Created: 2019.12.27 Updated: 2019.12.27

Erectile Dysfunction

Disclaimer: I'm not too educated about this issue but it's a fantasy I had a few days ago. I did a few google searches and cleared up some of the bigger issues (?) on this story. Hopefully this wouldn't be disrespectful to any party. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to comment or dm me so I can change up some stuff or take this down. Thanks! (It's mostly a fantasy too, so like try to be easy on me!)

Peter's mom brought Peter for his first ever adult full physical exam at 20. She pushed it off as they were part of a military family, and never could stay at a place long enough to find time for a family doctor. Her husband got stationed back in the States for 2 years so they decided to finally find a doctor for Peter. They were a pretty conservative family, and Peter's mom hasn't seem him naked in a long time. Peter was already dreading the upcoming exam, but he hated the fact that his mom is going to go in with him. Here is a long story time for Peter and his mom at Dr. Stern's office and at the rehab center.

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