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$500 for being a test subject

$500 for being a test subject

I was a drop out and kind of wanted to be a hobo on the move and hitched rides from city to city. I made it to the east coast NYC and was living in a park was out of money really need some to get moving again when I met a woman. She told me about a place where I could make $500 some sort of medical testing as long as I didn't do any drugs. Which I had not, so I got the address she said it was kind of off the grid what ever that meant.

I went to the address only had a dimly lit sign that said the smith research labs. I pushed the buzzer and a woman's voice asked what I wanted. I told her I was here for the research program test subjects. She said okay ill open the door loud buzzer rang the door clicked I went in. The room building was older kind of runned down looking doctors office like waiting room with old chairs and tethered magazines. The window I walked up to a woman appeared from the back office with a clip board. She said I had to be under the age of 25 which I was, and in good health not taking any drugs. As I answered the questions she checked off boxes. She said it pays $500 I have to stay here overnight the research was in human sexuality. Some of the testing could be painful but not any lasting pain or permanent damage. I was given more paper work to fill out as I sat down took me 15 minutes to fill out the door opened and my name was called.

I got up followed a nurse wearing a white lab coat I noticed it was kind of short and she was wearing heels. I thought that was strange to see that but didn't know what to think. She introduced her self as Susan Gray she was a Nurse Practitioner working in research. We went back to an exam room much like a doctors exam room. I was told to strip and put on the gown while she pulled a curtain. She did the normal exam she asked the last time I ejaculated I said been awhile maybe a 2 weeks I masturbated. She smiled and was very pleased with the answer. She said that good we can start right away no waiting period. I thought was very strange so I asked why she said the testing we will do on you to be accurate we can't do that unless you are fresh.

Susan told me to leave all my stuff in a locker and I would get it back tomorrow to follow her. I was led back to a room with a metal table looked like a washing table had drains but a person could lay down on it. I was told to remove my gown I was going to be cleaned inside and out. I laid down on the table and she put on a rubber apron and gloves. She cleaned me first with water and soap head to toe. She said I needed to be shaved clean which she did and then she took hair removal and removed all hair on my body. She said now we need to clean you out your colon. She said this will feel good she uses warm water and lubed up the tip of the tube proceeded to insert it in my anus. It popped in she inflated the ball on the end she started the pump. I could feel cramping but massaging helped that and the pump was reversed I could see as my poop went though the glass viewing window.

After I was done with the cleaning I put my gown on and we sat down in a room with a table and Susan said that the testing would start soon. The doctor would be in as well as test assistants. She explained little more about the testing would be. The testing involved all aspects of sexuality and the 1st phase was to discover what I responded to sexually. This would be done with a test probes and videos of different situations. Once that was completed they would start the 2nd phase which was direct stimulation and recording results. The 3rd phase was limit testing to check for certain markers they needed.

Susan smiled and said to sign this paper would give permission to proceed she said this would allow them to restrain me a I had no way to back-out after this. I thought what the hell I signed it. She was very pleased and I followed her. I was led to a room with some suits on the wall She picked one out had contact points and wires leading to a big plug.

The suit wrapped around the legs and chest past the elbows Velcro on the back sides of the arms and back legs kept it on me. I also noticed the entire back side was Velcro there was nothing in the back side my ass was not covered or my cock and balls were exposed. At this point there were other woman in the room and I noticed something strange they were wearing robes over what looked like lingerie stockings platform heels and garter belt. I could only see when their robes waved open some then a woman came in wearing a lab coat she introduced her self as Dr Linda Carter she introcuded everyone 3 other woman Sara, Michelle, and Kimberly. They had me sit lay down on a table where my suit stuck to it I could not move. Dr Carter said I would be held down because the testing required it I was told the 1st phase was going to start.

Dr Carter and Nurse Susan fitted me with some LCD goggles and head phones then I video started with all kinds of different porn. Lactating woman spraying milk while having an orgasm all kinds of weird stuff. Some of the video was just different penis's shooting cum into girls mouths. It went into different areas I noticed some were just woman sitting crossed legged wearing stockings and heels with their nipples being suctioned while spraying milk. Then a man laying on a exam table with a woman using a metal stick pushing it into his penis. Then she used in out motion and rocked it he was moaning. I noticed something had been put over my Penis some small electric pulses started by this time I was rock hard. The strangest thing was what I figured out was I was controlling the content with my thoughts. The more I liked something the more they showed me. The pulsing on my penis made me feel like cumming but I could not.

After an what seemed like an hour long the video stopped and the goggles were removed and headphones. I looked down I saw Susan remove a rubber thing from my penis my cock was rock hard. Susan said the 2nd phase would start soon I was led to a room that had a couch and was told to sit there and wait. I could hear heels clicking loudly like someone was wearing platform heels in came Kimberly I noticed she was wearing a corset that pushed her breast up was white she was thin but had large breast. The corset connected to white stockings she and she had on white platform heels with red crosses on them. Her hair was in a high pony tail long down her back. She smiled at me and I could not take her eyes off her.

Nurse Susan followed she had a clip board and a tablet had some sort of readings on it. Kimberly sat on the couch and told me to lay down put my had in her lap she crossed her legs. The room had a mirrors on the ceiling Nurse Susan sat a few feet away crossed her legs I could see she was now wearing 6" platform heels and stockings and a garter belt.

She told me I triggered on things that needed to be explored. Kimberly adjusted the pillow in her lap so my mouth was near her nipple I noticed something she had large swelling breast green veins leading to the nipples. Nurse Susan said Kimberly is going to nurse you don't fight it just let it happen. Kimberly looked down into my eyes and I noticed a drop form on her nipples. I started to suck she told me to pull the entire breast in and start with small sucks. I did as she told me to and some warm drops of sweet milk hit my tongue. I kept sucking and more drops until I felt her nipple spray into my mouth and fill it to the top I gulped while Kimberly moaned.

I kept this up for sometimes and Nurse Susan talked to Kimberly like I wasn't there 2 woman chatting while nursing a baby. Kimberly would say good boy. My cock all this time was rock hard and I felt a hand touch it just the tip then fingers tickling it. I could see that Kimberly wasn't she had my head in her arms like a baby. Nurse Susan was the one doing it. She only allowed me to get close to cumming but not enough to cum I was still sucking and frustrated. All this time the body suit was recording my readings they needed.

Then Nurse Susan led me to another room where I was stuck again with the Velcro to the table and I noticed a hole the table where my anus is. A well lubed probe was raised until it was inside me. Then a rubber ring was placed over my penis and Velcro to the suit holding my penis straight up. My cock at this point was getting soft and Dr Carter came in and looked told Nurse Susan to get something. She downed some gloves and had a pill looked like a 500mg of cold medicine gel tablet. She said this will fix that soft penis and with one motion grabs the end of my cock puts the thing in my urethra. I groaned after a few minutes I felt strange tingling. My cock got rock hard she both woman smiled proclaimed that should hold him for 4 hours.

At this point the probe started to move some against my prostate in and out it went. I could not move while this happened the woman chatted some as they watched the tablet numbers change. My cock felt like I was cumming but I wasn't I was so confused it was like a slow cum. I had never felt this before I moaned in bliss. Then I felt a strange hand holding my penis it was Nurse Susan she had a long thin cotton swab thing she was taking a sample of a clear liquid oozing from my urethra. She took several samples then with the last swab she opened my urethra and pushed it all the way in I jerked up with a shock she spun in one way then the other way. Nurse Susan seemed to get off on watching me jerk around. Dr Carter smiled also watching the tablet.

Next the door opened and Sara walked in she was wearing a short skirt school girl outfit with platform heels. She walked very fast right to the table and without any warning and one movement took my entire cock in her mouth and throat. She went up and down like a machine. I was going crazy I wanted to cum so bad but something kept me from coming. She bobbled her head and sucked the head like crazy. During all this Dr Carter with her long nails tickled my balls she she said look how bad he wants to ejaculate. The restraint probe won't let him she smiled with delight.

Then Sara stopped sucking and she left the 3rd girl came in Michelle she had short bob hair cut and large breast very skinny waist. She wore thigh high stockings with bow's on the tops of them. She had on large platform black heels with red bottoms. She wasn't wearing panties she got onto a small gyno exam chair with wheels she was brought over to the other side of me raised up to my level. She started to rub her self and I noticed something she only did it for about 10 seconds and she started to orgasm. She jerked in directions uncontrollable and clear liquid ran out of her vagina. Nurse Susan then described how she has been given a drug that she will continue to orgasm over and over.

Michelle jerked up and down and her pussy would contract each time while I watched was getting stimulated as well by the probe and Sara started to suck me again. Michelle cried out and screamed in pleasure as her pussy pulsated over and over I noticed some drops of milk also came from her hard nipples her legs were supported by the knee supports she had those platform heels on her legs would wiggle around as her pussy leaked juice from it. After about 10-15 orgasms in a row she would touch her clit again and trigger another 5-10. This went on for a long time I was exhausted it was declared that the 3rd phase would happen in the morning. I was exhausted by then needed a good rest.

Dr carter said I would sleep but I would wear a device to keep me from masturbating. They had to keep me fresh for tomorrow. I slept for 8 hours and was woken in the morning from my hospital bed I was in. I was told to get up and follow as Nurse Susan walked. The next room I had the same suit on but this time it was reversed the velcro was on the front. I then was brought into a room with a metal cross and told to walk up to it it had large Velcro on it stuck to my suit. My penis was in an open area in the middle. As probes were being hooked up I looked around I noticed a mat down below the front of this cross with 2 well worn knee marks.

Dr Carter explained the 4th phase this would be painful but I had to endure no harm will come to me but it is necessary thing they have to do. Then the 3 girls come in and they start chatting like they don't even notice me they are dressed in platform heels stockings, and garter belts they are wearing latex plastic their breast are so large and they have very thin waist's. Their hair is tied back in a pony tails my cock gets rock hard and Dr Carter smiles and said good. She nods to the girls to start Sara comes up and kneels down on the pad sucks my cock in all the way sucking it like crazy I could have cum 10 times but the device in my suit is preventing it by sending small shocks in the spot at the base of my cock.

The next girl does the same thing and they rotate. Next Each girl pushes her rear end so they are fucking me with their pussy in and out while they rub their clits and each has a massive orgasm. They orgasm and I can feel it pules on my cock holding it tight. When they pull away I see the clear liquid from their natural juices make a long rope. This goes on for 30-45 minutes then Dr Carter says okay now it's my turn she takes her hand and starts to give me the best hand job I have ever had. While this is going on Nurse Susan is applying lube from a bottle. Dr Carter is going really fast over the head twisting and polishing the head. I am on fire at this point and I want to cum so bad Dr carter says to me when you cum their will be trouble. I don't know what to think of that but I don't care at this point.

Dr Carter nods to Nurse Susan who pushes something on the tablet and the device keeping me from cumming stops I feel my self starting the biggest orgasm of my life. I can feel my entire cock pules with contractions the urethra gets so sensitive. While all this is happening Dr Carter is going faster on my head of my cock. I'm screaming with pleasure and I see long ropes of white cum spray 10 feet. 3 large shots of cum I have never seen anything like it before. Dr Carter keeps going with a fury and starts to rub the head and part of the top of my cock. Using my cum as lube and Nurse Susan sprays another shot of her lube as well right into my head while she is stroking. I start to say okay stop please and Dr Carter said no this is the 4th phase. I cry out in pain I yell it's so senstive Dr Carter smiles and says "Good". Nurse Susan watches my face and Dr Carters hand in delight as I grunt and struggle and yell out.

She seems to know it causes me to spasm like I'm ejaculating which makes my cock twitch she uses this to time her movement on my cock head I cry out please stop. She reply's "No" and I yell it hurts please Susan says "Good that's what we want". She looks at the tablet with a glee in her eye. I notice Susan says I think he has more in him and with that I start to build again and another long rope of cum spurts shoot not as far this time. Dr Carter continues again she knows exactly how to over stimulate my head. I can't get away from her tiny hand.

After what seems like 20 minutes of this she stops and the woman go in the bathroom and clean up. Susan comes back and unconnected me from everything. She leads me back to the exam room where I lay down on the table. Nurse Susan comes in and says she needs one more sample. My cock is limp as a noodle she takes it and uses the swab again I jerk and gasp as she twirls the cotton swab both ways while it is deep in my urethra. After this I'm led to a shower and my cloths. Told I can collect my check at the front office.

I leave exhausted and never to want this again but after a few days I start to think about it again the way she kept going on my cock after I came even though it was really painful I wanted to do it again. I went back a few month later it was closed down and I could never find them again.


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