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Where Does This Go From Here? - Fiction

Where Does This Go From Here? - Fiction


Chapter 1

Ah, how I enjoy my Saturday morning bathroom sessions. Ever since my wife left, they’ve become such a welcome ritual and such an important part of my sexual well being. For years my wife had moved away from sex - in fact intimacy all together. For years I was forced to seek release in my small upstairs office and bathroom, being quiet and secretive as to not have to endure her nagging and lecturing about what a perverted old man I was. I never bought into it though. At fifty years old, I knew I still loved sex and that it was an important part of my overall physical and mental well being. While I couldn’t fill the void in the intimacy department, I had developed quite a variety of activities to address the physical deficiencies in our sex life.

Now that she had moved in with her mother, I had the freedom to explore my sexual kinks with no restrictions - and that is exactly what my Saturday morning sessions were all about. Wet, slippery, unbridled self gratification. I could finally explore my kinky cravings without the fear of being caught - or so I assumed.

I woke up this Saturday morning with my usual morning hard-on and I gave it a good squeeze and a stretch. I happy feeling overcame me as I knew it was Saturday morning and I would be taking my old faithful friend on a good workout soon. I crawled out of bed and opened up my drawer of goodies. Man, was it nice to be able to keep all my sex stuff in the convenience of a dresser drawer dedicated solely to that purpose.

I gathered up my four quart enema bag - that’s always how I start off a Saturday session - then decided on a modestly sized torpedo shaped nozzle. I selected that nozzle because I knew it would be the perfect one to relax my rectum in preparation for a good ride on my favorite flesh like dildo. I grabbed a glass butt plug to help hold my second bag, which was always coffee. I’d set the coffee maker to brew early in the morning so that it would be cooled close to 115º by the time I was ready for it. I grabbed the dildo and a bottle of water soluble gel and closed the drawer slowly - just in case any last minute ideas crossed my mind - before making my way to the bathroom. I laid out my goodies on the bathroom counter and went to the kitchen and retrieve the insulated carafe of hot coffee. Once I have started, I don’t want to need to leave the bathroom for anything. I stripped down and took a long look in the mirror, admiring my piss hard on - I had intentionally refrained from peeing yet in order to savor the sensation of the strong pressure in my bladder and the rigid erection that it usually caused. It was while looking in the mirror that I decided it might be a fun day to record my play time on my digital video camera. It was always fun to watch my kinky play time and also a good way to capture some great still shots from the footage.

I walked up to my office with my hard on bobbing in front of me. It felt so liberating to walk through house naked - especially with a stiff boner wagging to and fro. I retrieved the camera and set it up on window sill and tilted down towards the floor as I always do. The angle is just right because it puts the light coming in the window behind it and it captures the shower, counter top, and large vanity mirror. The large mirror makes it great because the video captures two completely different perspectives of the scene.

After turning on the recorder I proceeded to mix up a nice three quart enema with hot water and baby shampoo. I assembled the hose and nozzle and hung the assembly from the towel rack beside the shower. After generously coating my ass (inside and out) with lube, I rubbed the remaining lube on the fat nozzle. I opened the roller clamp for a few seconds to purge any air, then slowly pressed the nozzle to my ass. Slowly my sphincter relaxed and allowed the invasive nozzle to enter. Just past the widest point, my ass sucked it inside and the taper seated snugly in place. The pressure of the nozzle against my prostate - combined with the full bladder caused my erection to bob around like it had a mind of its own. I had to pee so bad that I had to grab my cock and give several good long strokes get myself back in control. Next I opened the clamp about half way - until I could fill the hot soapy water invading my rectum. A wave of pleasurable relaxation passed through me and I took a couple of long deep breaths before raising upright on my knees and began to relieve my aching bladder and peeing into the walk in shower. Something about the hot stream coming into my ass while letting the hot stream of pee exit through my erect cock seems so therapeutic an calming. With a hard on and a full bladder, the sensation goes on for several minutes - pure bliss.

By the time I had finished peeing in the shower, my erection had relaxed to half mast and a quick glance at the bag showed that I had taken nearly all of my three quarts of soapy solution. Time flies when you’re having fun I guess! I massaged my cock as I waited for the remaining water to fill my system. Though it was no longer rock hard, it was still swollen and the firm massage was a pleasurable warm up for things to come.

After a productive reflective time on the toilet, I was ready for my morning coffee. I love holding a pot full of strong coffee in my colon on Saturday mornings. They have such a soothing effect on my whole body. After slowly filling my bowels with the warm coffee, I promptly slipped in my favorite glass butt plug to help avoid any leaks. Some days, this is when I would make my way to the computer and spend a little time checking messages or some adult web sites I frequent - but on this morning, I couldn’t take my mind off of the fleshy dildo that was waiting on the counter for me. The thought of its slippery softness probing deep inside of me made me decide to cut my retention of the coffee short. As I sat on the toilet emptying myself, I proceeded to get the long dildo well coated with lube. When it was ready, I stepped into the shower long enough to rinse my ass off real well and make sure there wasn’t any residue hanging out from the previous enemas.

I popped the suction cup of the dildo onto the marble counter top. I’d found this to be an ideal placement because once I had the dildo in my ass it was tall enough that I couldn’t accidentally lift all the way off of it. It also provided a good angle for my video camera to capture the action from both the front and the mirrored reflection of my ass, gliding up and down on the shiny snake.

I bent the slippery shaft forward so that it could reach my butt and slowly guided it in. The instant it made its way past my sphincter, I knew it was going to be a very pleasurable ride. I rode it up and down with a slow and deliberate motion. My eyes involuntarily closed and my breaths became very deep and deliberate. I leaned forward and slipped off of it for a moment - only so I could apply a second generous helping of lube. Nothing feels as good as a probe that is so slippery it effortlessly glides in and out of your butt. I reinserted it and began riding it again - this time taking it deeper on each stroke until finally I was sitting on the entire nine inches of it. The feeling as it flexed and passed beyond my sigmoid colon was arousing - but paled in comparison to the pleasure that came from enveloping the flared base of the dildo. It stretched my anus and put the perfect pressure on my prostate. My cock became rigid as waves of silky white cum began to flow from it - dropping to the tile floor with loud spatters.

I grabbed my oozing cock and gave it some deep massaging strokes to help clear the last of the semen from within. I was dizzy with satisfaction as I slowly leaned forward and slid off of the greasy dildo. I cranked on the hot water in the sink and rinsed off the dildo before filling the sink to let it soak for awhile. I moved the enema equipment into the shower and proceeded to take a long fresh water rinse while I washed my hair and shaved. I interrupted myself when I remembered that I hadn’t yet turned off the video camera. Feeling incredibly clean and satisfied, I dried off and put everything away and got on with my day.

Later that evening I decided that I wanted to spend the night home alone. I had been working on getting out more and trying to meet women, but somewhere along the line I kind of lost the social skills required for the “night life”. That, and I really hadn’t figured out where to meet women my own age. I didn’t feel confident that I could attract the younger women that seemed to populate the local bar scene. So a night of relaxation by myself seemed like a good choice. Besides, the morning's bathroom session was so pleasurable, I was eager to edit the video footage I had collected and see if the were any good scenes or shots to share with my fetish forum friends. Editing the videos usually had a pretty arousing affect and led to masturbation session anyways - this sounded like the perfect way to spend the evening.

I spent a few hours at my computer desk - scanning through my video and deleting out the obvious dead spots and making it easier to focus on the quality footage. Once I was happy that I had reduced it down to just the quality content, I set about looking for any single frames that would make good snapshots for posting. There was one frame that was just perfect! A large stream of semen was escaping the end of my cock and the mirror image showed perfectly, the fleshy dildo firmly in the grip of my ass hole. My eyes were closed and I had a look of pure ecstasy on my face. All that was left to do was crop the picture down in order to remove the reflection of the window and camera in the mirror… wait…. what the hell? What the hell is that image outside the window?

I sat there dumb struck. There in front of me is an image of me spewing cum with a dildo lodged in my ass and someone is watching the whole thing from outside my bathroom window! I quickly zoomed in on the shadowy figure - and while I can’t see her face through the curtain- I can tell from the silhouette that is my neighbor’s eighteen year old daughter, Linda! I clicked to the beginning of the footage and she appears just at the moment I'm hanging the first soapy bag on the rack. She saw everything! The fat enema nozzle going in my ass, the pee streaming in an arch from my hard cock, the second enema, lubing up the dildo and riding it - lubing it again and taking it entirely up my ass and sperm pouring out the end of my cock!!! At first I was alarmed - she is going to think I’m some kind of pervert - she’ll tell her parents - the cops - fuck! But shortly my senses came back to me - wait a minute! I know that window has to be a good seven foot off of the ground. I immediately went downstairs and outside to have a look.

Surveying the situation, it was the first time that I realized that my central air conditioning unit is directly beneath my bathroom window. With further observation I realize that the area is completely concealed, with the exception of a small space where my back yard passes between a partial privacy fence and my detached garage. In order for her to have seen in my bathroom, she would have had to been crossing through my back yard, which isn’t an uncommon shortcut for her to go downtown. But then she would have to have walked a few hundred feet up to my house and then climb on top of the AC unit in order to see in. I suddenly felt some relief that I wasn’t going to get reported to her parents or the authorities. I decided to climb up and check out the view first hand. Even though the bathroom was only lit by a small night light, the window offered a clear and detailed view of the entire bathroom - even a clear view over the glass shower wall and doors The thin curtains stopped about 2 inches shy of the top and afforded a complete and unobstructed view.

As I tried to imagine what might have been going through Linda’a mind as she spied on me, I began to get a bit aroused. I also got a little curious - was she turned on by what she saw? Did she pleasure herself while watching my escapades? Then it occurred to me - why would she choose that moment in time to sneak into my yard and peak in my bathroom window? I quickly went to my computer and opened up the last session I had recorded a couple weeks earlier. Low and behold -what do I find? Yep, the same silhouette in the window! How could I have not seen this before? How long has this been going on? I began going through some earlier videos and determined the first time her image showed up was about 2 months ago - just after spring had arrived. Then it hit me. It was around that time that she had rang my doorbell this spring just as I was getting up for the morning. I had answered the door in my bathrobe and apologized explaining I was just about to hop in the shower. She had come over to return some tools I had let her dad borrow earlier in the week. While I didn’t record the session, I’m certain that must have been when she was tempted to take her first peak into my bathroom. I remember that morning was one where I only took a few enemas and finished off by masturbating in the shower. Evidently it was intriguing enough to bring her back for more.

That evening in bed, I couldn’t take my mind off of sweet little Linda. I felt somewhat ashamed, as I had always considered her just a kid. It was hard to grasp that she was eighteen now. Hell, my own daughter just turned thirty. Was I turning into a dirty old man? Maybe my wife was right - maybe I am just a perverted old man. But then I remembered, it was her who was peeping on me, not the other way around. I decided that for now, I would just let my imagination run with it and see how I felt about it the next day. For the first time, I let myself realize what a perfect young beauty she was. She was always a bit timid and gave the image of a book worm. She kept herself pretty plain and spent the majority of her time doing academic things - as opposed to partying like many her age. Most of her friends were the same way - getting together to study - terribly shy of boys. But beneath that image - she was very attractive. Slim with modest breasts, perfect complexion, a bright smile, and radiant green eyes. Her hair was long, brown, straight and silky smooth. I imagined what her bare ass and naked breasts might look like, and what a deliciously fresh little peach of a pussy she must have. I soon developed a raging hard on and I massaged it for a while, but for some reason decided to leave it at that.

My last thought before drifting off to sleep was, “Where does this go from here”?


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