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A birthday I will never ... Forget

A birthday I will never ... Forget

This is my first story it happened some years ago.... I will describe it in detail and put in the people and the situations that made it very fun and great day...I awoke that morning with a wet and pooped diaper like I had done every morning since my very bad fall from a tree on my 30th birthday several years before,and now I was having my 38th one..and was in a great mood to tackle any situation for the day ahead.. I grabbed a fresh pink thick cloth diaper and a pair of blue colored plastic pants as well as the baby powder,and headed towards the shower..After I was all done cleaning myself up..I went back to my bedroom and unfolded the cloth diaper and laid it on the bed where my bottom would soon merge with it.I laid upon it and pulled up the sides and carefully pinned each side to my waist..then grabbed the rubber pants and pulled them on over was a very comfy fit and I did feel great in them as I always do..I then stood up put on a pair of loose fitting cutoffs and went to the kitchen to make some my surprise my sister was sitting at the table drinking a coffee..and the first thing she said to me was... Happy birthday the bro..she then told me she would cook me some breakfast..she was a great cook and I smiled upon hearing those words from her..I then went to the living room and started to watch some television,about 30 minutes later my sister called me and said "okay breakfast is ready"..I went and sat at the table,she had cooked me a meal fit for a king..bacon,eggs, hash browns,and lots of toast..I was very hungry so I ate till I was stuffed full and it was so very good.

After I was done I went back and sat again on the sister sat on the other chair.."well do you feel another year older " was the words she asked me I replied "it is just another day after you have had a few of them it is not a big deal anymore"..I was told by her that this day would maybe be one that would stand out from all the rest.,she then said to me that she was going out to see three girlfriends of hers that lived in the next town about 40 miles away and would I come with her to meet them..I had heard of these girls before from her but had never met them and they had never met me..after I put on my shoes both her and I headed for her car and started on our journey to her friends house..we talked about many things on our way and my sister had said that she had told them she had a brother and his name was Kerry ..and they were all very anxious to meet you one day..and their names are Gale,Jennie,and Kathy..we then shortly after pulled into the long winding driveway that lead to Jennie's house..when we pulled up to the end of it the three very pretty girls were sitting at the picnic table..and all got up and gale and all the rest said hi to my sister..then Kathy said this must be your brother ..Kerry,all three of the girls smiled at me the prettiest smiles that I had not seen for a long while,,to witch I returned the same smile back to them all.

After the girls and me had talked for awhile my sisters cell phone rang and I could tell by over hearing the conversation it was her boyfriend..Randy,she then went into the house to finish her conversation..when she returned she informed us all that Randy wanted her to meet him in the next town over that was another 25 miles from the place we were my sister asked me if I would stay here with the three girls as the town she was going to was the in opposite of the town we lived in and she would pick me up later tonight..I replied.."if it okay with the girls I have no problem's with it..all the girls looked at my sister and gave another big smile,,to say that was more then okay with them..then me and the other girls walked my sister to her car..we said our goodbye's and I gave her a big hug and said,,"drive safe..then off she went,after she had left the view of our site..Kathy said "I am going to make some lunch ..would you like to have some Kerry,

I replied yes I sure would and she then went into the house followed by Jennie and Gale.. and I went and grabbed a newspaper that I had seen earlier and sat back at the table and started to read it.about 25 minutes later Gale emerged from the house and said from the deck"lunch is ready Kerry come and get it"

.I got up and went in the kitchen and sat at the table and in front of me was a table of goodies that the girls had made..then they as well sat down and we all started to dish up our food..I have always had a very good appetite and this sitting was no different then any others,,the only difference being was that all the girls would every now and then look towards me and give me that same smile that I was greeted with when I first met them..I grabbed a big helping of everything and it tasted so good ..then had some buns that the girls had made.. hot out of the oven..I ate everything up that was on my plate

then offered to help clear the table..after that was done I also offered to help with the dishes but the Jennie said.."it is okay Kerry thank you but the three of us will do them go back outside and finish reading your paper"about 30 minutes later the three sweet looking ladies returned and we all started talking about nothing special..just talking..then Gale said.."by the way Kerry we all know it is your birthday today a very happy birthday to you.. and all of us are so very glad to meet you..your sister had told us you were a very nice guy and she was not wrong on that count at all" to witch I just looked at each sweet lady and smiled ear to ear..then Jennie said "we have a tire swing that is over a gully about a ten minute walk from here ..Kerry would you like to come and see it"..I replied "yes I sure would"..and we got up from the table and headed to a trail that was behind the house.

Jennie was leading the way followed by Gale then Kathy and I was at the back of the pack..after a few minutes of walking I felt a little rumble in my tummy and knew what was about to happen..a few seconds later I reached my hand down and touched my diapered bottom to realize that I was doing exactly what I knew I would be..filling my was a very firm load but massive because of the two great food sessions i had had today..I tried to stop from time to time but I could not..then I felt the trickling of wetness running into my diaper as well..then after all was said and done I again reached my hand back to my diapered bottom to not only feel a massive bulge in the back of my cutoffs but also that the load within them combined with the wetness caused my diaper and rubber pants to sag very much and my first thought was I hpe the girls do not find out what I have did as they may not like me if they do..I stayed behind them till we got to the where the tire swing was..and it was standing very still in the middle of the gully..gale said to me there was a pole with a hook on it and would I use it to grab the swing..I then walked ahead of them and took the pole and reached it over and grabbed the swing and pulled it in..I could hear the three girls start to giggle a bit ..I didn't really know why they were giggling but I did figure they seen the bulge in the back of my pants and also how much lower my pants were then they were before.

Then Jeannie came over beside me and went to grab the swing but as she went to do that she slipped on the moist leaves on the bank..and as she did she put her hands towards me to stop from falling but grabbed my cutoffs and because the were loose fitting they dropped to the ground in front of not only Jennie but Gale and Kathy as well and I was left speechless standing there with my see Thu blue rubber pants and my pink cloth diapers underneath them and to top of all manhood was so totally erect and it was not hard to see by all... what I had did.. the girls all looked at me for a very long while then started to again giggle but their gaze was centered mostly on the indentation of of my very erect manhood beneath my rubber pants and diapers and they smiled even more then they did when I had first met them..they then all walked over towards me and Kathy pulled out a blanket from the bag she had been carrying and laid it upon the ground in a cleared area..then they all motioned for me to lie upon it..once I did that all of the girls took a hand at pulling down my rubber pants and unpinning my diaper..once the pins were undone and the sides pulled down a bit Jennie applied some baby wipes to my manhood and dried it all off,then each one took turns master bating me was a very wild sensation..and the smile on my face was priceless as was the smiles on theirs..about 6 minutes of them doing this pleasure to me..I erupted like a waterfall and my sweet love juices spewed out all over,and on both Jennie's and Gale's hand that were the two who brought me to the sweet climax I was by one all the girls took turns licking up my sweet juices from atop my body.

After every drop was licked up by them ..each one in turn gave me a very very passionate kiss and I was so very hard again as this feeling of kissing them was also very pleasurable..they then all helping pulled up the sides of my diapers and refastened the pins then slid back on my rubber pants when they were finished they all gave me a sweet tap on my messy and wet diapered bottom,,then sat upon the blanket beside me and then Jennie told me.. "two weeks ago your sister had came out for a visit and she had said it was going to be your birthday and she wanted to give you a good birthday present,and could I make that happen she also told me that you wore diapers and rubber pants daily.. I then phoned my best friends Gale and Kathy to come over on that day..this was all set up by your sister..and we have one more thing we all want to show you..we think this will just rock your world..they then all of them got up and walked a 100 yards of so and vanished over the bank..they returned about 15 minutes later..and when I seen them come over the hill towards jaw dropped and I could not contain my huge smile or the sweet erection that also gripped me.

All of them were wearing a thick cloth diaper and a tan colored pair of see thru rubber pants and nothing else but a pair of shoes each..they then sat back on the blanket and they motioned for me to kiss each of there sweet breast' at a time I put each nipple of each of their breast's in my mouth and sucked it like I would suck a pacifier..and I could hear in turn each sweet moan of all three of the women after I had spent about 45 minutes total doing this we all got up and started to head back up on the trail towards Jennies they were walking in front of me..I noticed that each girls diaper and rubber pants had a bulge in them and were sagging a little bit..I thought these three sweet looking ladies all have pooped their diaper just like I have..but the girls never said a word of this to me,,but kept checking back to see if I was looking ..and they knew I was ..and very much enjoying the view as the smile I had was hard to mask. about 15 minutes later we got back to the house..then Kathy said "lets go into the house and we will all change your diaper and rubber pants for you Kerry and you can change ours as we have all pooped our diapers as well..we all stripped off our diapers and rubber pants and walked to the bathroom where there was the biggest walk in shower I had ever seen..we all got in and washed each other..after we got out and before the diapers were changed I asked if anyone had a condoms,,Jennie said yes I do I just bought a box yesterday and hoped you would ask for one..I then one by one and a different condom every time made very passionate love to each of them..and judging by their moans of pleasure I knew that I satisfied every one of them..after we were all done..I was the first to be diapered.and put into a fresh pair of rubber pants.then in turn again I diapered all three of them and pulled up their rubber pants..then the phone rang and Jennie went and answered it.

She came back a few minutes later and informed me that was my sister and she was on her way was now 11 pm and I had been there the entire day.,I used the time before my sister got there to just hug ,kiss and snuggle with each sister pulled into the driveway 35 minutes after she had called..we all said our good bye's and me and my sister left..on the way home I told her what Jennie had told me..and all I could say to my sister was this was the greatest birthday gift you could have ever given me..thank you so very much..thanks for reading my first story ..give feed back if you would like..I hope you all liked the story..I did very much


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