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2 diapered girls

2 diapered girls

This is the story of how Ashleigh and Jenny got put into diapers for a week almost against their will.

Jenny is the same Jenny from the previous story I wrote entitled "Jenny and diaper." Ashligh is he best friend and they had been living together at Jenny's mom's place, but they had both been kicked out for drug use and getting fired from their jobs. So now they were living in Ashleigh's car. Well my girlfriend was going out of town for a week and this gave me an opportunity to use the house for whatever I wanted to. I formulated an idea that would give both Ashleigh and Jenny to me for whatever I wanted.

Since neither one of them had anywhere to stay other than the car; I offered them my house to stay at for the week while my girl was out of town upon two conditions. One, my girl could never find out, and secondly they do whatever I said without questioning it. Jenny knew what this meant, but Ashleigh had no idea what I had in mind, she probably chalked it up to sex when I wanted and that was about it. Anyways Ashleigh happily agreed, and Jenny agreed as well, but with more reluctantly since she knew what I would be asking of them.

We walked in my house and I asked them to both sit down. Then i began to explain to them what I would expect to happen this week. First off I told them both that they would both be wearing diapers all week due to the fact I had a diaper fetish, also I told them their diapers would be used for intended purposes meaning that they would be peeing and pooping in them at all times. I also told them to be prepared to take my penis vaginally or anally at any moment when I felt compelled to give it to them. Ashleigh then asked me, what would happen if they didn't wear and fill the diapers up like I had asked of them. I told them it wasn't an option if she was to be staying here. I asked if she wanted to stay here under those terms; she agreed. I then told her that twice daily i would be administering rectal suppositories to help them fill their diapers often enough.

Next I asked both of them to get undressed so that we could go ahead and get them into diapers. Both got naked and I realized that living in the car they hadn't had access to a shower or bathroom often. I say I realized this due to the fact they had skidmarked panties and both had bushy pussies! I told them both that they would be showering immediately and shaving that off. Since I had already given Jenny the meat thermometer before I told her to shower first. Ashleigh would be helping me lose some wood as my cock was at full potential and needing a place to park itself in. She knew what I wanted, she opened her legs to let me in her snatch and I told her no, there is too much hair there; go ahead and suck on me for a minute and then bend over and I'm going to pop your ass cherry. after 2 or 3 mins of her blowing I had her bend over. I spit on her stinkhole for some lubrication and starting slowing sliding me penis in her sphincter. By the time I worked my way in Jenny had got done with her showering and shaving. I ordered jenny over in front of Ashleigh so that Ashleigh could lick Jenny pussy to orgasm. While Ashleigh was licking I was pounding her anus. A few mins later it was time to cum. I told Ashleigh to go shower and shave, and told Jenny to suck the cum out of me. ( Ass 2 mouth, and it wasn't her ass, what a slut) A few seconds later I came. Jenny choked on my load, it was a lot though!

While Ashleigh was finishing cleaning up I told Jenny we would go ahead and get her diapered and ready for bed. I lay her on the floor with her legs up and spread, lubed up my finger and her anus, then i began pushing 3 suppositories in one by one followed by a buttplug. Right about the time i was pushing the plug in, Ashleigh walked in the room. I had her do the same as Jenny and got her suppositories in and buttplug inside her anus as well. I told them both that in one hour i would let the plugs come out and diaper them and put them to bed.

An hour had passed and both girls were complaining of cramps, i knew that meant they would be shitting a ton into their diapers shortly. I removed both plugs and put three diapers on each girl and sent them to bed. The next morning i found two very nasty and dirty bottoms begging me to change them. I did change them, but sent them to the shower first because they were a mess. when out of the shower they each got the suppository treatment and again followed by the butt plugs. But before diapering Ashleigh she asked if i would fuck her vaginally today, I said sure, why not. we went at it until i nutted and i removed their plugs and diapered them the same as the night before....

So Jenny has been hanging around a lot lately, and I of course still love diapers! I haven't had any time for them lately because my gf has been around 24/7. Jenny keeps wanting to "mess" around and she keeps trying to find us a way to fill her wants for sex from me, and knows that I need my diaper fetish filled. All that being said I don't really care to have sex w/ jenny, more less just want to diaper her fat bottom and her bushy mess between her legs... Well my gf did go out of town for the weekend, so I had bought 100 suppositories, ab cushies diapers, and some things a few weeks ago, and I finally was gonna get to use them. As soon as I knew my gf was gone and pretty far away I got ready. I bent over put some lube on My finger and put it up my bottom, followed by 2 suppositories and then diapered up. About the time I was taping the diaper up, the door opened by key, it was Jenny with a camera snapping pics. She said she had been waiting for me to get caught and her to capture some blackmail pics so she could have her way w/ me !... Well she dropped my diaper down opened up the suppository jar and inserted 3 more and then pulled a plug out of her bottom and shoved it up mine, and told me I would mess when she was ready and be a good messy baby for her!

She then put a thong pair of panites on me and pulled them up high to keep the pulg nice and tight and secured. Jenny then took my diapEr and slid it on herself, she explained to me she had been plugged becuase she was holding 4 suppositories inside her for the past hour or so and that I was gonna get to wear that mess on me combined w/ whatever else I pooped out.. As nasty as that sounds, my dick was throbbing hard from thinking about it.. She pooped away into the diaper and then set it down on the floor, she told me shed wait 15 more mins to let the suppositories in my bottom melt, then shed pull the plug and diaper me back up with the poo filled diaper and put two more over it and some rhumba panties on top as well to keep all the mess in. The fifteen mins pasted, I was diaper and I immediately let a load out out.. She smiled and shoved me onto my backside like I had done her, she she pushed my head to the floor and squated her hairy cunt and open anus over my face, she tolf me to toss her salad and work my way to her furburger. Her tooter actually tasted good, I dug in and buried my tounge deep in her...

After several minutes of being buried in her anal opening she moved me up to her "furgina" and I began eating through it as wekk until she orgasmed into my mouth.. She let me sit in the loaded up diapers a few more mins before taking me out back and literally hosing me down. She we went back inside.. She told me that I had pooped enough for today but now I was gonna be her gassy little baby. I didn't understand at first, then she explained to me that ashleigh had told her about the pump up her bottom.. Well she placed one up my rear end and began pumping away.. Then she pulled it out and pushed on my tummy, I farted loudly 3 or 4 times, she said good! Now let's put the plug back in, she repeated this at least 20 times and kept making me fart and then fill me w/ more air, then I would fart again.. After she became bored with that she placed the plug up her butt and filled it, then she put my mouth over her opening and pushed the air out, I gagged from it, so she did it again and again and again.. After a few times she was satisfied and sent me to bed w/ a plug in my bottom.. When I woke up the next day she pulled my diaper down and pulled out my plug, then she put 6 suppositories inside me followed by the plug again,. Then she left me sitting there for a good thirty mins, when she returned she had a huge baby stroller and placed me in, but first she removed my plug.. So I'd be messy soon and sitting in and on my mess and cuffed in the stroller and going where ever she took me too.

Well we ended up not going to the store ot anywhere that day because as we were about to walk out the door a package arrived.. She took me to the back put me in the spreader bars with just my diaper on and went back into the other room. While she was in the other room a good 30 mins, I. Mess my diaper and peed on myself as well..she came in the room. Cleaned me up and told me she had a new toy and surprise for me , but first she wanted me to bust a nut before I enjoyed my new toy and that if I hadn't already earned a reward I would dederve it from the new toy she was gonna install.. I didn't understand but I did know I wanted to cum! So with me ithe the spreader legs open and basically my back. She took her panties off and began to bounce on my pole for a few mins until I blew my load.. Then she had me flip onto my knees and still in the speader bar I was opened up to her.. She took a finger and some lube and entered my bumhole, then 2 fingers, then a 3rd, she she followed with I guess the new toy, it was round and felt like a buttplug, but it wasn't a plug.. It was a special type of o-ring, it would have a wireless remtoe to tell it to open my anus or close it, and also a wetness sensor for the front of my diaper, as well as a poop gauge for the backside.. She explained with the touch of a buttom she could open my anus up and the sensor would automatically open if she diaper was dry for more than 30 mins, and if the backside didn't have at least an ounce of poop in it 30 mins as well.. She said , " so u see" you can ask for a diaper change anytime u want, and u don't have to have suppositories or drink anything if u don't want to, but she said my little atinkhole would to continue to open every 5 mins a little further after 30 mins if I didn't feel my backside or pee in the front, and it would continue to open up until her entire fist would fall into my back door.. Also if I didn't behave up to her standards, she would open it as well.. She started the timer.. I had just pooped a nig load out and had peed.. This wasn't good for me.. I kept pushing, I couldn't do anything!.. 30 mins went by, my butthole opened involuntarily!, a few more went by and it opened more, and another few mins again! I couldn't poop or pee! I quickly asked jenny to please shitin my diaper! She said ok, but what about pee? I began to jerk my cock until orgasm. That would fool the sensor! So I was good for a while, except I was gonna have to be messy and wet until I could produce more! So I went to bed like that. When I awoke I asked for a diaper change, she said we are running late, so I will do it when we get there. I didn't understand, and I didn't agree, I said go where? And no change me now bitch! She spanked me and pressed the button 3 timesm! I opened up wide and appologized, it closed!. I happily went to my carseat in the car and sat in the mess from last night.. When we got to where we were going, the mall. We went to the bathroom and she changed me in the ladies room. She asked if I needed help going? I said no, not this time.. So she taped me up and for 30 mins I was clean, then I opened and pushed a small poop out, but I peed a lot, so after about an hour I wanted to be changed again. We went back to the ladies room, this time several ppl were in it, they all stared at me as jenny cleaned my poopy butt. She asked if I need help again? I said yes quietly this time.. She said ok, how many "helpers" does baby want. I said 6, cuz I knew that many supposiories would take some time to kick in, but also I didn't have much to eat and would need help pooping.. she pushed them high up inside me by using the 6 inch dildo she has brought, she also made sure I knew what it felt like by pumping it in and out a few extra times.. Then she taped me up, with everyone watching still and we strolled out, then she said lunchtime! I was starving, she went into taco bell line, she ordered for us both and order 12 tacos with extra sauce. I remarked she must be very hungry ordering that much! She replied, they are for me, except for 3 of them, the other 9 are yours and u will finish them all! Knowing that would make me poop all day! I said no, she pressed the button once, and said she would press it every 5 mins until my tacos were all gone! I didn't argue, I began eating! By the time I had 5 finshed I was getting full and my butt opened again! I ate 2 more and at a slower pace bcuz my butt opened again.. Finally I finsished eating.. The plug closed, butt my stomach was now full and the suppositories had almost mested completely.. 10 mins passed and I had a set of cramps hit me.. I held out on those set of cramps somehow, but then thje ring began opening on timer sensors, I looked at jenny and said I'm gonna need a change soon after I poop bcuz I'm gonna have enough to fill 2 diapers up! She remarked with a grin and said, u little poopy butt you, you used all the diapers I brought, u will have to wear that one til we get home! I looked in shock and was terrified! I couldn't hold for more than 10 mins with that many suppositories and y anus opening constantly, but I would try.. 15 mins passed and we me in the stroller I began to poop nd poop and poop uncontrollably for a solid 3 mins! I had poop oozing up my backside to the very top of the diaper and it covered me from balls to lower back!

Lots of pix from the mall coming.. When we got home jenny took me to the bathroom and starting taking lots of pictures w/ my diaper on, and then the nice load I left in it ass well.. They will be added shortly. Please comment on them.. I really made a large load due to all the suppositories, so if u don't like poop, don't look at the ones wit my daipers off. Thanks


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