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Thunder and Lightning at Lake

Thunder and Lightning at Lake

Thunder and Lightning

David and I are at the lake we are about 10 or 11 years of age. We have the boy's bedroom with two great big old queen sized beds in it. Across the hall is the girl's room with two sets of bunks and two queen beds. With nine kids in our family the beds where all needed and quite often filled with friends and family. This weekend it was Mom and my six older sisters and my best ever friend David. David is a family favorite, my sisters love him like a brother and Mom loves him because he is a bed wetter. Well not just because he is a bed wetter but he was treated like one of the family at all times.

Late night and off in the distance we can see the flashes of light and the low slow rumble of a thunderstorm headed our way. The thunder storms at the lake are quite spectacular and even a little scary. David and I are all comfy in the big old beds properly attired for a good nights sleep. David being a bed wetter was tucked neatly into one of Mom's night time soakers and a great pair of plastic pants. I had on the exact same night time soaker and the identical plastic pants. I was not a bed wetter but Mom thought it made David feel better not being the only person in diapers at night. The only other clothes we would wear are what ever t-shirt we had on from the day. I loved it when David was over because I got to be diapered with my Buddy at night.

Getting on to midnight there was a big clap of thunder and a huge flash of light and all of the lights went out in the old cottage. I could hear the many feet of all of my sisters trotting across the hall and into our bedroom. Lee, Wendy, and Linda jumped into bed with David and Molly, Phylis, and Barb jumped into bed with me. Ha the brave big sisters where afraid of a little thunderstorm. They all cuddled in close and shook like scared little girls. David and I began to tease them about being little scardy cats of a little thunder storm. This was not a good idea for us to get the girls a little riled up especially when the two of us where in diapers and plastic pants.

I was safe from the three biggest instigators my three eldest sisters, David was in trouble. Not only did he have three cute girls in bed with him he was in a damp diaper and plastic pants. He was on the verge of a very embarrassing diaper change at the hands of three of the cutest hotties at school.

Hey little boy we may be afraid of the storm but we did not wet our diapers like you did. Hey girls I think we should change this little boys diapers. Molly, Barb go get the diaper basket from Mom's room and lets give this little guy just what he deserves. The girls had all of the covers pulled back and poor David was in the middle of the bed flat on his back on the verge of a diaper change. My sister Lee and Wendy started to stick their hands inside of his plastic pants feeling how damp David's diapers were. Molly soon arrived back to the bed with Mom's diaper basket with all of the diapering supplies. She had also grabbed a number of clean diapers from the stack in the hall closet. It took next to no time at all for the three girls to get David positioned on a changing pad and work his plastic pants down to his ankles. Next the girls started to unpin his diapers stabbing the pins back into the changing pad. All ready for their return to his dry diapers upon completion of David's diaper change.

I have to admit it was quite a sight seeing my best friend getting his diapers changed by my three biggest sisters. The whole activity was one of the kinkiest things I think I have ever watched. David was treated to the gentlest of diaper changes by my older sisters who were only 4 years ahead of us in school. This is something my sister Lee reminded David of a couple of times during his diaper change. One word of this gets out and the entire school will know about me changing your diapers for you.


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