Accurate poll: Male/Female Doctor (REAL EXAMS)
Demeanor of Doc for women
How do you see yourself?
Medfet Interests Closed
Favorite part of the PLAY exam
Sexual Orientation
Upskirt Diapered Women
What do you put on to protect from diaper rash
Overalls or shortalls
Diaper changes as a Kid
Who knows that you wear diapers Closed
Girls Only!! Real Girls that is
How do you categorize yourself Closed
Do you use rubber sheet
Are you AB or DL
How often do you think or fantasize about diapers
Diaper fetish causing worst sex?
Discipline while growing up
Who would you rather be diapered with
Using Baby Diapers
How much do you like being AB/DL
How wet diaper feels good
Plastic Pants, How Many?
Do you have pacifier Closed
Males: Anal Penetration Closed
Females: Anal penetration Closed
Fantasy exams and sex
Do you prefer to give or receive an enema
First shaving your pubic hair Closed
Favorite postion for enema
Double Balloon Nozzles Closed
Music and enema?
How long to hold Closed
What do you enjoy most about getting an enema
Taking an enema while on here
Locations where you have had an enema
Favorite enema bag color
Who got you started in enemas, and when?
Why do you like enemas?
WHO has given YOU an enema?
Bulb vs Bag