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Working Nurse

Working Nurse

It had been busier than Auntiel had expected. She glanced at the clock and realized it was now almost 4 AM. She would have to hurry if she expected to give Sean any attention. He had told her about an hour ago that he had a headache and had asked her for advice on what to take. Normally, Auntiel would have suggested an ibuprofen, but for Sean she had other plans.

The gyne room was a small room at the back of the clinic especially set up to be isolated and private. Often times they had to do rape exams and it was necessary to protect the privacy of the patient. It was the perfect place to put her plan into action. Besides the new modern exam bed with the soft cushions and easy to adjust foot rests, there was the *old table.* It was just the ticket. The metal railings on the side were perfect for fastening the leather restraints onto. The metal stirrups could be moved and adjusted so a person's legs could be spread wide apart and up very high allowing for the best view and access to the patients perineum. Auntiel went to the closet and pulled the box of restraints off of the top shelf. She checked her narc keys to make sure she had the key to lock the restraints. Sean saw her carrying the heavy box and offered to help her but Auntiel declined. Sean had a puzzled look on his face when he saw her heading for the exam room. There were no patients in the ED at the time. What was she doing?? "Is there and ambulance coming in?" he asked innocently. Auntiel nodded. "Go get one of the Lavage Kits for me, will you please, Sean?" "Bring it to the exam room." Sean hustled off to the big room where he and Auntiel had done the deed earlier in the week. Reaching up to the top shelf of the cupboard he pulled down one of the kits. What was she doing, anyway, he wondered. The comment she had made about them making a good enema kit crossed briefly through his mind.

Sean entered the exam room with the kit in hand and saw Auntiel sorting through the restraints. She had leather straps, wrist and ankle bracelets strewn all over the new gyne bed. He noticed she had pulled the old exam table away from the wall. The stirrups were up and spread wide apart. Sean set the kit down on the counter and looked at Auntiel who was now turning the dead bolt of the door to the room with her key. He was slow to realize that HE was the patient she was expecting. Sean's mouth became very dry and he started to perspire in the palms of his hands. He looked at the door, then to the exam table and thought for a brief moment of fleeing. Auntiel stood in front of the door with her arms crossed and very softly spoke. "Sean, You said you had a headache and I have decided just what you need. Come to me now, my pet, and I will fix you up. There is no need to be alarmed." She unfolded her arms and held them out to him. "Here now, We must take off this scrub top so we don't get it soiled." she said as she lifted it by the hem and pulled it up over his head. "Now lets get rid of these pants." Auntiel pulled on the string to his scrub pants and untied it. She pulled his pants down and was delighted to find he had nothing on underneath. "Now hop up here on the table like a good boy." she said as she pulled the foot step out with her toe and patted the spot where she wanted him to sit. Sean stepped out of his pants and took the two steps toward her and the exam table. He placed his bottom on the spot she had indicated, avoiding the foot step. His once limp penis was starting to react to the stare she gave it as he projected his pelvis forward while sitting down. Conscious of the reaction he reached down with both hands to cover himself. Auntiel chuckled "You don't need to feel self conscious, Sean, my dear. I have certainly seen a man with a hard on before." She couldn't help but admire the thick, albeit somewhat short, member he displayed. Teasingly she reached down and pushed his hands away wrapping her own hand around him and giving him a couple of slow up and down motions. She pushed him back on the bed so his upper body was recumbent and his legs dangled down. With her other hand she massaged the area between his balls and the little rosebud she intended to assault. His cock became fully hard and erect. "But that will have to wait a bit." she said as she left him. Turning around, she went to the counter and peeled the paper back from the top of the lavage kit. She heard Sean rustling the paper that covered the table and decided she had best make him *comfortable* and *secure* before she prepared his rinse.

He watched her as she picked up one of the wrist restraints and walked toward him with it. Sean started to protest, looked at the door and then his face fell as he realized he was trapped. She had the key to the door. She placed the thick leather band around his wrist, slid the metal hoop through the hole in the leather and then threaded the leather tie strap through the hoop so the and could not come undone or slip. It was tight on his wrist and gave him a feeling of helplessness. Auntiel put the strap through the metal railing at the head of the bed, tucked it into the buckle and slipped the key into the hole in the brass cover over the buckle. She repeated this process on the other hand. Sean felt oh so vulnerable with both of his hands tied securely over his head. She lifted his feet up, one at a time and placed them into the cold metal stirrups located near the middle of the bed. She readjusted the side arms of the stirrups so his feet were about 4 feet apart, knees bent almost at right angles to his body. It left him oh so gloriously exposed!! Auntiel placed a leather band around his thigh, just above his knee, and secured it the same as she had his wrists. She slipped the tie through the metal railing and snugged it down tight causing his leg to be spread wide open. When she had done the same to the other leg, she readjusted the foot piece to the stirrup so the soles of his feet were almost facing each other. There was nothing Sean could do now to avoid his treatment.

Auntiel opened the kit and started to assemble the pieces when her pager went off. Well, she would just have to leave him this way for a few minutes while she answered her page.......


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