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A Real GynoPlay Exam

A Real GynoPlay Exam, Part 1

It was her first appointment with her playdoctor. They had met thru the internet, exchanged many emails, and determined what each one wanted in a playexam, though the playdoc was more concerned about making it what the patient wanted than pushing any agenda of his own. She felt that she could trust him, he was never less than courteous and respectful, and she looked forward to this occasion.

It would be a big step, having a first playgyno exam. Unlike a real medical appointment, this was a meeting with another person who was also intrigued by the idea of the gynecological exam, by the setting, the procedures, the psychology of it all. The playdoc was a non-medical person who had studied the techniques of the female medical exam, and wanted to perform it on a real woman. The patient was a woman who was intrigued by the gyno exam as a situation, as a scenario, and wanted to explore the interaction in a non-medical setting, to experience it with another person who also had the same ideas about it as she did. They would both be playing, both testing their own fantasies against what would be happening between them. As agreed beforehand, there was not to be any overt sexual contact between doctor and patient, nothing beyond the usual clinical exam procedures, which of course would be prolonged and more involved -- and embellished -- than during a regular exam. A real medical exam, everybody knew, only lasted a few minutes. This play exam would filigree the standard procedures into a scene which would stretch out the tension, expand upon the inherent unease and exposure, power and submission. It would inject the element of admitting-- but not saying out loud -- that both the doctor and the patient were aware of the unique state of sanctioned institutional intimacy that surrounded a gynecological examination. It would be a learning experience for both of them.

She prepared a mock examination room and equipment: table, chairs arranged to stand in for stirrups, good lighting, paper vest and draping, speculum, thermometer, stethoscope, latex gloves. It was in another room, separate from where they would be meeting initially.

When the doctor arrived they exchanged warm greetings and chatted for a while, innocuous conversation that served to prove their impressions had been correct about each other. The playdoc was a nice guy, friendly, and her instincts had been right. She was a little nervous, of course, just like when you meet any stranger, yet it wasn’t crippling but rather bracing, a quality that was probably good in light of what was going to happen soon. They discussed his interest in the subject; his mother had been a nurse and he had become fascinated as he read her medical textbooks. Gynecology was a long-time interest, but only now, with the advent of the internet with its varied communities, could he have come to this point and actually find another person to act out this fascination. He had done it before a couple of times, had found the experience enjoyable and intellectually stimulating, as well as exciting. As a playdoc he never expected nor wanted sexual activity with his patient after or during the exam, and endeavored to keep a serious and accurate demeanor. He found the exacting roleplay to be exciting in itself and was glad to find patients who also desired that sense of reality. He knew, of course, that this wasn’t real; he wasn’t a doctor and this wasn’t a real patient, but it was a real woman, and he wanted to perform the procedures as realistically as possible.

They had discussed what would be included in the examination, and of course he knew the components of a thorough exam. He had a standard set of questions that he asked the patient, and had a clipboard with a medical checklist that would propel the examination along. After a few more minutes of pleasant conversation, they knew the moment had come, finally. It was time to start the examination.

They agreed that she would call him Doctor or Dr. Welch, and he would call her Joan. It was roleplay, and from this moment on they would inhabit their parts, with of course the caveat that either could call a halt at any time if desired. They turned away from each other, then turned back to begin the scenario.

“Joan, hello, I’m Doctor Welch. I see you’re here for your annual well-woman examination.” “Yes, Doctor. It’s been about a year since I saw doctor where I used to live.” “That’s fine. Since you’re a first time patient here in the office, this exam will be quite thorough, perhaps more so than others you may have had in the past, but I like to get a very detailed picture of your gynecological health so that we can proceed from here with as much information as possible.” “I understand.” Joan listened attentively as the playdoctor talked himself into the role, setting the stage for both of them. “Good. Well, Joan, if you would follow me into the examination room here….”

He opened the door and motioned her into the prepared exam room space. “If you would please remove all your clothing including your undergarments, put on the vest with the opening to the front, and use this drape for your lower half, then hop up on the table…I’ll leave the room and let you undress now. Just call out when you’re ready.”

The patient’s heart began to beat as she accepted the paper vest and towel from the doctor. “Yes, Doctor.”

“Good. I’ll see you in a few moments.” The Doctor smiled warmly then left the room and closed the door behind him.

Now it was the real thing. The vague notion of a play exam was about to become concrete; she was about to make a fantasy situation come real. She was about to put herself in a situation where she would be exposing herself to a stranger to satisfy this unusual interest of her, and his. And it felt fine. It made her nervous, of course, but not scared, or hesitant. She felt liberated and looked forward to testing her own interest and seeing if her notions of this interaction would be as fascinating to her in the flesh as they were in her mind. So she began to undress. She unbuttoned her blouse, then unzipped her jeans and pulled them down. She set them down at the end of the table. She picked up the paper vest, the odd garment that she had purloined from her real gyno’s office last time she was there. Just like in the real office, she unhooked her bra and removed it, then slipped her arms into the vest, leaving the opening to the front. Those vests are big and bulky, the paper isn’t supple but pretty much like very stiff paper toweling, and it makes a crinkly sound when you try to arrange it. Then it was time to take down her underpants, and though it was an automatic motion it sent her heart racing again. She could stop the whole thing now, but she didn’t want to. Joan had douched beforehand and shaved her pubic area, wanting to be as clean as possible for this encounter. She left her socks on, which she actually had worn specifically for the occasion. She liked the contrast of the socks and the rest of the exam exposure. She picked up the large towel and wrapped it around her waist, then hopped up onto the table. “Doctor, I’m ready,” she called out.

After a few seconds the Doctor knocked on the door. “Joan, may I come in?” This was a courteous playdoctor. He entered and saw her saw her seated facing away from him, dressed in the vest and her lower body covered by a towel. He was carrying his clipboard and notes and crossed the room to stand in front of her.

“All right, Joan,” he said, consulting his notes, “we’ll be doing a complete female physical today.” The playdoctor was a little nervous, but having the notes and seeing the patient ready for him gave him a boost of confidence. Pretending that she had filled out a medical history form beforehand, he continued. “I’ll be asking you questions as we go along, and you please ask any questions that you might have.”

“Yes, Doctor.”

“First, when was your last menstrual period?” he asked.

“I had a hysterectomy three years ago…so three years ago,” she answered. “I still have my ovaries, though. I’m not on hormones.”

“Last pap smear was a year ago, correct?” he continued.


“Last breast exam?”

“A year ago also. And a mammogram just after that.”

“Results were normal?”


He consulted his clipboard with exam components listed. “All right Joan, let’s start by listening to your heart and lungs if we could.” Doctor put the stethoscope earpieces in and held the chestpiece in front of him. He placed his hand lightly on Joan’s shoulder and lowered the steth and brought it up underneath the vest in the back. “Please forgive me if it’s cold.” The doc moved the disc on her bare skin; she could feel it traveling over her. “Just breathe normally, please.” Joan tried, but the circumstances made it slightly difficult. He didn’t look at her, concentrating instead on the sounds, but did glance down once to see a flash of bare skin below the vest’s edge and above where the towel began. “Deep breathing now, please.” She took air into her lungs and slowly let it out. Doc continued listening to her lungs, getting more relaxed with the roleplay as he worked, falling into the rhythm of the interaction with Joan, his patient. “Very good,” he said quietly. He took the steth off her and rearranged the vest in the back. “Now we’ll check your heart.”

He placed the disc on her upper chest, slipping it behind the top edge of the vest. Standing slightly to the side, but facing her, he listened intently as he moved it around, not looking at the patient but concentrating on what he was hearing -- a real person’s heartbeat. He moved it over her, at first a bit gingerly as he brought it lower to the top part of her breasts, but then his technique settled in and he moved it with authority. Joan felt the disc as he listened, felt it move gently but surely over her bare skin. The Doctor’s hands gently slipped beneath the paper vest a bit more as he moved the steth down the side of her left breast and then under it, pausing to listen intently at her now-rapid heartbeat. She was conscious of the cool disc of the steth and the light brushing of the doctor’s hand against her breast as he pushed it back and up slightly to position the steth correctly. He moved it between her breasts now, slowly circling upwards and then back down to repeat the same on the other side of her chest. He was careful to keep the vest just slightly open, and only as much as he needed for access, yet Joan breasts were almost in view and he glanced down to see the steth disc moving over the round flesh. He still wasn’t looking at her directly; they were instead using this interval to adapt to the roles and to gain ease with the scenario. His stethoscope exam was nothing beyond proper except perhaps in its length and helped relax them both. And yet she was acutely aware that she was unclothed beneath these exam garments, that she was about to undergo a complete examination, and that it was completely voluntary on both their parts.

“Your heartbeat seems a little elevated, but that’s fairly common exam anxiety. Otherwise everything sounds fine, Joan.” The use of her scenario name helped place them both in the moment, in the situation. He took out the earpieces and moved to stand directly in front of her now.

“Thanks, Doctor. I guess I’m a little nervous,” the patient admitted with a smile, but it was the nervous reaction that anyone would have in this situation, and not unique to this particular circumstance. She was no more nervous than during a real medical exam, which was a relief to her. Actually, being nervous -- or pretending to be -- was an integral part of the scenario, adding to the unease and anticipation.

“You’re doing fine, Joan,” he said with a smile. “All right… I’m going to examine your breasts now. Would you remove the vest, please?” This was when it got serious. At this moment they would enter a place that was special to them both, perhaps for different reasons, but nonetheless it was a milestone, and they both knew it. It was the point that began the real trust between a playdoc and his patient, when the roleplay began to live up to its deep-seated potential. Just as with a real doctor, it was the moment of exposure, of revelation, of modesty denied, where the patient would begin the sharing of her private areas with her exam provider. It wasn’t a prurient moment, nor was it erotic in the typical sense, but more the sealing of an agreement, a pact that the doctor’s gaze upon her would be professional, a healing, in her best interest. Only in that spirit would any woman allow such an exam ever, real or play.

Dr. Welch was consciously working on maintaining a completely matter-of-fact demeanor, even as this playexam was about to enter more intimate territory. The moment of first exposure was something that he was looking forward to, naturally. No straight man could fail to be intrigued by female breasts, but in his role as a playdoctor his mind was at least halfway on other things, foremost on doing a good job for his patient who sat before him. Although he knew that she had voluntary put herself in this situation because of her interest, the exposure was still a big step to take and he could empathize with both the hesitation and the desire to expose that any playpatient would feel.

Joan was feeling both. She didn’t want to ignore her natural hesitation and modesty, and yet there was definitely a freedom here to fully realize whatever inherently appealing qualities existed at the moment she would expose her breasts to the playdoctor. Sitting here about to take off the vest, she felt a bit uncomfortable and self-conscious, but she was also at this moment completely by her own choice. She had the power to go forward or stop everything, and she wanted to go forward.

And so Joan allowed herself to open up the vest and slip it slowly down off her shoulders, leaving her naked to the waist in front of the doctor. She took a shallow breath as she settled back into her skin, feeling the cool air on her breasts. She met the doctor’s eyes for a brief moment. He gave her a serious look and took a step backwards, able to look for the first time at Joan’s exposed breasts, generously-sized with large pale pink aureola and quarter-inch nipples. Joan didn’t try to cover them, but Dr. Welch could see that her breathing had increased a bit.

Taking his time with this basic visual inspection allowed both of them to savor the moment. Joan was experiencing her first real period of nudity in front of the doctor, and the playdoctor had been granted initial access to his patient’s body. Dr. Welch decided it was time to move onto the real examination.


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