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You're not serious, are you?

You're not serious, are you?

The girls have been telling me all kinds of things about you and the little things you enjoy. I have never heard of such things before, but they do intrigue me some. Can we get together at your place or even mine and I would like to try a few things with you? I promise it will be only you and I and no one else will hear a word from me about it.

Your not the first to ask me this very same questions about my sexual desires and my little kinks, shall we say. I would love to show you my collection of toys and things if you would like to come over for a weekend.

A whole weekend, isn't that a bit much?

Believe me when we get going with what I do and want to do with you a weekend might not even be enough.

The Girls around the table at the Bar told me you where into diapers and dressing as a baby. Now how can that take an entire weekend?

That first little part of the kinks I enjoy won't take anytime at all. But as we play you might get into what I have planned for young ladies who join with me for some diaper fun. Your first diaper change will make you a little more aware of the things I can do for you while caring for your diapers.

Oh! so you plan on putting me into diapers too do you?

Well yes, while I am going to be changing your diapers your going to get more than just a clean nappy while your up on my changing table. What did you figure was going to happen? It would not be all that much fun for you to see me parade around in my diapers now would it?

To be honest I thought it might be a hoot to just see an adult in diapers and rubber pants, but I am starting to get a little turned on by the whole Idea now. So your going to diaper me and make me stay in diapers are you? Are you going to be wearing diapers too while this is happening?

Well yes, if you like, I have outfits that would make us look like twin little ones in diapers and plastic or rubber pants as you call them.

Mom always referred to plastic pants as rubber pants for my little brothers when they still wore diapers. So you think I am going to enjoy wearing diapers and having you change me do you?

I have had a few young ladies orgasm during their first diaper changes on my table. That is why I have safety straps to hold young ladies down and safe onto the changing table. You will find the table very comfy with the thick diaper changing pads and the stirrups that hold your legs in the right position for me to work on your diapers. Do you like oral sex and have you ever been brought to orgasm with a person's mouth?

No! I have only had typical slam bang thank you Mam sex with a few men that know nothing about oral skills south of the waistline. They are only interested in my big tits and sucking on them. I must say you have my full attention and I am feeling a little steamy right now with thoughts of your face between my thighs. Can you give me a little sample while we talk here?

Now here! This is a bar, what about the Lady's Room? Are you wearing any panties under your skirt? Hey my place is only minutes from here and we can get this all started tonight.

OK let's go, I can't believe I am this excited about having a younger man putting me in diapers and plastic pants. As wet as my panties are maybe I need to start wearing diapers? Especially when I have an attentive young man who will change me.

Relax your in safe hands and I am sure your going to enjoy every moment of your experience. Oh, by the way have you ever had a high volume enema before?

So young man your going to give me the works are you? The works, all the way down to even a dirty diaper for my first real diaper experiences.

You know it might be a lot of fun if you just lay back and go with it. I am going to be so gentle with you, your going to want to do it again and again. One thing you mentioned the girls at the Bar, what Bar?

A Bar downtown where all of us girls get together to have a few drinks and dance together. Don't worry no men allowed, only Women and Subs. Now you know I have had some of the best between my thighs, your going to have a tough time proving your better than my Gay Girlfriends.

I'll take that as a challenge, that I will master during your first diaper change. Hey would you mind if I called you Coug?

That is Lesbian Coug to you young man! Now how about showing me the nursery, and making me feel at home in there? Was it my imagination or did you mention Champagne? 😜

I did, baby bottle or Champagne Flute?

Flute please and some grapes too?

Be right there L.Coug. Nursery is the first bedroom with the fireplace on the second floor, I'll be right there with the Champagne. Make yourself at home up there, you maybe staying there for a while.

To be Continued

said the spider to the fly.