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A Day In The Life of Julie

A Day In The Life of Julie

Part I

18 year-old Julie is just three days from going away to college, which means getting away from her overprotective and overbearing mother, Cindy. To appease her mother, Julie agreed to spend the entire Friday running errands with her. The first stop was the doctor’s office. Julie was required by her university to undergo a physical exam, and today was the day her mother had scheduled the appointment for. When Cindy arrived at the clinic, Julie could not believe it. They had just pulled into the local pediatric clinic. Despite having gone there her entire life, now that she was going to college, Julie thought that she finally be going to a general practitioner. “Mom,” she complained. “I’m too old to be going to a baby doctor.” “Nonsense,” her mother replied. “Dr. Richards is not a baby doctor, and children of all ages come here for care. Now let’s go in.”

The waiting room was filled with children from toddler to ten years old. Julie felt like the elephant in the room. While her mother went to check her in, Julie found an empty seat. It was directly across from an old TV, playing a Blue’s Clues VHS tape. After twenty minutes of waiting, her name was finally called. “Julie,” a young attractive nurse cried out. Julie and Cindy approached her. “Hello, I’m Cynthia,” she introduced herself. “Follow me.” They followed her back to the scale. “Take off your shoes, and hop on the scale for me,” she told Julie. Julie took off her shoes and stepped on the scale. The digital scale reads “121.5.” “Very good,” Cynthia comments as she jots down notes on her legal pad. “Follow me back to exam room 9,” she announces. “Mom, you can stay out here,” Julie tells Cindy. “Oh, no. I’m going in with you. It’s my job to make sure you are healthy and well,” she replies.

Entering exam room 9, Cynthia has Julie sit on the exam table. Cynthia looks at her eyes, in her ears, and even up her nostrils. She then gives Julie a tongue depressor, and has her say “ahh,” while she examines her throat. The next thing up is the reflex test, which Julie passes with flying colors. After the reflex test, Cynthia asks Cindy all of the standard questions. “Any history of diabetes?” “Her maternal grandfather.” “Last period?” “Two weeks ago.” “Is she sexually active?” “Of course not.” “All right,” Cynthia announces. “Those are all of the questions. Let’s get your temperature, and then we’ll send in Dr. Richards. So why don’t you pull your jeans and your panties down, and lie over the table.” Julie cringed hearing those words. Cindy, unfortunately, was used to her mom taking her temp (and her siblings’ temps) this way at home, but was mortified to have it done this way at the doctor. After all, she is 18. “Can’t you take it in my mouth?” Cindy asks. “You know the rules. Dr. Richard’s prefers every patient gets it rectally. It is a more accurate reading,” Cynthia informs her. “It’s just embarrassing.” “There is nothing to be embarrassed about, I assure you. Now please get ready.”

Julie unbuttosher jeans and pulls them down, revealing her purple cotton panties. She then pulls them down to her knees, and lies down on the exam table. Cynthia makes her way over to the exam table, rectal thermometer and lubrication in hand. “Now this won’t hurt a bit,” she says, as she lubricates the thermometer. “Now it’s going in.” Julie cringed as the thermometer entered her bottom. “Don’t worry, baby, it will be over in a couple of minutes,” Cindy reassured her daughter. After what seemed like an eternity to her, Cynthia pulled out the thermometer and reads it. “98.7. A little high. I would take her temperature again every few hours until it goes down,” she informs Cindy. “Will do,” she replies. “Okay, Julie. You can pull your pants and panties up, and I will go get Dr. Richards.” Julie pulls up her panties and her pants, and Cynthia exits.

A few minutes later, Dr. Richards, a man in his early fifties with a beer belly, enters. “Hi, Julie. How are we doing?” He asks. “Fine, I guess,” she replies. “Looks like your getting a college physical,” he notes while looking at the charts. “Yep,” Julie replies. “Wow, I can’t believe you’re off to college, already,” Dr. Richards responds. “She’s grown up so fast,” Cindy chimes in. “Yes she has,” Dr. Richard says, as he looks at the chart. “We’re going to start by listening to your heart,” he announces. Dr. Richards puts a steth on her chest, and listens to her heartbeat for a good thirty seconds. He then moves to her back, and repeats the process. “Your heart sounds great. Can you take off your shirt for me?” He asks. Julie reluctantly removes her shirt, revealing her black bra. “Julie,” he tells her. “I’m going to examine your breasts, so the bra is coming off.” With that, Dr. Richards unsnaps her bra. “Do you do breast exams in the shower?” “No, not usually,” Julie responds. “Well it’s very important to do so. It can help detect breast cancer. I’ll show you how to do it today.” “Okay.” Dr. Richards palpitates her breasts and gives her a breast exam, all while Cindy watches intently.

“You can put your bra on now, if you’d like,” he tells her. Without hesitation, she puts her bra back on. “Now please lie down,” he orders her. Cindy does what she is told and lies down. “I’m going to feel your belly now, Julie.” He feels his belly, again palpitating all around, making his way down to the abdomen. He stops at her waist. “Now, Julie. I’m going to take a quick peek down below to make sure you are developing properly,” he announces. Julie sighs at the announcement. “Just a reminder. Who are the only people that are allowed to look at your privates?” He asks. “Mom, dad, and the doctor,” she replies, in an almost robotic monotone. “And why?” “To keep me safe and healthy,” she says. “Good girl,” Dr. Richards says in an almost patronizing tone. Dr. Richards unbuttons her jeans and pulls the up the waistband of her panties, getting himself a good look at her pubic mound. After thirty seconds of looking and prodding, he lets go of the waistband. “If you wouldn’t mind buttoning up your jeans,” he tells her. Julie happily obliges. Dr. Richards takes some notes on the file and announces, “The exam is done. Good luck in college, Julie.” “Thank you,” she responds. “Wait a minute,” Dr. Richards comments. “It looks like you also need a booster shot. I’ll send Cynthia back here to give it to you.” “Um, okay,” she agrees. “Great. Roll over onto your belly and pull your panties down, and Cynthia will be right in,” he tells her as he exits.

Julie reluctantly pulls her jeans and panties down for a second time, and lies on the table. A couple of minutes later, Cynthia enters carrying a tray with an alcohol pad, vaccine, and syringe. “Hi, Julie,” she announces as she enters. “Sorry to put you through this again.” Cynthia wipes her bottom with an alcohol pad. Julie sighs when she feels the cold of the alcohol on her skin. “This may sting. Do you want your mom to hold your hand?” Cynthia asks. “I’m okay,” she replies. “Well, I’ll hold your hand anyway,” Cindy tells her daughter. Cindy moves over to her daughter and grabs her hand. “One. Two. Three,” Cynthia counts down, before entering the needle into her bottom. Julie’s eyes fill with tears, but she tries her hardest not to release them. When the vaccine is empty, Cynthia withdraws the syringe, and puts a Barbie band aid on her bottom. “Okay, you can pull your pants up,” she tells Julie. Julie, in turn, pulls her pants up as fast as she possibly can. “You guys are free to go, and here is your sticker for being a good girl,” she says as he hands Julie a Dora sticker. “Gee, thank you,” Julie responds with cynicism and an eye roll.

To Be Continued.


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