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A Premenstrual Enema for my Girlfriend

A Premenstrual Enema for my Girlfriend

I got a job as an orderly when I was eighteen because I had a vision of being a doctor. The hospital in a small town in Iowa was administered by a friend of my Mother. So I got the job. Soon, I realized all the really bad jobs went to the orderlies. Soon I ran into the administrator who was known as the "big boss" and she wanted to know how I was doing. Not to disappoint, everything was great, of course. She said I was ready to start giving enemas and performing catheterizations. I nurse taught me how and soon I was performing my new tasks on old and young men. Pretty soon, they had me coming in earlier in the morning to help with all the pre-op and occasionally helping out on the ob-gyn floor--mostly with the Hispanic women in the large wards. I tall and strong and the nurses loved it when I helped. All this goes to tell you, I was a pretty good enema giver.

My 19 year old girl friend and I were just getting into sex when I went to visit her on morning during the summer. I was met at the door by her Mom who was heading out to volunteer at the Red Cross and would not be back for six hours. She said Emily was upstairs "under the weather" but she would appreciate some company for a few minutes. Emily's Mom left soon after I went in to Emily's room. She told me she was hoping I would come up and we kissed a couple of times. It turns out she got severe cramps almost every period and was in me with a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel. She wasn't interested in anything to do with sex even though this was a perfect opportunity with her Mother gone. I thought a minute and said, "Why don't you put the hot water inside of you instead of on top of you??"

She was quite surprised and then figured out I was suggesting an enema. She said it had been several years since she had one and was not interested. I reminded her what I did at the hospital and that I gave enemas to both men and women. She still was not interested. I then went to the logic route. "You have to admit, that warm feeling in your colon wrapped around your uterus has got to be better that sitting there in the hot water bottle. Well, to get to the point, she agreed to a small enema but she didn't want any forced high volume enema and she would tell me when she wanted to let it out. Agreed. The box with the hoses and nozzles for the combination bag was under her bed. I assembled the bag and asked where she wanted it receive the enema. She thought the bathroom would be best. She reluctantly got out of bed and was kind of bent over walking to the bathroom. I put towels on the floor and asked where the Vaseline was. Soon I was ready for her. She kneeled on the towels, and lifted up her nightgown and bent over in the knee-chest position without asking. Her butt was so beautiful and her asshole was presented to be for the very first time. I suggested she remove the nightgown all the was in case there was some splatter during evacuation.

I hung the bag on a coat hanger and attached to a towel rack. I let the air out of the tube and lubricated the tip. In the hospital they told us we were not supposed to lube the patient's anal sphincter but I knew all the nurses did so I did Emily's. It was delightful. I got a real hard on. She looked back at me and asked me to be very gentle. I was using the straight 3' nozzle which slipped in very easily. I let the water in and soon she was complaining. I stopped. We waited a few minutes and she had some real cramps and wanted to go even though she had taken less than a quart. I waited with her even thought the smell was really bad. The window was open and the air cleared and I told her I was used to that part. It turned out she was constipated too. Large amounts of poop were coming out. I told her another enema was going to be needed.

She knew I was right and did not contest it. Sitting nude on the toilet let me see her beautiful perky and firm breasts. After about 10 minutes she was in position for her second enema. This time she took about a quart and a half. She held it for about three minutes and then let go. I sent her back to bed after she dumped it all.

I cleaned up the mess so her mother wouldn't know and did my best to blow all the water of the tubing and put it back in the box. When I went to her room, she was inserting a tampon. Her period had started.


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