thermometers - did you hate them as a child? Closed
Prostate Examination / Massage Closed
Blood pressure measuring devices Closed
Suppositories - which brand is easiest to insert? Closed
Adult circumcsion
Hitachi magic wand or Womanizer Closed
Best feeling Closed
Spanking Pain OTK for females Closed
Kimnewco24 Closed
Your diaper of choice. Closed
Poll skin screening in the genital area Closed
Pooping the regular way Closed
Favorite place to get an enema? Closed
Ball Stretching Closed
What’s to blame for your diapers? Closed
What is comfortable position for rectal temperature for you? Closed
Scooting down.. Closed
Spankings and rectal temperature Closed
Suppositories Closed
Rectal Temperatures Closed
Penis Whips and Male Chastity Devices Closed
Rubber and Latex Closed
holding with or without the nozzle Closed
Where to put the Main Menu button Closed
Pooping & Messing or diapers only ? Closed
How do you like your plastic pants? Closed
Giving buttock injections Closed
Getting buttock injections Closed
What did you feel (male/female) when you were first examined urologically / gynecologically? Closed
Chat mute button for portal moderators and chat supervisors
Single selection
Multiple options selectable
Favorite plastic diaper covers (real baby pants, not adult size)
Who administers your enema? Closed
Openly wearing diapers in Public. Closed
Method of taking temperature Closed
Would you ever let a stranger examine you?
Medfet porn on the web
How do you feel when diapering
Have you been circumcised
Favorite Enema Solutions Closed
What equipment do you have?
What do you include to playing doctor
Children of AB/DL Parents
Hypothetical / Fantasy Question
Masturbation, when taking enema
Straight men with homosexual experience
Ladies, what position are you in during the rectal exam?
Your Mother exposes your diaper fetish to her lady friends.
Single enema vs. a series of enemas Closed
Preferred sex of the play doctor
Guys - when young, what position were you placed in for exam of your genitals
Enhanced Enema Fun
What kind of doctor would you prefer
Male or Female, Doctor or Patient or Observer
Caught wearing diapers
Do you prefer enema stories, photos or movies
Position for Rectal Exam
Most Anxious Moments Closed
Length of time you usually hold an enema
Change tampon or pads
Expelling enemas: private or shared experience?
At what age did you discover enemas were erotic
Can one ejoy wearing diaper if need to wear for medical reason?
Diapered at Hospital
How long could you be without diapers Closed
Do you practice DL/AB as lifestyle or just sometimes
Can you wet when you're aroused
Speculum warmed or cool?