What did you feel (male/female) when you were first examined urologically / gynecologically? Closed
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Openly wearing diapers in Public. Closed
Method of taking temperature Closed
Favorite Enema Solutions Closed
Single enema vs. a series of enemas Closed
Most Anxious Moments Closed
How long could you be without diapers Closed
Medfet Interests Closed
Who knows that you wear diapers Closed
How do you categorize yourself Closed
Do you have pacifier Closed
Males: Anal Penetration Closed
Females: Anal penetration Closed
First shaving your pubic hair Closed
Double Balloon Nozzles Closed
How long to hold Closed
Favorite plastic diaper covers (real baby pants, not adult size) Locked
Who administers your enema? Closed Locked
Would you ever let a stranger examine you? Locked
Medfet porn on the web Locked
How do you feel when diapering Locked
Have you been circumcised Locked