What equipment do you have? Locked
What do you include to playing doctor Locked
Children of AB/DL Parents Locked
Hypothetical / Fantasy Question Locked
Masturbation, when taking enema Locked
Straight men with homosexual experience Locked
Ladies, what position are you in during the rectal exam? Locked
Your Mother exposes your diaper fetish to her lady friends. Locked
Preferred sex of the play doctor Locked
Guys - when young, what position were you placed in for exam of your genitals Locked
Enhanced Enema Fun Locked
What kind of doctor would you prefer Locked
Male or Female, Doctor or Patient or Observer Locked
Caught wearing diapers Locked
Allergies Locked
Do you prefer enema stories, photos or movies Locked
Position for Rectal Exam Locked
Length of time you usually hold an enema Locked
Change tampon or pads Locked
Expelling enemas: private or shared experience? Locked
At what age did you discover enemas were erotic Locked
Can one ejoy wearing diaper if need to wear for medical reason? Locked
Diapered at Hospital Locked
Do you practice DL/AB as lifestyle or just sometimes Locked
Can you wet when you're aroused Locked