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Another Saturday Night

Another Saturday Night

Another Saturday night. I put my daughter to bed, and now it's time for some fun! I usually like to start with a couple of glasses of wine, or a few beers; Both for the mellow buzz and the water content.

I wrap my vibrating butterfly in some saran wrap and slide it into place over my clit and then pull a double disposable diaper snugly into place, tickling my shaved lower lips. Then I start my night cruising the Yahoo

Groups and other sites for the latest diaper material. I turn the butterfly on low. By now I'm almost ready for my first of many pisses tonight. I hold it as long as I can, finally flooding my diapers in a minute-long high pressure release of warm joy. The final relief of that first piss is almost orgasmic in itself. I wiggle around in my chair, rubbing my pussy lips on the now wet diaper, and the butterfly buzzes on. Now it's time for the poop I've been holding all day. Already having tonight planned in my mind, I ate a lot of cheese in the last two days to bulk up my poop. After relieving my bladder, my rectum was crying out for help. I got on my knees on my bed, putting my face in my pillow and ass high in the air, giving my diaper the spreading room it would need. After about three minutes of grunting, the first log made its way out. I watched in the mirror as that solid log pushed my diaper all the way out, finally starting to spread up and down my crack. The last portion of the turd couldn't push any farther into the diaper, and being as solid as I had planned, it held open my rosebud, prepping it for the fun to come later.

Turning up the butterfly, I get back up into my towel-covered chair and slowly lean back to feel that sweet, smelly mess on my ass. I grab my 6 " vibrator on the nightstand, slide my diaper aside and slowly impale myself on the plastic joy. Once I have the dildo seated all the way up inside, I pull my diaper back in place and sit back down, rolling my ass around, feeling the warm poop spread between my pussy lips. I lay back in my chair and imagine that I have this gorgeous brunette babe I work with sitting on my face, reaching back, playing with the load in my diaper, spreading it all over my ass while I eat her sweet pussy. After about three more minutes of this I have a wrenching orgasm and then just melt into the cushions of the chair for a while.

I rouse myself eventually, go over to the cabinet and down three shots of Jack Black, just to keep my buzz going. Next, I move to the bathroom to clean up. After a hot shower, I re-diaper myself, working a generous glob of vaseline in my asshole. Now, I head back to my computer. I put in my favorite video of a woman that looks a lot like me (but a little thinner in the ass) taking on four guys in every hole. I slide my 6 incher and butterfly back into place, this time adding an inflatable, vibrating butt plug. I feel so filled as the plug nestles into place, my asshole snugging down around the lower taper. First things first, I let go of a long stream of hot piss in my fresh diaper, wiggling around on my seat, tickling my pussy all over again.

I turned the plug in my ass and the butterfly to low speed, leaving the dildo in my pussy to complete my plastic concerto. With my lower holes filled, I settle back to watch my movie, giving a blow job to a medium size cucumber while the girl in the movie got the real thing. As the movie goes on and more of her holes get filled, I turn on and turn up all my buzzing buddies, amazed that the seeds haven't come through the skin of the cucumber the way I'm sucking on it. Finally, I reach down and pump up the inflatable butt plug. The walls of my rectum push out against my buzzing vaginal canal. Oh My God!! This is the stuff religion is made of! At this point I would do anything to keep this feeling going forever. Soon the triple point vibrator treatment sends me over the edge for the second time tonight. My hips dry humping, my pussy and asshole alternately contacting around their separate invaders, and I'm pissing uncontrollably in my diaper.

Life is good.

I often feel I would like to find someone to share these fantasies with, but then I ask myself "Why screw up a good thing?"


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