stroked her hand over the front of my jeans. It was a good thing I had made the adjustment or I would have really been hurting.

"Would you two like to be alone?" Gibby asked, giving us both a sly wink.

"No," Lora said with a really wicked smile. I got the idea Lora would have done me right there in front of Gibby and not bat an eye.

Well, that wasn't expected! Then I thought to myself, "Oh geeze! What if?" For me, that "What if?" is a real concern to me at my age. Even though it's every guy's dream, ya really have to be able to be, "consistent" if some of you guys know what I mean.

"Maybe not this time," Lora continued with Gibby, bailing my ass out, "I'm just enjoying being the only one naked right now and I want to just enjoy being the center of attention." She gave me a quick kiss on my cheek and patted my ass and motioned for Gibby to follow her while she finished up the tour.

Before Lora continued with the tour, she stopped and asked me, "Would you do me a favor and put my jewel in? It's kinda what we came over for, too."

"Oh heck, yeah!" She didn't have to ask me twice.

"Ok, hang on I'll go get it," and she turned to go to the lobby because she had left the jewel her clothes which were out there on the bench. I watched her naked self walk out the office door and down to the lobby door, open it, and go through.

"You two make a cute couple," Gibby told me when I looked back around. "A lot of what you wrote about shows between you two."

"She's neat people," I told her. "She works hard and she is a damn good friend. Have you been over to her Mom's house?"

"Yes, that's where we came from," Gibby told me. "That's a nice little set up you have downstairs. Cozy. Cool in this heat. Damn, it's hot here!"

"Yep, and we're told we're lucky," and I rolled my eyes at that. Gibby just chuckled.

"How do you like those mirrors?" Gibby asked.

"You know," I said, "I wasn't too sure at first, but they're kinda nice. Different, for sure."

Lora then came back from the lobby with just the anal jewel and a tube of KY in her hands. "Got it," she announced.

"Let's go into my office and you lean over my desk," I told Lora. Now, this I could do without any fear.

Lora set off in the lead for my office, which was fine by me because I could watch her ass as she walked down the hall, and I also let Gibby go before me, too. Yep, I watched her walk, too.

We stopped by my desk and Lora handed me her jewel and the KY. I began putting the KY on the jewel while Lora gave the details to Gibby about how we have "initiated" my desk a couple of times. I listened as she griped about her girls being poked with stuff on the top of my desk when I bent her over it to fuck her from behind.

I just glanced at her and said, "Yeah, but you liked it. So quit yer bitching."

I finished coating her jewel with the KY and looked at her and asked, "Are you all clean back there for me to put this in?"

Gibby piped up and said, "She's clean, I gave her three enemas just before we came over here."

I then turned Lora around and had her bend over my desk and Gibby stepped over to where she could see Lora's face and also have a view of her ass. Gibby took one of Lora's hands and held it up against her, I think up against Gibby's pussy over her clothes, is what it looked like, but not in some lewd way, just to hold her hand.

I love Lora's ass. It is nice and round and shapely. Curved in all the right places. Supple. Soft. There she was bent over my desk, like a few times before, and I used my left hand to part her butt cheeks so that I could see her nice pink rosebud. I love putting things into Lora's ass, too. Enema nozzles, douche nozzle, a dildo, a vibrator, my dick, my finger, and her anal jewel. I had some KY left on my fingers and so I slipped one, then another, into her ass and spread what KY was left up inside of her. I have to tell you that her ass is one of the softest, warmest, most inviting places I have ever put my dick in, ever. A pussy is a nice place to put your dick, but Lora's ass is special to me. She's not just some hole to fuck and shoot my wad. When I'm in her ass, there is a whole friend wrapped around that little pecker. Don't get me wrong, it's not me just being warm and fuzzy, but when we do her in her ass, we are all about good old fashioned lust and fucking. You have to be her friend to get that close, first.

I took the lubed jewel and put the tip up against Lora's rosebud, "You ready for this?"

I saw her squeeze Gibby's hands, Gibby and her both looking at each other, and Lora said, "Yes."

Just yes. Nothing more. Just, yes.

Spreading her butt cheeks just a little, I pressed the jewel up to her rosebud, the tip. It really looked like her rosebud was kissing the tip of the jewel and then it began to slide open and skim along the surface of the polished jewel. It's tapered pretty good, but it is a good inch and a half wide at the widest part and I could feel a little resistance, or push back, as I kept pressing it into Lora. I had the jewel almost to the widest part of the taper when Lora spread her feet a little wider apart and angled her hips so that her ass was pointed more at an upward angle for me. That really exposed her pussy to me and her lips were swollen and I could see her wetness right there. My thumb was on the jewel round and my forefinger and middle finger were steadying it as I pressed it into Lora. My ring finger and little finger were coming in contact with her pussy. I could feel the head from her and those fingers were brushing right up along her slit. I let them keep in contact like that as I eased the jewel into Lora.

Lora's rosebud slipped up over the largest part of the jewel and then it almost seemed like the jewel just "popped" into her the rest of the way as she closed herself down around the shaft part of the jewel. She gave out a moan and a sigh and maybe a little gasp when it popped the rest of the way into her. There was a smile on her face and one on Gibby's, too. Gibby let go one of her hands from Lora's and leaned over to see the jewel in Lora's ass. I let my middle finger, ring finger, and little finger, slip into Lora's slit and folds of her pussy which was very wet. It was always so cool how I could curl my finger up when she was in this position and feel the bulk of the jewel in her ass. I was like a kid with a new toy.

I had always prided myself on what I thought I knew about anatomy, but every time I slid my fingers into Lora's pussy if she has something in her ass, I am always a little surprised at how well I can feel it in her. I totally get how intense it gets for her when we put her jewel or something in her ass, and then use a vibrator or dildo in her pussy. That is a fantastic sight to see and experience with her when we do that, especially if she is holding an enema, too. She also has something she calls a "pocket rocket" that we use on her clit sometimes when we have all this other stuff going on. It's almost more than she can stand and sometimes it just hits her so hard that all she can do is lay there after cumming so many times, and her body just seems to quiver.

As an older guy, it turns me on to be able to get her to react like that. Inspiring, you might say. Usually, most of the time, I'm a one-shot kinda guy, two if we do the little blue pill and time things right. Every once in a blue moon I can hit it three times if I can get her off like that to where she just quivers. I remember when I could fuck all night and all the next day and cut diamonds with my dick. Age catches up with your ass. Have a lady friend who "gets it" and doesn't mind toys and little blue pills to do the trick, still makes it possible for a guy to say to himself after the deed is done, "I fucked your lights out!"

I digressed.

That night, with Gibby there holding her hand, wasn't the time to do that. At the time I had a hint that this was really Lora's night to shine and find another part of herself. In hindsight, and reading what both Lora and Gibby posted, and also talking to Lora over some enemas, I can see that it was Lora's night. Looking back I can see that Lora had, basically, just discovered that she likes being the only one naked. I did pick up on that when it was just the two of us and her liking to be naked in front of me or around me. Oh, yeah.

I have also read about the mirrors in "our" room. In what she said in a post about seeing herself naked in the mirrors and being "enjoyed" by someone, giving her confidence. This is pop-psychology territory. I'll leave it at me saying something like, "I told ya so!" Lora has a nice body. More than that, she has a great personality and understanding to go with it.

When I got through putting the jewel in Lora's ass, she was wet. Being honest, or crude, or both, I think Gibby was a little wet, too. Her nipples were about as hard as Lora's. We did have Lora walk up and down the hall and around the office to "model" her jewel for us.

After Lora's turn as a jewelry model, we sat around and talked a little bit. I got to know Gibby a little better and even met Skuter when she aired him out. Gibby's a neat gal and every bit as sensual in person as she is when she writes in Zity. I have never met anyone from any of the places I have ever been on the internet unless it was something like Facebook where there are people I know. The only reason I met Gibby was through Lora who is crazy (in a good way) enough to take a chance and meet someone. Lora has a good instinct about people and she must have trusted Gibby enough to get to know her and to finally meet up with her in person.

It was getting late about then and all good things had to come to an end. It's always the pits when Lora has to put her clothes back on, but it seemed worse that night.

Gibby gave me a hug before they had to go. It was a great hug. Gibby hugged me pretty tight and I am sure that she could tell that I was "happy to see her" and it wasn't a banana in my pocket. You can hug me anytime.

Lora was dressed. It was time for both of them to go and I got a chuckle out of both of them when I told them, "You two take care of each other."

I think they did.


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