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A Peculiar Exam

A Peculiar Exam


John Baker swallowed nervously, as he stood just outside the building housing his Doctor's Practice. It was time for his annual appointment and he was dreading it. Every year it was the same, but he just couldn't seem to get over the embarrassment despite the fact that his Doctor, Amanda Parker and her Nurse, Sharon Martin conducted his examination in pretty much the same fashion each and every time.

The fact that they were both so attractive only made matters worse: Dr. Parker was a 5'4" Redhead in her late 30's, slender but with surprisingly large Breasts that almost seemed to defy gravity. She was nice enough but she left her patients with no delusions that they had any say in what went on in the Exam Room. And her nurse...Good God! A mid-20's 5'10" willowy Blonde with legs that went on for days and an Ass to DIE for. Where Dr. Parker was no-nonsense Nurse Martin was flirty and playful, but ultimately just as 'Bossy' when it was time for an Exam.

Of course, John reflected, he wasn't exactly hard on the eyes himself: Early 30's, dark hair and eyes, 6'1" 205 lbs...and, if not exactly Porn Star material 'below the belt' he certainly had nothing to be ashamed of in the showers at his Gym.

'Maybe this year will be different', he told himself hopefully, as he opened the door and walked up to Receptionist's Desk to Sign-In.

'Yeah maybe this time around it won't be AS bad, after all how could it be any worse than last year' He shuddered to himself recalling how a Student Nurse had been invited to watch and participate in his exam 'helping out' by being the one to slide a rectal thermometer into his lubed up 'backdoor'; that alone would have been bad enough but she only lived a couple of blocks from him.

He'd seemingly ran into her more in the next few weeks than he had the previous 5 years and no matter the setting she always let her eyes drift down to his crotch and then back up to meet his eyes with a big smile on her face. While he couldn't prove it he was also quite sure that she stared openly at his ass whenever he walked away. Also why did Dr. Parker always insist that his temperature be taken rectally anyway?

'It may not be any worse, ' John thought to himself 'but it's still going to be bad'...his now gloomy thoughts inspired by Nurse Martin's instructions stating that 'you may leave your shirt on if you wish, but everything from the waist down needs to be removed for your preliminary examination.'

He sat down on the edge of the exam table to remove his shoes and socks, followed shortly thereafter by his pants and shorts. He wasn't bottomless for long before he heard a knock on the door; oh how he wished he could ignore it, but realistically he could say only one thing.

The words 'Come in', had barely left his mouth when the Nurse entered the room and closed the door behind her. She rapidly took all his vital signs, well all of them except for his temperature.

'All right John' she said with just the slightest hint of a smirk 'I need you to bend over the exam table.'

She continued 'Please reach back and spread your bottom wide just like last time', he hesitantly did so until she said 'that's good right there' and without any further warning plunged a well-lubricated rectal thermometer into his now revealed opening.

John could practically feel her staring at his dangling genitals as she slowly started twisting the thermometer; after 4 or 5 minutes that felt like 4 or 5 years she removed it and without a word wiped his rear end for him. He did his best not to, but he jumped a bit anyway.

'Now, now John', she said with just the faintest wisp of teasing in her voice 'if you react like that to such a small thing I don't know how you'll be able to stay on the table later on when Dr. Parker is examining you.'

'Speaking of which, he's ready for you Doctor' Nurse Martin said, in response to the brief knock at the door.

And with the Nurse's invitation Doctor Amanda Parker strode confidently into the exam room, bringing John's file with her. 'It's good to see you again John' the Doctor said placing a subtle but definite emphasis on the word see.

Doctor Parker said 'Let's start with you standing' and as he was walking over to her she washed her hands thoroughly and then left him standing there awkwardly as she took her time putting a pair of exam gloves on.

'We're going to do things a little differently today John but I'm going to begin your exam the same as always, by checking you for a hernia'. With that said she inserted a finger in the appropriate areas and had him cough for her a number of times.

John was surprised, to say the least when she stepped away from him at that point; in his previous visits she had spent a lot longer examining him 'down there'. Almost as if she'd read his mind she remarked 'I did mention that things would be different this time...the rest of your Genital Exam will done with you in what we in the Medical field call the Dorsal Recumbent Position.'

'Lie down on the exam table John and Nurse Martin will help you get situated.'

Part II

After only a few seconds laying on his back with his legs spread and his feet flat on the exam table John decided that he had never felt so exposed (not to mention vulnerable) in his entire life, EVERYTHING was both on display and easily accessible for the Doctor and her Nurse. He also belatedly realized that being bottomless only emphasized what was exposed and thus made him feel more naked than just being naked if such a thing was possible.

Flailing about for anything to take comfort in, his mind latched onto the fact that as bad as his current situation was, at least he didn't have an erection.

Of course the moment he thought that he also realized that just because his 'One-Eyed Soldier' (as he sometimes laughingly called his Penis) was currently 'at ease' there was no guarantee that it wouldn't 'stand to attention' at any time; and the longer Dr. Parker took examining him in such embarrassing circumstances the worse his odds would grow. John just hoped the odds were ALL that grew during the remainder of his bottomless exam-time.

'Come ON!' John thought, 'let's get this over with.' And yet, the not-so-good Doctor didn't seem to be in any hurry at all, as she had removed her gloves and was inexplicably washing her hands again.

Meanwhile the Nurse walked up close to the head of the table and said 'there's that darn hair-clip, I've been looking for it all day'; and she then proceeded to bend over and allow John a long lingering glimpse at her toned, taut, and thong contained ass. She definitely possessed a shapely backside that was perfectly enhanced by her slightly too tight scrub pants...why it's almost like she wore that particular pair expressly to tease and possibly even arouse a certain patient, not that she'd EVER do such a thing of course. Not even if she was strongly attracted to a patient, like John, just for example.

Although if she did pull something like that she certainly wouldn't rely on her admittedly appealing posterior alone; funny thing was even though she found her hair-clip she still left her long honey-blond hair flowing freely down her back and shoulders.

By the time John managed to inhale again after the Nurse's performance he realized three quite worrisome things: One, his penis couldn't help but start to stiffen a bit at the sight of that magnificent butt, Two the Doctor had just taken hold of his left (and slightly larger/lower hanging) testicle, and Three the contact felt good, which wasn't very surprising since it was skin to skin...evidently Dr. Parker had decided to finish examining his genitals with her hands as bare as his lower half currently was!

As much as he wanted to deny the reality he could not, the initial surge of physical arousal that started with the Nurse's 'floor show' was beginning to kick into high gear with the Doctor's ungloved touch. She clearly was in no hurry as she very slowly rolled each of his testicles between her fingers painstakingly feeling them for any lumps, bumps, or other abnormalities.

He then thought 'What the HELL am I going to do? I'm already half hard and picking up steam and she's not even done fiddling with my Balls yet!'

Lifting up his Scrotum she then paid considerable attention to each of his Cords idly thinking to herself 'I wonder if he'll be able to get through the rest of what we have planned for him without giving us solid, or perhaps I should say liquid evidence that these babies are fully patent?'

As the Doctor's bare fingers lightly examined (though the word caressed would almost be more accurate) John's Spermatic Cords he could feel himself grow even more erect. (He's easily 80% hard at this point and about to find out that the team of Parker & Martin still have several tricks up their Scrub sleeves.)

A case in point: far from giving her patient time to 'cool off' Dr. Martin releases his Scrotum and immediately takes hold of his now almost completely erect Penis at its base and begins to gently but firmly 'milk it' by slowly squeezing the entire length of its shaft along the sides.

'Finally' both of the female Health Care Professionals think, when John can restrain himself no longer and lets out a faint but definitely audible moan...the first of his exam, though certainly not the last.

'Oh GOD' John rapidly thinks 'why did I make that noise'? 'Did they hear that?' 'What's wrong with me?' as he is now blushing even more furiously than he was before.

She then shifts her fingers from the sides to the top and bottom and repeats her actions squeezing his now fully erect Penis from the base to the corona; oddly enough though she doesn't seem to pay any attention to the Glans at all...

Part III

Dr. Parker briefly considers her clearly embarrassed yet undeniably aroused patient: 'looks like John here is in a Chicken and Egg situation'. 'Is his Arousal causing the Embarrassment or is his Embarrassment causing the Arousal? Perhaps a bit of both?' Then she ponders for a split-second about whether she ought to give him a break.

Deciding immediately that 'giving him a break' is NOT an option she says 'you're in luck today John, as is Sharon', somehow (he doesn't know how exactly) he manages to croak out of his incredibly dry throat the question ' oh...um, how's that?'.

'Well', the Doctor replies with a barely there yet nonetheless sly grin 'Sharon has just started taking classes with the intention of eventually becoming a Nurse Practitioner; it turns out that she needs to Brush Up on certain parts of the Male anatomy, and having you here today will allow her to do just that.' Dr. Parker pauses briefly then adds 'and you'll benefit by having an even more thorough exam than we normally provide you...so really it's a Win/Win Situation wouldn't you say?'.

Before he can say anything he realizes that Nurse Martin has traded places with the Doctor and evidently the Doctors gentle release of his erection is the cue for the Nurse to start examining his testicles herself!

If anything she spends even more time on the contents of his Scrotum than the Doctor herself did. He 'soldiers through it' without moaning anymore (or so he tells himself) but a moan definitely escapes his lips when Sharon takes hold of his Penis: because in doing so she brushes her long blond hair across its head, purely accidentally of course.

Her examination of his engorged shaft is equally painstaking and when she finally finishes his Glans is clearly shining with pre-ejaculatory fluid; however John is so embarrassed by the situation that he doesn't even notice it..not quite yet at least.

Again giving her ever more brightly blushing patient no time to rest or reflect Dr. Parker announces 'it's time for your first Rectal Exam John so please get in the Knee/Chest Position for me; that is to say on your hands and knees, with knees well apart. In addition I'd prefer your chest flush with the exam table and backside raised high.'

He turns over and places his chest down and raises his bottom, barely even taking time to think 'Rectal Exam? But I'm only 32 what the Hell?'

Finally Dr. Parker decides to put a pair of exam gloves back on and lets John know that she well be starting his DRE by 'spreading his bottom wide and taking a close look at his opening before inserting a well-lubricated index finger'.

In short order he does indeed feel her hands on his ass-cheeks and she spreads them as wide as they'll go without causing him any pain. She slowly runs first her eyes and then her finger up and down the full length of his now completely open crack several times drawing forth 2 or 3 moans from her oh so reluctant patient.

She sees nothing at all wrong with his firm bottom either when it's open or closed though she thinks that it will look even better once it's literally 'wrapped around her finger'. She also can't help but be amused when she notices that Sharon has moved into position just over her left shoulder so that she too can 'enjoy the show'. She had long suspected that Sharon was, as they say, 'majorly CRUSHING on' John, but now she knows for sure.

Speaking of her naughty LPN, Nurse Martin is quite happy to take over the task of making sure that John's buttocks stay widely spread by grabbing and holding them while Dr. Parker lubricates first his anus and then her finger. Needless to say John jumps at the extra and unexpected pair of females hands that have taken charge of his bare ass but nothing is actually said about it, either by him or the women to whom the aforementioned hands belong.

The Doctor alerts him that 'I'm going to insert my finger into your Anus now so I need you to do your best to relax: if you can manage it try to push back against my finger, that'll make this easier for both of us'. And with that she does indeed plunge her finger into John's 'Rear Entrance', pausing only long enough for him to stretch and relax as he becomes as used to having her finger inside him as he's ever likely to be.

'Alright John you're doing fine so far, just try to stay relaxed and as still as possible and this will be over before you know it: now don't be surprised when you feel me twist my finger as I move it deeper inside you, it's a normal part of the exam.'

Dr. Parker then proceeded to 'twist and push' ever deeper inside John's formerly virginal rear passage all the while thinking about how much she loved her job; especially the 'naughty' parts of it which were sadly much too few and far between in her opinion. Meanwhile John tried to remain relaxed and still but wasn't fully able to do either one as he was trying his best not to moan or grunt...he wasn't entirely successful on that score either.

Part IV

John expected it to feel as if his butt had had a small building rammed inside it and yet it really wasn't all that bad, in fact (even if he would never admit it) a part of him was enjoying the awful situation he found himself in. Yet even as he was firmly in denial about that he couldn't deny it when his Doctor's digit made First Contact with his Prostate (Boldly Going where No Woman's Finger had gone Before).

He couldn't help both clenching his rear and moaning a bit louder at about the same time, but he still had the presence of mind to know that if he didn't relax and let her complete her exam he'd be stuck on the table with her finger stuck in him indefinitely. He forced himself to unclench but as she began repeatedly sliding the tip of her finger over his Prostate Gland he realized that he felt something else: something wet, something that was very much like a desire to pee...in fact it sort of seemed like he already had!

It was at that point that he realized that his Penis was not only Rock-Hard but also oozing and slimy, as it had leaked out onto the table a surprisingly large amount of what he and his high school buddies used to call 'Pre-Cum'. Although leaking might not be the right word he thought with a yet another wave of embarrassment; flooding might be a more accurate way of putting it.

Just then Dr. Parker says 'alright John I'm afraid I need you to move for me as I just can't feel your Prostate Gland quite well enough like that. I want you to turn onto your back again and then scoot further down the table as this time as I'm going to have to examine you while you're in a modified Dorsal Lithotomy Position.'

'Uh' he manages to mutter aloud, followed by 'um I, uh well I don't know how to say this but I...I've made, er I mean there seems to be...' and with that he almost simultaneously stands, and removes his shirt: obviously intending to use it to clean up the mess on the exam table.

He's so embarrassed at the small puddle he's made (and repulsed at the very idea of laying in it) that he really isn't cognizant of the fact that he is now both completely naked in front of his amused Doctor and her rather aroused Nurse, as well as sporting a full erection that is still 'leaking' quite impressively. Before he can make a complete fool of himself however the Doctor has shucked off her gloves and taken his shirt out of his hand; and then walked over to place it with the rest of his clothes while her ever efficient Nurse has already started cleaning the table.

Very shortly thereafter Dr. Parker continued as if nothing unexpected had occurred (for in truth it really hadn't been all that unexpected) 'As this table has no stirrups I'm going to need you to lift your legs toward your chest and use your arms to hold them in position; I want them as far back and widely spread as you can possibly manage.'

As John hesitantly complies with her instructions he immediately realizes that he has now been placed in the worst position imaginable for this, or indeed any kind of exam: He'd believed that he knew what exposure and embarrassment were before but nothing compared to this! This had to be the most embarrassing, indeed humiliating predicament he would EVER find himself in, although perhaps he should have held that thought until the examination was over with...


Dr. Parker rapidly re-gloved and re-lubed her finger and then once again inserted it deeply into poor John's still lubed back-door and was in short order pressing (though this time even more solidly and firmly) on his Prostate. His Penis was still painfully erect and leaking more and more fluid onto his stomach and his moans, grunts, and whimpers had returned with full force...needless to say his blushing hadn't gotten any better either.

As the pressure his Doctor was bringing to bear on his Prostate increased even further the Doctor just so happened to remember that 'I can't believe I forgot to do something so basic yet so important. I must apologize John, but I completely forgot to examine your Glans, which is to say the head of your Penis...as this appointment has already run long to save time my Nurse will examine it while I finish up with your Prostate if you don't mind'.

'You're DAMN right I MIND', was what he wanted to say but it seemed that he had temporarily lost the power of coherent speech for the only thing that came out of his mouth (other than further moaning and grunting) was something along the lines of 'Um, uh yeah, uh about that, uh um I'm uh'.

With his kinda-sorta verbal acquiescence Nurse Martin wasted no time once again grasping his throbbing Penis with something very much akin to outright Glee and gently squeezing the Glans, causing yet more 'leakage', this time oozing down his shaft, as she rubbed her finger along the 'leakage's' flow under the guise of examining it but really just making sure that it was well-coated with pre-cum. Only then did she softly run her finger across the spot where his Frenulum used to be, over and over and over again. Thinking all the while that 'boy whoever circumcised him did a really good job' and 'Man oh man, does he have a NICE one...I'd LOVE to find out what it feels like inside me'.

At the exact same moment she's caught up in doing that Dr. Parker prods his Prostate with her firmest fingering yet and it's that firm and insistent Prostate stimulation, coupled with the Nurse's attentions to his Penis that causes all of what follows.

Like many Avalanches it's a pebble that triggers it, the pebble in this case being a final swipe across his Glans that leaves John incapable of holding back any longer. Fluid starts flowing out of his masculine core, picks up speed as it heads through his Cords with a fresh load of Sperm picked up from his testicles and added to the brew that originated in his Prostate which then all EXPLODES from the head of his Cock: wave after wave of Semen geysers out of him.

His first 'shot' lands directly on Nurse Martin's Scrub top...or rather where her top would have been if she hadn't been leaning over so far; instead it hits right between her firm perky breasts. She doesn't really mind it per se but she can't help but jerk back a bit, which also jerks his Penis and causes the next 'wave' to land squarely on HIS chest. After that his Ejaculation becomes a bit of a blur but looking back he can honestly say he never came that much or that hard in his adult life; truthfully his orgasm seems almost endless going on, and on, and on...

The rest of the Exam (indeed the rest of the day) also passes in a blur John only vaguely remembers: Dr. Parker saying 'Really now Mr. Baker, please try to CONTROL yourself!' He also recalls Nurse Martin telling him not to pay attention to the Doctor, that she meant nothing by what she said and then gently squeezing his Penis to force out the last of the Semen and afterwards washing his genitals, chest, and stomach before also gently but thoroughly cleaning his crack to get rid of any and all excess lubricant.

Afterwards he recalls being kindly ushered, still completely naked, into the primary Exam Room where they get him seated in a special chair and proceed to rapidly take care of the main reason for his visit.

After he is dressed and in his car on the way home he happens to notice that in his pants pocket is an 'Appointment Card' for a DATE with Sharon. He then wonders (not for the first or last time) why the Woman at his HMO insists that he see Dr. Parker; after all it's not like she's the ONLY Optometrist in town!


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