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Last Saturday and the man cave

Last Saturday and the man cave

Saturday, one of those days- too much to be done so I said I needed ME time for a change. Off to the man cave, everyone else was away doing whatever.

Out came the magic box and my selection of electrodes mostly designed and made by me. I selected my favorite penis insert with the large ring at the top, a conductive rubber for the base electrode and a bi-polar anal trode that stretches the imagination just a little.

Doors locked, phone on do not disturb, cell phone in the truck and off come all the clothing. I lube up the stainless cone shaped insert and begin to push past the urinary sphincter into my drippy cock. As it pops into place, big boy responds knowing something good is about to happen. Quickly I tightly strap on the conductive rubber around the base of the now hardening cock.

Wire clips are attached to the anal trode, lube liberally applied and pushed home as far up my ass as possible. The feeling of fullness and it touching the prostate is unbelievable.

Once seated in my cushioned reclining chair I turn my attention to the computers. The stim player is loaded with routines such as Warm-up, Cock-teaser, Stroke slow, Hard Masturbation, punishment, electric milking, Prostate pulse, ghost fucker and others that last from one minute to 5 minutes for a total time of over an hour.

I start the automatic player set my remote slider controls and minimize the player screen as I feel the first buzz on my cock and then the bump in my ass like someone just entered my forbidden zone. I know if I watch the player I will be too tempted to jump routines and cum quickly.

I bring up the second computer with a video compilation of people using different fuck machines as I recline and relax for the long ride. At my side is the remote slider controls for tweaking the stim level on my cock and ass separately.

Ahhhh this is the life, I feel the warming of my dick and the slow squeezing of my ass as I watch two beautiful girls obviously enjoying fuck machines as one squirts and screams arching her back like only a real orgasm will do. She quickly slides off the dildo as the sensations are just too much.The other is laughing but enjoying the ride.

OH YEA.. there is the faster routine of Cock-teaser stroking alternately front and then the back door on me. The hollow penis insert is dripping pre-cum in long strings as my cock is waving with each electrical stroke. Damm I could be an orchestra leader with motion like that.

The video is now showing a guy being screwed by a machine with his legs in the air so I lift my legs to help the mood. It is almost like I was the guy in the video but my dick is hard enough to chip concrete and my breathing is becoming rapid. I ease up the intensity on the anal probe causing the probe to be pulled into my ass and released almost in time with the machine.

I better slow down or this will be over, so the slider is moved toward the minus position, my legs are lowered as a new routine gives me a breather, the cock fades a little but is still relatively hard.

The guy in the video manages a soft cum by stroking his half hard dick.

The next video is a girl on a white table, and she is beautiful in every way. She places a double dildo machine, one in her pussy and one in her ass. as she turns on the machine the top dildo slides in her pussy as the other withdraws from her ass. For me, there is the hard masturbation routine being played as my cock begins to really get hard again.

I up the sliders until the ass is thumping and my cock keeps being hit with wave after wave of stokes. I feel myself and an my cock clinching my muscles each time the wave comes through. The girl now has a magic wand vibrator on her clit as she uses her other hand to massages her tit.

I am getting close and would like to hold this feeling but my body is not cooperating and wants to cum so bad as I squirm and clinch my legs in time with each faster wave.

Suddenly about the same time as the girl climaxes, I shoot shot after shot of baby batter out of the hole in the penis insert as I holler out loud, then sliding both controls down to a light stim feeling I seem to melt further into my recliner at piece with all the world in a pleasant buzzing meltdown.

I know my ass and cock will continue to feel the waves for another 20 minutes in the afterglow of E-stim sex.


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